Lelo Sona Amazon Prime Day Sale 2020

Prime Day starts October 13th and runs through October 14th. If you’re not already a Prime member (or if you are but want your own Prime account away from prying eyes), sign up and take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day free Prime trial. There are a ton of surprise deals and savings to be found, if you know where to look—and we’re on the Prime Day beat, so keep checking back throughout the sale for more updates!

For two years in a row, the Lelo Sona has been one of our bestselling sex toy recommendations ever since one of our editors wrote a viral testimonial of the toy that gave her the “fastest orgasm ever.” (I KNOW RIGHT? *CLICK*)

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For 2020, the small-but-mighty Lelo Sona Cruise is 25% off again for Prime Day, making it a very reasonable $75. Considering most quality sex toys (with USB rechargeable batteries, waterproof capabilities, different modes, and body-safe materials, all of which the Sona obvi has) tend to be upwards of a hundo, this is a really effing good deal — especially when you consider this is legit one of the best of the best high-end sex toys.

The Sona Cruise uses sonic waves to stimulate your clitoris, kinda like the ultimate oral sex machine. Our reviewer claimed it not only gave her her fastest orgasm ever, but also a totally new kind of O: a “sneaker” orgasm, aka one that hits you so fast you don’t even know it’s happening until you’re there.

After only a few minutes, I experienced what I could only best describe as a ‘sneaker’ orgasm, one that hit me so quickly that it genuinely took me a second to realize I was, in fact, orgasming.

Last year, the Prime Day Sona sale was one of our top selling reccs, but it was only on sale for one daythis year, it’s on sale for not only both Prime Days, but until October 15th!

Act fast though. I’m not saying this to artificially stress you out into buying it, but legit, this is an evergreen top product that does sell really well, so y’know, first come first served, etc. Good luck and happy sneakernights (IYKYK) to us all!

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