Leo Season 2020 Astrology Meaning and Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

The past month has had you (and me, and literally everyone) feeling pretty GD moody, but the astro-weather is finally looking a little more bright! Cancer season was rough, y’all, but on July 22, the Sun moves into its favorite sign and kicks off Leo season 2020! Now that the Sun is in the fixed fire sign, the vibe is more “hot girl summer” and less “hot girl bummer,” YFM? Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are living it up this Leo season, while the fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius might have a harder time handling the heat.

From an astrological standpoint, the Sun represents creativity and flow. It basically acts as a spotlight that illuminates parts your life, based on the qualities of whatever sign it’s in. The Sun rules Leo, and it’s at its happiest and operates with its greatest potential here. Leo is a fiery sign that represents excitement, fun, self-expression, and creativity, so (depending on your sign) it’s helping to give you a major glow-up!

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With the Sun in Leo, you’re feeling more upbeat, original, and charming. You’re radiating charisma and personality, and you’re totally unafraid of expressing yourself. Leos are the most naturally talented zodiac sign. They have a knack for making music, creating art, acting, and a whole slew of other great qualities, which is why they’re so popular! Leo is also well-known for being generous. That’s why they’re so over-the-top—they just want to share their lovable personality with the world! Just like the Sun, Leos naturally have a crowd of people in their orbit. Leo season 2020 is helping you to own your best qualities—and your friends/family/even complete strangers are eating 👏 it 👏 up 👏! At the same time, you’re noticing how other people’s traits make them shine bright and stand out, and you’re gassing them up, too! Leo is also a very loyal sign (sometimes to a fault), so while you’re attracting new people like moths to a flame, you’re also able to get even closer with your crew and solidify your tightest bonds.

Of course, there are a few things to look out for. It helps to think of Leo energy as a literal lion. This sign is aaall about leisure, ~vibing~, taking plenty of catnaps, and just doing whatever it wants. But if someone pushes its buttons, the claws will quickly come out! This 0 to 60 in 3.5 attitude comes from Leo’s qualities as a fixed sign, which explains why Leo energy makes you feel so stubborn, too. Remember when I said that Leos tend to have a lot of people in their orbit? There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can lead to seeing your squad as your fans, not your equals. Leo has a bit of a rep for being self-absorbed egomaniacs (sorry), so right now, it’s a little more difficult now to see things from any perspective other than your own. This could lead to big arguments because you and the other person just refuse to see eye-to-eye, but that’s just a worse-case-scenario. If you do find yourself locked in a battle of egos, try to consider the other person’s POV—or just ask, “Can you help me understand your perspective?”

Cancer season was dealt a pretty bad hand of planetary action—there were some eclipses, a bit of Venus Retrograde drama, and of course, Mercury Retrograde—but Leo season has a pretty good balance of exciting and challenging cosmic activity. The tough times will suck, NGL, but the good times will feel infinitely more exciting. Leo is a party animal—it’s literally the sign of having fun—so don’t worry too much! BTW, Leos hate rules and always want to do things their own way, so please remember to be extra safe (social distancing, washing your hands, etc. because, ya know, the pandemic) while you’re living it up, and Leo season could very well be the most exciting month of 2020!


For every sign, Leo season=party season, but this is extra, extra true for you, Aries. For the next month, the Sun is helping you heat up your life in all areas related to creativity, fun, romance, and sex! You’re feeling flirty, love is in the air, your mood is way better, and for the first time in a hot-ass minute you’re really feeling bold, confident, and excited—just like your old self before the past couple months’ astro-weather started raining on your parade. You’re both giving and receiving more love and affection now, so live it up, Aries! You deserve it!


As the Sun helps everyone embody the Lion’s qualities for the next month, you’re mostly embodying Leo’s relaxed, carefree vibe. You’re chilling at home and taking plenty of catnaps. You’re able to spend the next few weeks resting up and focusing on your roots—your family, your life at home, and your past. Decorate your space, do something fun with the fam, or just take it easy all month long. Most of the other signs are enjoying the fiery, excited vibes of Leo season, but this month is a rather low-energy time for you. Not low-energy in a tired way, though—just in a way that makes it easy to ~vibe~ and do you.


You’re already one of the most sociable signs, but this next month is really firing up your social life. Not only are you texting/FaceTiming/Zooming with your squad more and more, but you’re also making tons of new connections! This is a super busy time for you, though. You’re not spending tons of time at work or running errands, but you are finding that your schedule is slam packed with hangout seshes, dates, and a large variety of other fun opportunities to socialize and get to know others. Have fun!


It’s no secret that you can be pretty hard on yourself, Cancer, but for the next month you’re learning to take pride in who you are and what you do. Your chart’s second house, which rules values and valuables, is being activated. If you’ve had a rough financial situation lately, or just felt down on yourself, this is a great opportunity to apply yourself, finish up any big projects, make some coins, and feel really, really great about yourself. BTW, August 7 is by far the best day for your sign this Leo season—Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, enters your sign! This is a great opportunity to give yourself a makeover, buy something shiny and new, and have a splendid “treat yourself” day, which (let’s be real) you really deserve for making it through the past month!


Happy birthday, Leo!! Your zodiacal season (AKA the best time of year, period) is helping you take your life into your own hands and pursue your wildest dreams. Want a better relationship? Now’s a great time to work on it! Are you trying to level-up your position at work? Well, now you’re shining brighter than the Sun and can make serious moves on the job! Do you have a personal goal or hobby you want to focus on? Guess what—you’re able to do that without being held back at all! You naturally find yourself in the spotlight, but you’re really able to steal the show this month. You’re expressing the best version of yourself as possible, and the people around you are loving every second of it—and so are you! Ascend to your throne and put on your crown, Leo, because for the next month, you are the queen bee.


