Lelo Lovehoney Sale April 2020

Since you’re likely home with nothin’ but time on your hands rn, it’s a good thing Lelo and Lovehoney are having some noice sales right now, with prices slashed up to 80%. Here are our top ten picks for the toys worth putting up an “OOO” message from your work from home sitch and checking out.

1. Amber Rose Tiani

This pink rose gold Tiani is 15% off at $135, making it more affordable than ever for a remote controlled partner vibe that’s not only powerful, but chic to boot. The insertable design means it hugs your clitoris and vulva while still allowing enough room inside for a partner during penetrative sex, or another insertable toy. And the remote control can be operated manually, like with the buttons, but also uses SenseMotion, which is a setting where just tilting or moving the remote can speed or slow things down. Controlling a partner vibe has never been more intuitive. It’s also fully waterproof, rechargeable (the remote uses two AAA batteries, which are included), and has eight patterns and speeds.

2. Sona 2 Cruise Inside Pack


Shop Now Lelo Sona 2 Cruise Inside, Lelo.com, $269

This set comes with their newest, top of the line Sona 2 Cruise and a Soraya 2. The Sona 2 Cruise is the latest version of their bestselling oral sex vibrator, only with new souped up modes (there’s an extra gentle setting now, which is clutch, because the Sona 1 started out very intense) and a wider opening for your clit, so it can better fit all shapes and sizes of labia and vulvas. The Soraya 2 is their Uber-luxury Rabbit vibrator with an ergonomic handle and even more flexible clitoral tip for better control, too. With their “Inside” pack, meant to persuade people to stay inside rn, you save $90, by buying them in this pack, instead of separately. This purchase also qualifies for their #StayHome deal, where purchases over $169 get free shipping and a completely free remote-controlled toy from Lelo’s sister brand, Picobong. Just make sure you use “STAYHOME” as a promo code.

3. Sona Cruise Inside Pack


Shop Now Sona Cruise Inside, Lelo.com, $199,

If you just wanna go for the Sona original, this pack includes the OG Sona Cruise and a Gigi 2, an internal vibrator with a flattened tip for extra pressure on all your internal hotspots, and a 2.5 oz of their v. Fancy lube. You save $93 by buying with this set, instead of buying them all separately. A very good deal, in our opinion! This purchase also qualifies for their #StayHome deal, where purchases over $169 get free shipping and a completely free remote-controlled toy from Lelo’s sister brand, Picobong. Just make sure you use “STAYHOME” as a promo code.

4. Lelo Hex Condoms


Shop Now Lelo Hex Condoms, Lelo.com, $27

If you’ve always wanted to try the much hyped Lelo Hex condoms, now’s your chance. They’re 15% off for a pack of 36 at $29, making them less than a dollar a condom. These condoms feature a unique hexagonal design for maximum strength and flexibility. You might be like *eyeroll* how different can condoms really be, but trust me, I’ve given these to girl and guy friends alike and they all love them and hit me up for new ones often.

The XL size is also on sale for the same sale price here.

5. Lelo Anniversary Collection


Shop Now Anniversary Collection, Lelo.com, $2,000

We’ve written about their bougie Anniversary collection before, and it’s legit 80% off and $8,000 OFF right now. The high price tag is because the toys are all limited edition AF and have 18K rose gold on nearly all the toys. It’s still pricey at $2,000, but, the upside is that the toys included aren’t available to buy separately anywhere else. You’ve got a beaded butt plug, a two-in-one pegging strapless strap-on, and tons of luxury bondage accessories like cuffs, feather dusters, and crops, that aren’t available separately in any form on Lelo’s site. This purchase also qualifies for their #StayHome deal, where purchases over $169 get free shipping and a completely free remote-controlled toy from Lelo’s sister brand, Picobong. Just make sure you use “STAYHOME” as a promo code.


1. Lelo Mia 2

The Mia is on sale at Lovehoney for even cheaper than on Lelo’s site right now, for 70% off at around $50. This powerful clitoral vibrator looks just like a tube of fancy mascara in the best way. It’s rechargeable, has six speeds, five patterns, and is 100% waterproof and 100% more powerful than the original Mia, which was already pretty strong. For a sleek clitoral vibe, you won’t regret getting this, especially at this low price.

2. Lovehoney Super Squeeze

These Kegel balls are 60% off and vibrate thanks to an easy-to-access power button at the tip of the retrieval cord. There are three speeds and four patterns of vibration, and the balls are weighted for extra oomph. They’re made of silicone with a tapered end for easier insertion, making them perfect for beginners and pros alike.

3. Rechargeable Rabbit

At 70% off, this is a deeeeep discount for a rechargeable Rabbit toy. There are multiple speeds, and six patterns in both the internal shaft and clitoral ears for a variety of options. Both the shaft and ears are able to be independently controlled too, for maximum customization.

4. Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator

While newer oral sex toys usually mean suction toys like the Lelo Sona, Satisfyer, or Womanizer toys, the Sqweel is more of a manual oral sex toy, in that it’s got a wheel of tiny silicone tongues that roll against your clitoris for a more manual licking sensation. If you prefer straight licking over the suction and vibration of other oral sex toys, you can couple this up with some lube for a non-vibration, still-oral-esque feeling.

5. Teaser 10 Function Rechargeable Vibrator

If you’re just looking for a no-frills rechargeable clitoral vibrator, this price is hard to beat. There’s ten vibration functions, it’s rechargeable (most toys around $20 aren’t) and it’s waterproof. There’s also a memory chip that resumes the last function you turned it off at, so you don’t need to cycle through nine of your favorite patterns just to find that one that you really like — clutch.

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