Best Day to Propose Or Get Engaged, Talk About Relationships 2020

This is not a test of the emergency alert system: one of the best days to make a commitment, get engaged, or tell someone you love them is here, bbs. Your anti-f*ck boy spray has arrived in the form of Venus (planet of romance) holding hands with Saturn (planet of longevity) on February 3rd.

Venus will be gliding through the dreamy seas of Pisces, where she is known to be “exalted.” Here, in Pisces, she is able to drizzle honey and gold upon our lives. Saturn, now in Capricorn, is all about building for the long-term, possibly even forever. With the symbolic union of water and earth (think rain + land = a forest), you can watch your relationships flourish by taking action now.

Because of the planetary dance above, anyone whether single or committed can harness this miraculous energy. We will all feel the need to be loved and valued at this time, but not interested in spontaneous or light-hearted romantic flings. AKA update that Tinder, Raya, or Bumble app to “LTR-only.” If you’re looking for commitment, you’re more likely to attract it at this time.

However, don’t expect the right-swipes known for the “u up?” texts to give you what you’re after. Sure they can be hot, but love isn’t *just* about what goes down in the bedroom (or, you know, wherever you get it on). It’s about finding someone who stays. Finding someone who can be your rock. Not someone who is just a wildfire. Plan a date with someone who has their life together and knows what they want.

Already boo’d up? Mmkay, so now is the time to make promises that you want to last. Popping the question? Hell yes. Making plans to move in or have a baby? Uh, huh, honey. Ready to tell someone you love them? We are here! for! it! If you take action on this day, you could watch your love grow without end. Right now, you have the opportunity to find the kind of love that really lasts: the kind where you can comfortably and happily grow old together. Save me a slice of that wedding cake.

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