Galentines Day Gifts – Best Gifts to Give on Galentine’s Day

I’m declaring it now: The year 2020 is for saying byeeee to negative energy and surrounding yourself with love. As February 14 quickly approaches and the buzz ramps up over V-day gifts and dates with significant others, it’s easy to think love=romance. But let’s be clear, the most relentless love of all is the love between best friends. The Spice Girls got it right when they said friendship lasts forever.

Thanks to the ultimate BFF, one Ms. Leslie Knope, there’s a day dedicated to the ladies who have been by your side through it all: Galentine’s Day. Name a better combo than assorted chocolates, pink candy, red lipstick, tasty cocktails and your besties, I’ll wait. Whether your squad is getting all glammed-up and hitting the town or throwing the most aesthetically pleasing party of all time, you’ll be surrounded by the OG loves of your life.

Galentine’s Day is about showing your girlfriends how much you love them because TBH sometimes being your friend is a LOT. (At least you can admit it!) Nothing says, “thank you for dealing with my sh*t and still loving me,” like a li’l love present. Shower your bestie with rosé champagne, pamper her with a luxurious sleep box or encourage her to treat herself with the best vibrator around. They say you can’t put a price on love, but these Galentine’s gifts come close.


A Bouquet That’s Plant-Killer Proof



Who says only a romantic partner can get a girl flowers? You can buy bouquets for your ladies! And these are unkillable. The dried blossoms, like your friendship, will last forever. But if you’re not feeling the flower vibe, you’ve got options: there’s dried lavender and eucalyptus leaves too. 


A Cute, Mesh-y Bralette

Calvin Klein


This exclusive Calvin Klein number, featuring sheer mesh and lots of decorative hearts, is just what your girls need to feel secretly sassy. Plus, you can toss in the matching undies if you’re feeling extra cute.


Compliment-Giving Leslie Knope Wine Glasses



We owe our beloved Galentine’s Day to the one and only Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Get the gang together for a viewing party and raise a glass with these Knope-inspired stemless glasses, you beautiful tropical fish. 


Sugary (and Boozy) Gummy Bears



This is the perfect option if you want that bubbly taste without that bubbly feel. These French champagne-flavored gummies are festive and the palm-size boxes make for awesome party favors at your Galentine’s Day celebration.


A Sleepover-Worthy Matching Set



What’s a sleepover without statement pajamas? Grab baby pink collared button ups and boxers for everyone in your squad. Oh, and throw that Brooklinen robe on top, you’ll look even cozier.


A Bunch of Scrunchies

Urban Outfitters


Give this to the friend who’s always asking to borrow a hair tie—and losing it. This handy pack of five (one for each day of the week!) will provide plenty of back up. They also come in different color schemes from floral to neutral.


A Slice To Share



Who doesn’t love pizza? Really, who? Your best gal can pin this on her denim jacket, backpack or favorite tote and show the whole world just how loved she is—slice style.


A Baby Yoda Mug, Because Yes



Baby Yoda is everywhere these days, as he should be, so why not have him on a mug too? You can show your bestie that she’s the “obi-wan” as she sips her coffee each morning.


Tubs of Sweet Cookie Dough



Boyfriends give chocolates, but friends? Friends give the good stuff: several tubs of raw cookie dough, all safe to consume. This pack from Dō may be Valentine’s-themed, but c’mon. 


A Flirty Lil Robe

In Bloom by Jonquil,


Here’s a hack for you: everyday activities feel way more luxurious when you do them wrapped in a floral robe. Everyone deserves to feel fancy in their own floral robe. 


Literal Rose-Colored Glasses

Give one of your particularly bummed-out friends the gift of rose colored glasses. These cuties from Quay will help even the biggest Valentine’s Day hater get through the holiday.


A Candle That Smells Like a Fancy Spa



Sure, candles are a cliché gift. But the iconic Anthropologie Capri Blue candle is always welcome, especially when it’s cold outside and all anyone wants to do is soak in the tub. 


A Limited-Edition Beauty Sleep Box

Fresh x Brooklinen,


The brand behind your fave cozy sheets, Brooklinen, launched its very first beauty collab with Fresh just in time for Galentine’s Day. This set—which comes already wrapped with a bow—includes two embroidered (and super soft) pillowcases, plus a jar of Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream. So it’s literally the gift of beauty sleep. Everyone loves beauty sleep.


