Comrad Compression Sock Review 2020

Let me start by saying I have never been a Sock Person. Like, I’m lucky if I can find two matching ones to wear on any given day. But my entire life changed once my tired toes felt the gentle, almost orgasmic hug of a compression sock. (Really.)

As an avid high-heel wearer, I always assumed it was normal for my feet to feel like I was stomping on legos and pebbles. (The arch on stilettos, which shifts all of your weight to the ball of your toes, can really be a biotch.)

But, then I realized I could be both cute *and* comfy when I received an assignment to write about compression socks. My thought process went from “Why the hell would anyone pay extra for socks?” to “Hmm, these actually sound like something that could help me with all of my aches and pains,” to “Holy sh*t I don’t ever want to wear plain socks again.”

The exact pair that made me a believer are these babies by Comrad. Super cute, right? But that price point was definitely tough to get over when I first saw it. Why would anyone spend nearly 30 bucks on a pair of socks?

But then I started doing some research. I discovered a bunch of orthopedics recommending them for patients, professional athletes relying on them during competitions (ever heard of Serena Williams or LeBron James?), and fellow Cosmo editors confessing their love for them during long airplane rides. So, I decided to give ’em a try. And man, are they goooood.

Why I love these socks:

When I initially slid my foot into my first pair, I immediately noticed that they were waaay tighter than my usual get-’em-in-a-six-pack ones. Not in an I-can’t-feel-my-feet type of way, more like being gripped with the hands of a strong masseuse. Once I put my high-heel boots on over them and stood up, that’s when I really knew that the game would never be the same.

During my five-minute walk to the train in the morning (remember commutes?), I noticed that I actually had a lil bounce in my step—as if my feet were like, “We’re about to slay today.” And, at the end of the day, the soreness I had grown accustomed to after spending a 12-hour day running around NYC in heels…wasn’t there. (!!!)

I had to tell my whole family about them:

Not that I’m a doctor or anything, but I recommended them to absolutely everyone: my mom, my brothers, and my grandma. They haven’t dropped the $30 yet (I might give them each a pair this Christmas), but I was able to convince my fiancé to test out a pair.

And, to my surprise, my very cheap—oops—I mean, ~fiscally responsible~ honey was impressed by them. There have been a few times when we’ve mixed up our pairs and ended up arguing over them. Don’t worry, it’s nothing major, but I absolutely refuse to let him stretch out my fave socks.

The verdict:

The price point on these babies is definitely steep, but my feet feel like they could run a mile in heels. And, to me, that’s pretty impressive. Plus, they come in alllll these cute colors and styles!

Look at all these colors!

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