Best Women’s Slippers on Amazon 2020

House attire is a category all its own, boasting items like plush spa-like robes, soft-to-the-touch tops, sweats, cashmere leggings (I live in mine), fuzzy socks, and slippers. The one common denominator: The item must offer you comfort and generally not be fussy to wear. So, when winter hits and we’re spending more time indoors, house attire is everyone’s go-to. Here, we’re going to chat about house slippers, from the super furry kind to minimalist hotel-room styles. Though house slippers might conjure up images of cheesy and not-so-cute styles, the ones we’ve found on Amazon prove otherwise. The retailer carries a variety of styles, and we zeroed in on the ones that say fashion and function. Ahead, the best slippers for women to slip into when the temperatures drop to near freezing.

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