A Little Kicky Beret



It’s cute. It’s red. It’s fuzzy. It’s utterly impractical. It’s the perfect Galentine’s present.  Even better if you get matching ones for all of your gal pals (are people still saying gal pals?). 


Statement Non-Hoop Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane,


A boyfriend gives hoops. But a best girlfriend? She gives these far superior non-hoops.


A Slightly Adventurous Cookbook

Chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks are notoriously difficult and tedious, which is why he made Simple for at-home cooks who love his food but don’t have a pantry that can hold 1,000 ingredients. Give this to a friend who likes to throw dinner parties, and maybe she’ll invite you over for the next one. 


A Truly Mind-Blowing Vibrator



This powerful little toy is called the Womanizer, so that alone makes it an ideal Galentine’s Day gift. But the real selling point here is how mighty this thing is. The toy’s unique shape makes it easy to hold and helps it attach well to the body. Everyone needs one of these. 


The Gift of a Getaway



Gift cards are usually a lame present. But an Airbnb gift card, which is basically the gift of a vacation, is not. An extra tip? Have a bunch of your friends go in on one big gift card and use it to take a group trip—no partners allowed.


IRL Instagram Pics

The perfect gift for your friend who either vowed to take a break from Instagram this year, or who spends hours obsessing over her grid. This miniature Polaroid is an old-school classic that’s still around and popular for a reason—and that reason is it’s super fun to play with.


Champagne, But Make It Fashion

Veuve Clicquot,


Veuve Clicquot is a special occasion Champagne, so good thing Galentine’s Day is a special occasion. Make if even special-er by gifting this rosé variety that comes in its own Millennial-pink box. 


A Tote For Gals on the Go



Not even the best, most attentive, kindest boyfriend would ever think to gift a tote bag on V Day, which is why it’s your duty as a Galentine to pick up his slack. 


A Cozy, Almost-Hotel Robe

Maybe a whole set of Brooklinen sheets isn’t in your Galentine’s budget, but this robe is a straight-up steal considering how cozy it is. It’s super soft, super plush, and if you close your eyes while wearing it, you—I mean your friend will—almost feel like you’re in a hotel. 


Fancy-Shmancy Hand and Body Lotion



Instead of giving the status candle, give the status lotion. This  lotion comes a in a beautiful box, and it smells like roses but won’t ever wilt. That’s a win-win.


A Journal That Doesn’t Require Any Writing


Give this as a group gift, kind of like a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants situation but with a photo journal, and spend all year until next Galentine’s Day filling it with memories. And selfies. And group selfies. And whatever else your little heart desires.


A Teensy Tiny Butt Plug



Or, you know, a big butt plug. Your call. Maybe you know the size and shape of your friend’s booty better than most! That’s the true sign of a good friendship.


Miniature Status Face Products

Drunk Elephant,


You (and all your Galentines) have seen Drunk Elephant’s bougie face products allll over your Insta feeds by now. The brand is a cult favorite among beauty influencers, but unfortunately, that also means they’re pricey. This special edition pack, just for Sephora, is a perfect way to try ’em all at a much more affordable price point. If you’re lucky, your Galentine might share.


Sexy-Unsexy Undies

No shade to lingerie, it has its time and place, but the sexiest underwear is underwear that’s soft and cozy. These new high-rise bikini briefs from Everlane are both of those things. And the high cut also makes them pretty sexy.


A Wine Decanter That’s Very Aesthetic

Ichendorf Milano,


The best gifts are ones that also are sort of for you, which is why this beautiful wine decanter is so good. Gift it to the friend who’s most inclined to host book club (or just a straight-up wine-and-cheese night), and use it as an excuse to drink even more wine. Even when it’s empty, it looks perfect on a gold bar cart. 


A Cute Little Face Roller

Skin Gym,


Do these rose quartz face rollers do much of anything? TBD. But they definitely feel great and that’s what ~SeLf CaRe~ is all about, anyway. Nab one, nab four, nab however many you want. These make great, inexpensive gifts. 


That Hand Soap



If you’ve ever left a fancy restaurant or hotel bathroom, smelled your hands, and though “holy shit, that smells so good,” chances are, they had this soap at the sink. You wanna know something great? You can buy that soap (or, you know, gift it) and recreate that same sensation at home. Gift it or keep it for yourself. We won’t tell.

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