Best Cat Makeup Halloween Tutorial of 2020

Halloween is definitely a top-two holiday in my book (number one is obvs Thanksgiving). A holiday where you dress up in costume, throw back themed drinks, and eat a ton of chocolate? Sounds like my own personal heaven. So, every year, as Halloween approaches, I plan out a super complicated costume that’s equal parts witty and hot. And then the 31st rolls around, quicker than expected, and I’m left digging through my closet, scrambling for something to wear.

Because I know I’m not the only one who inevitably procrastinates on their Halloween costume every single year, I decided that I’m going to try and help us all out. I broke down beauty influencer Arshia Moorjani’s cat Halloween makeup tutorial into eight simple steps—and you can complete the look with makeup you already own (think: eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner). Trust me: It’s super easy and the look instantly levels up any set of basic cat ears.

Step 1: Contour and Highlight

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Once your base makeup is all set (aka your foundation and concealer), give your face a cat-like shape by sweeping a bronzing powder underneath your cheekbones and along the temples of your forehead. This instantly sharpens all your angles. Then, grab a highly pigmented matte powder—your translucent powder won’t cut it here—in a shade lighter than you would normally use. With a medium fluffy brush, highlight the area around your upper lip and in the middle of your chin for a little definition.

Step 2: Contour Your Eyes

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Even though brows aren’t the focus of the look, you can’t forget about them. Fill them in with a tinted gel or a lightweight powder and then get to work on your eyes. Prep your lids with primer or concealer to create a long-lasting base, then blend a matte-orange eyeshadow with a small brush to exaggerate your creases.

Step 3: Contour Your Nose

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Layer a dark-brown eyeshadow with orange undertones on top of the crease color with a small blending brush, keeping the focus on the outer corners. Then, use the same brown shade to draw a line from the creases of your eyes, down the sides of your nose. Stop the lines just before the tip for a cat-like snout.

Step 4: Draw the Tip of Your Nose

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Next, using a super-pigmented black eyeliner, fill in the area around your nostrils, on the very tip of your nose. Arshia uses a fine-tip liquid liner to outline the shape and fills it in with a cream pigment.

Step 5: Emphasize Your Eyes

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Use the same black liquid liner to draw a cat-eye flick from the inner corners of your eyes almost all the way to the end of your brows. Then, grab your dark-brown shadow and a small pencil brush to smudge the shade below your bottom lashes. Finish with a shimmery highlight along your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 6: Apply Your Lashes

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Feel free to get a little creative with this step. You can play up your lashes with lots of mascara or top them with a pair of ~fancy~ falsies.

Step 7: Fill In Your Upper Lip

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With your liquid liner, draw a line connecting the base of your cat nose to your cupid’s bow. Then, fill in your top lip completely. Make your mouth appear slightly wider by drawing outward lines two or three centimeters long from the corners of your mouth.

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Step 8: Finish With Whiskers

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Alternate using black and brown eyeliner to draw tiny whisker spots. Then, go back over them with white liner to add more dots—and lots of whiskers.

The Final Result? Purr-fect

Arshia MoorjaniYouTube

And there you go! A totally convincing cat costume.

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