Double Stitch Bun Tutorial for 2021

NGL, Stasha Harris, our braid expert over here at Cosmo, is basically my fairy godmother when it comes to all things hair. I hit her up last week for an effortlessly cool braided style that wouldn’t take forever to finish, and she whipped up this stunning two-stitch-bun style for all of us to try out this spring. This style has it all: It’s simple but far from basic, thanks to the geometric parts and blonde extensions. I mean, these stitch buns will have everyone and their mom envious of your braid game.

Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re bringing this look to life:

1. Feed in braiding hair. One of the best things about braids is that you can play around with color without doing any damage to your natural hair. Grab black and blonde braiding hair to create your stitch braids—the contrasting look is absolutely stunning.

2. Create your double buns. The only thing better than one bun? Two buns. Wrap the ends of each stitch braid into a low knot, then secure the bun with several bobby pins.

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3. Keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Work a lightweight oil into your hair and your scalp to make sure your braids (and your natural hair underneath) stay nice and hydrated.

4. Use an ACV rinse. After you take out your stitch braids (remember, you should be keeping them in for only eight weeks max), reach for an apple cider vinegar rinse to help lift buildup before you start shampooing. Oh, and don’t forget to detangle your hair before any water hits it.

✨Bonus makeup tip: Want something that’ll make it look like you got a full eight hours of sleep last night? Grab some white eyeliner—it makes your eyes look larger and more awake, no matter your skin tone.

braid up

The Braid Up

Hair: Magic Fingers Studio; Associate Beauty Editor: Ama Kwarteng

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