How to Masturbate in the Shower?

Real talk: Few things are better than hopping in the shower, lathering your body with overpriced body wash, and getting an orgasm in before going about your day. And though sometimes overlooked, the shower is pretty much the best place for sex—whether coupled or solo.

It’s private, it’s relaxing, and if you close your eyes, you can even pretend you’re under a waterfall in Maui. Plus, the sensations of water, cleansing, and masturbation is healing, says erotic educator Taylor Sparks, founder of Organic Loven. Combine all three and “It’s a way of serving oneself,” Sparks says.

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And you, my friend, deserve to be served. So to help, we talked with some highly-educated experts on unexpected tips for masturbating in the shower. Read on for all the sexy inspo.

How do I masturbate in the shower?

If you’re new to the world of shower orgasms (or just want a refresher), there are a few things to keep in mind before getting down and dirty clean. First, make sure the tub, showerhead, and faucet are all clean for, uh, obvious reasons. The last thing you want it to get an infection or walk away feeling dirtier (and not in like, a hot way).

Another thing: Stay away from harsh chemicals right before you get in (hiiiii, bleach!). Some soap and water should be enough to get things grime-free.

Once things are clean and you’re ready to get your orgasm in, experiment with what feels good depending on the structure of your tub. “Switch between using the showerhead, your fingers, and different toys,” advises certified sex educator and Dirty South Sex Ed founder, Irma Garcia.

In a shower without a hand-held showerhead, prop your leg up and utilize your hands or toys, recommends Garcia. And in a shower/tub combo, lay on your back and use the water pressure from the faucet—or grab the showerhead—and play with the settings on your clitoris.

Experiment with different settings and positions until you find something you like, and if you have a tried-and-true method, don’t be afraid to mix it up in new ways. “Getting a super soft clean towel to wrap around the faucet and then grinding on it can be pleasurable too,” suggests Garcia.

Is it actually safe to use the showerhead or faucet?

Yes, but don’t use the showerhead or the faucet for penetrative masturbation. Instead, use it to stimulate your clitoris. Just make sure, beforehand, you test the temperature of the water with your hand (to be sure it is not too hot) and then also make sure the force of the stream isn’t hard strong enough to cause pain against your pleasure spots, says Sparks. Then, get on with the water-pressure pleasure awaiting.

Are there any other risks involved?

The other major concern with shower masturbating and shower sex in general (other than never wanting to get out of the water) is the possibility of falling. “Slipping and falling is going to be the most dangerous thing to look out for. So a slip-resistant mat for the tub or shower is highly recommended,” suggests Sparks. Find a position that you can hold and potentially something to grab onto (other than yourself) if you start to feel unsteady. It’s also always a good idea to have your phone within reach in case you need to call for help… or take some steamy selfies.

Okay, so how can I make it hotter?

If you’re ready to make your shower masturbation even sexier, there are endless ways to turn up the heat. Some suggestions from Garcia:

  • Put on some of your favorite music (which can drowns out your moans if others are at home)
  • Play an erotic audiobook. Highly recommend stories from Dipsea.
  • Light incense or a candle
  • Bring a toy to play with
  • Grab a sparkling water or glass of wine to drink after you get out

    Basically, think of this as your own erotic pampering sesh. And if you’re feeling generous, you can also invite your partner to join too, says Sparks. As long as the space is big enough for everyone to fit comfortably, you should be able to make it work, and non-penetrative sex is a great way to add variety to your sex life.

    “Try ‘assisted’ masturbation positions,” suggests Sparks. “Maybe one time your partner gets to guide the showerhead for you. Maybe the next time you switch.”

    What are the best toys for shower masturbation?

    Now, if you’re looking for the best waterproof toys to bring into the shower, these have all passed the Shower Masturbation Orgasm Test (…meaning they’re water-resistant, perfect for cramped spaces, and will become your new favorite shower product).

    Try the VeDO Izzy Lay on Vibe, which has 10 vibrations, is fully submersible, curves to the body, and fits in the palm of your hand. Or give the Hot Octopuss Digit some attention since it can be worn on the fingers. “Worn on fingers” = amazing couple play. Worst case scenario: Use your good old fingers, which work amazingly too.

    However you go about it, the point of masturbating in the shower is to relax, unwind, and just feel good—whatever that looks like for you. “Ultimately, just enjoy yourself. Self-pleasure releases stress, gets rid of headaches, and brings out all kinds of creative juices,” says Garcia. And I, for one, think you deserve just that.

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