Brooklinen Turned the Softest Sheets in the World Into the Coziest Jumpsuit

Major news!!! Brooklinen, the same brand behind some of the most-coveted sheets in the world, just dropped a new line of loungewear clothes for spring.

Last summer, Brooklinen dipped a toe in the pool, with tops and bottoms, but this is the first time ever the brand is testing out cozy jumpsuits. The new launch is up for grabs in two perfectly neutral shades: black and olive. And, just from looking at the pictures, the soft material looks smooth as buttah.

Planning on sliding to club living room soon? You might as well grab one of Brooklinen’s extra soft sweatpants and one of those snuggly shirts too. The entire collection gives me cool, vintage athlete vibes, kinda like something a jock would wear in the ’90s. So, you’ll, no doubt, look chic and comfy during the next Zoom happy hour.

Oooh look at all of these lounge-worthy pieces!

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