Astrology Sex Report – How to Take Sex Tips from Astrology

Okay, so the past few months just may have been the un-horniest of your entire life. Or maybe they were actually the horniest but, like, a weird, why-am-I-suddenly-turned-on-by-the-governor kind of horniest. Or hey, maybe your libido is still on a semi-permanent, semi-enjoyable roller-coaster ride. Stress does strange things to our bodies, y’all!

Lucky for everyone, then, that the stars can also influence our mood—and by “mood,” I mean ~mood~ (when and if you’re ready to go there again). Basically, depending on where the planets are in the sky, they’re dropping some pretty sexy vibes you can use in your own life. Moon in Cancer? Snuggle up. Mars in Scorpio? Put those BDSM fantasies into action. Anything in Aquarius? Order the most high-tech sex toy you can find.

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And here’s more:

The Sun

Whichever sign it’s in is the sign you can look to for…ideas *wiggles eyebrows*. The big ol’ ball of fire has been in Cancer since June 20. Have you ever seen Cancer’s symbol? Yep, looks just like a sideways 69. Also, many crabs live in the water, so: Try a little shower sex, bathtub sex, even beach sex (pls put down a towel first!). Next up, starting July 22, the Sun is in Leo, giving you permission for all the best kinds of selfishness. Gift yourself an orgasm, an OnlyFans subscription, whatever you like.

The New Moon

This kind of energy is always about reconnecting with yourself. For exactly how to do that in the bedroom—or, TBH, anywhere else—look to the New Moon’s location. When it’s in sappy Cancer on July 20, go on a pleasure hunt with a vibrator or get emotionally intimate with bae. Bring on that eye contact (try a mirror if you’re solo) and use this as a time to sexually recharge. Then really let your physical explorations loose during the passionate Leo New Moon on August 18.

The Full Moon

No surprise here: Full Moon vibes are extra. During one, you’re more sensitive to touch and taste, and everythingone looks and smells even better than usual. And that’s before you consider which sign it’s in. On August 3, that’s Aquarius, making it the perfect time to push yourself to finally talk through your fetishes with bae—and then, you know, act ’em out.


This planet rules communication and technology, so look here for inspo on dirty talk, phone sex, video sex, you get the idea. When Mercury enters flamboyant Leo on August 4, it’s a great time to post your thirstiest thirst traps, send your sexiest sexts, and, basically, embrace anything that may have felt like too much previously. Like, say, telling your IG followers just how good boo is in bed or indulging your exhibitionist streak and hooking up with the curtains open. In the middle of the day. And with the window open.


Sure, it’s the planet of love, but it also rules pleasure, so it plays a major role in your love and sex lives. The best advice for both depends on (yep, you’re really getting it now) which sign Venus is in. When it swims into tender Cancer on August 7, you’ll want to focus on foreplay, get in a cuddle puddle, basically just touch someone hot (yourself included).


Mars is all about desire, drive, and our animal instincts, so…Pretty. Damn. Sexy. (That woozy feeling when you’ve scrolled all the way to the end of your crush’s Insta, fear of a double tap be damned? That’s Martian energy.) For most of this summer, Mars is in Aries, so expect to feel a lil like the zodiac’s ram—super confident, wanting to make the first move, and wanting what you want, like, right now. Permission to go ahead and just double-tap that 2013 Insta granted.

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