Infinity Braid Tutorial for 2020

I looove to get my hair braided, but you know what I don’t love? Sitting in a chair for hours and hours and hours on end. That’s exactly why I’ve gotten micro braids only once in my life—it’s tiring, and TBH, I don’t have the time for it! So when I want a look that’s equal parts cute and quick, I get an infinity braid—the star of this week’s episode of The Braid Up. It looks kinda like a fishtail, only with an infinity braid, your braider leaves a little bit of hair loose at the end. The result? A super-pretty hairstyle that doesn’t take forever to complete. Our hair braiding superstar Stasha Harris shows us how it’s done.

1. Give yourself a blowout. It’s easier to get a sleek infinity braid on hair that’s been blown out, so wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo (it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils), and then hit it with a dryer.

2. Feed in braiding hair. You’re probably going to need braiding hair to create an IG-worthy infinity braid. Simply feed them into your natural hair while braiding to create thicker, fuller-looking braids.

3. Add in your holy-grail product: edge control. Trust, this is a must for any braided look. How else are you going to get your baby hairs in those perfect bb swoops? Opt for one that won’t flake by the end of the day.

4. Tie on a scarf. In the video, Stasha uses a hair tie to secure the braid, but if you want to switch up your look, tie a hair scarf over the elastic for a fun touch.



Hair: Magic Fingers Studio; Makeup: Lakeisha Dale; Stylist: Ann Wang; Beauty Assistant: Ama Kwarteng

Senior Director: Jason Ikeler; Producer: Amanda Kabbabe; Videographer: Josh Archer; Editor: Andrew Desgaines; Production Assistant: Jay Aguirre

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