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Nope, I’m not ashamed to say it: I own more pairs of leggings than pants. Yes, you could even call me a legging hoarder (I won’t get mad), but I’m not the type of person to stock up on any old thing. They have to fit impeccably and pass the squat test. I’m talking about a deeeeep squat with a kettlebell in hand.

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Out of all the pairs that I’ve collected over the years, there’s one that’ll always have my heart. Ladies and gents, I’d love to introduce you to my forever workout buddy: the lululemon Fast and Free Tight II.

TBH, they’re a wardrobe staple even when I’m not going to the gym. They’ve kinda become my unofficial uniform for trips to the grocery store because that’s what I do for fun nowadays. And I’ve even tested the limits wearing leggings to the office. Of course, that was before working from home became my new norm. So you could kinda say I’m a leggiseur (FYI: that’s a legging connoisseur). JIC you were wondering what really makes a great legging, specifically my lululemon faves, I’ll break it all down for you.

Look at all the ~pretty~ colors!

These won’t leave you with sweat stains

I’m not gonna lie: The sweatier I get during a workout, the better I feel. But I don’t like seeing said sweat leave marks on my leggings. That’s where the quick-drying, moisture-absorbing factor comes in pretty handy.

They’re supah thick

I think the main reason why leggings get such a bad rep is because there are so many pairs made from thin, see-through fabric. Not these babies though. I don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing my thong to peeps driving by while I’m running around my neighborhood. I also don’t have to feel nervous that they’re gonna rip while I’m going deep into a stretch, thanks to the luxe fabric. Now, when I say thick, I hope you’re not thinking of some heavy, itchy material. This pair is made outta something called Nulux, which is butter soft and kinda feels as lightweight as undies. So I get that I’m-not-wearing-anything-at-all feeling that makes it pretty easy to move around.

The waistband stays put

The only thing I like rolled is my sushi. So any leggings that have a waistband that won’t stay put is a no-go for me. When I’m in the Fast and Free Tight II, I can drop it like it’s hot in a yoga class without worrying about mooning a classmate. And when I pair the high-waist leggings with the longline Energy Bra, I don’t even need a shirt. Seriously. Look. Need I say more?


Alexis Bennett

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