Graduation Sex Positions – Sex Positions for Graduating

best graduation sex positions our girl is on her back with her leg lifted her partner kneels down at her side and leans in under her leg to give oral from a sideways angle


Weird year. Weird graduation. But eff it. Eff it all! It’s time to treat yourself and take the time to celebrate a little something called YOUR GRADUATION!!!! Whee!! Lots of festive emojis and all that. You’ve more than earned it.

“Graduation is a time of lots of mixed feelings and transitions. You might be feeling pride at what you’ve accomplished, uncertainty and excitement about what’s to come, and in general, the feeling of being on the very cusp of something familiar ending and something new beginning,” says Vic Liu, editor of Bang!: Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities.

Whether or not you’re partnered up these days, it’s a great time for a self-reflective wank (as all times are, really.) “No matter who you are, masturbation is the perfect sex act for this moment of intense transition. It is one of the best ways to become reacquainted with who you are, how you’ve evolved, and who you are becoming. Masturbation can serve as a moment of sexual self-reflection, the perfect place to discover what ways your sexual identity or physicality has changed,” says Liu.

Below, we have some ideas for positions with or without others involved. And, for the times when you’re not doing sex things, we’ve got your back with this year with cool gifts to give a new grad here and here, some ideas for graduation Insta captions that work during a pandemic, and a little graduation wisdom from the elders.

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Selfie Stick

“For the ultimate experience of self-reflection, get yourself a hand-held mirror and watch yourself masturbate in your reflection. You might be surprised by what you discover about your sexual self,” says Liu. Lie on your back, propped up on a stack of pillows. Take your time—slowly drizzle some lube down your vulva, rub it in slowly, watch how your body responds.

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The Honors Student

Now that you’re all growed up, it’s time to try…bum bum bummmm… The Kivin Method of oral. It’s basically sideways oral, and can change the sensations completely. Here’s how to pull it off:

1. Receiver lies on their back with their leg lifted.

2. Giver goes in sideways under the leg and slides, flicks and rolls their tongue along the receiver’s vulva.

3. Bonus points if giver presses the perineum of their partner during the whole thing.


The Dean’s List

Got an ottoman that still a virgin? Lie on your belly across it and have your partner kneel behind you to enter. (It’s good for oral too!) Comfy for all, plus room for deep internal stimulation. Tuck a small vibe against your clit to go to the head of the class.

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The Research Award

Try some experimenting to see if you can discover some new things that do it for you. “If you normally masturbate on your back, try touching yourself on all fours,” recommends Liu. Get on your knees and see what you want to happen. Do you want to try a new toy? Slide a butt plug in? Sit back on your heels and hump your lubey hand? Do it and see!


The After Party

Celebrate your accomplishment by trying a jacked up, complicated sex position. Stay with me here. Your partner squats or kneels against a door frame with their back against the frame. You face away from your partner, straddling them and bracing you hands against the opposite side of the frame. What happens next is up to you. Circle your hips for a slow grind? A traditional up-and-down? A break for an Epsom salt bath? Up to you.


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