How to Curl Your Hair With Socks and Robe Belts

Is anyone else’s brain overflowing with dance routines and 15-second skits during this quarantine?? Ugh, I’m ashamed. BUT! I also have nothing else to occupy myself with other than TikTok and millions of people throwing it back to the exact same song.

Once you get through all the Hype House videos and hundreds of lip syncing bits though, there’s actually a heap ton of genuinely interesting beauty content on TikTok. Admittedly some of them are just there for sh*ts and giggles, but between makeup videos and acne tips, I’ve actually picked up a few new tricks here and there.

The latest, however, might just be my favorite because, a) it seems like it should be a joke but, then plot twist b) it seems to give the best curls I’ve ever seen. All you need for the best hair of your life? The belt from your robe. I know it seems ridiculous, but bear with me.

Once you’ve dusted the chip crumbs and Tide to-go’ed pizza sauce off of you robe and slipped out of it for the first time in two weeks, remove the belt and place it over your head like a hairband. Yup, I mean it.

Then, wrap each side of your hair around the belt, just like two pigtails but with a dressing robe rope running through them. Casual. I know this all seems absurd but as I said… bear with me. Might I add, for the best results, you’re gonna wanna sleep on it overnight. Once you’ve got a good night’s rest in them, you’ll undo your hair, remove the rope, and I know you don’t believe me, so just watch the video aobve from Bri Harmon to see the results.

With over 1 million views, it looks like a lot of us are going to wake up in the morning with the best curls of our lives. What a time!

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