Sorry, Virgo, but your sign is getting the short end of the stick this Leo season, like it does every Leo season. This next month wants you to focus on your innermost self, whether you’d like to or not, and you can feel lonely or downright invisible as a result. The Sun in Leo is activating your twelfth house, which is basically your chart’s “blind spot.” The rest of the world is soaking up Leo’s lighthearted, buoyant vibes, but you’re just…not. You’re the zodiac’s “fixer-upper” sign and spend a ton of time helping others, but you rarely match that energy when it comes to yourself. Why is that? Spend the next month relaxing, peering inwards, meditating, and dreaming. You need a ton of R&R time! It’s important to understand that it’s okay to just do you, so take this time to do just that. You’re cutting cords, ending patterns, and escaping cycles that don’t support you, so that when Virgo season rolls around at the end of August, you can rise to power as the very best version of yourself!


Let me take a second to totally gas you up, Libra—you’re charismatic, social, and pretty well-liked by most of the people you come in contact with. You’re literally the sign of relationships, and you work hard to bring balance and harmony to whatever social situations you find yourself in. Leo season is inflating your talents for connecting with and charming others, so you can expect to feel more popular than ever for the next month! Your social life is the biggest focus right now. Not only are you and your crew having a blast, but you’re also finding it easier to make new connections. This applies pretty much exclusively to platonic relationships, though, so don’t expect too much action coming to your love life (although connecting with your partner/crush is much easier). Overall, Leo season is one of the most exciting times of year for your sign—have fun!


You’re basically blinding the world with your light this Leo season, Scorpio, whether you want to or not! The next month finds you feeling like you’re the center of attention, and that’s because you are. As secretive and walled-off as you tend to be, this is a critical period where it’s important to express yourself genuinely to the world. Your status/reputation/public image is a huge focus right now, especially at work. Your boss is keeping a close eye on your performance, so it’s important to work your hardest. This month is a time where you’re able to finish up big projects and shine bright on the job, so as long as you’re applying yourself, you can make major moves in your career. Do well, and a promotion or raise could come your way, but if you’re lazy or totally flopping, your shortcomings will be recognized. Be yourself, work hard, and show the world what you’re made of, and you can make big changes not only to your personal life, but the world around you, too.


Since Leo is a like-minded fire sign just like you, this next month’s astro-weather is harmonizing beautifully with all of your Sagittarian vibes. You’re feeling young, wild, and free (AKA your favorite way to feel), and you’re able to have a really fun time. The Sun’s transit through Leo marks an adventurous time where you’re basically guaranteed to expand your horizons. This could happen through (safely!!!) traveling, meeting someone with a background totally different from your own, getting involved with anything re: higher education, or just by binge-watching every Netflix docu-series that catches your eye! The whole point is that you’re expanding yourself as a person for the next month, and you’re learning something new every single day. Everything is an experience, and it’s up to you to make it a good experience!


As one of the hardest-working, most self-sufficient signs in the zodiac, you take a ton of pride in your achievements, Capricorn. But Leo season’s self-centered vibe might make this next month a challenge if you let yourself become too prideful and arrogant. Instead of focusing on the ways your own actions and assets affect your life, your biggest focus now is on how other people’s actions and assets make an impact. The Sun in Leo is activating your chart’s eighth house, which governs other people’s money (AKA taxes, bills, inheritances), illiquid investments, and intimacy. If you’re boo’d up, you’re getting much closer to your partner and learning just how much their finances and emotional investments influence you. You pride yourself in your external, material achievements and your reputation, but surprise bills or gifts may come your way and urge you to reconsider just how much control you actually have over your life, from a financial perspective at least. Remove your ego from the equation, be more considerate of others, and try to be more generous—that way you can navigate Leo season 2020 without a hitch.


Whenever the Sun is occupying the sign opposite of your own (which is Leo, in your case), you’re primarily focusing on your one-on-one relationships. This means that you’re spending more time with your boo, hanging out more with your bestie, paying closer attention to your business partners, and even taking time to address anyone that you’re beefing with. This is not an unpleasant transit, Aquarius—it’s just a month of time where you’re focused more on the “other” rather than yourself. It’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen your bonds with friends and lovers. and solve any problems that exist in your other relationships. BTW, if you’re looking for love, Leo season is the perfect “cuffing season” for your sign! Despite Leo’s self-centered reputation and its tendency to make you feel more egocentric, you’re being urged to learn that teamwork makes the dream work. Any solo endeavors or personal projects you pursue aren’t really making any progress now, but if you can find something that you can work on with somebody else (a work project, bettering your relationship with bae, stuff like that), then this next month can be an extremely productive and satisfying one!


You’re a very ~go with the flow~ sign, Pisces. You prefer to take an easygoing approach to life, but this Leo season is urging you to get serious and focus on your responsibilities. Don’t worry—it sounds like a bummer, but this next month can actually be pretty productive, if you play your cards right. First of all, you’re finding that your work life is picking up the pace, big time. Second of all, your day-to-day routine is much busier than normal. Finally, you might find yourself feeling tired or under the weather. But the whole point of Leo season is to reorganize everything and discover how you can put a Leo-esque spin on these areas of life. You’re learning how to have fun at work, find pride and passion in what you do, and (if you can productively manifest Leo’s self-centered traits) learning to love yourself by taking care of your physical and mental health. Get closer to your coworkers to make your job feel more lively and exciting. If you absolutely hate your job, look up ways to earn cash doing something fun, and maybe even start a side hustle. Check in on your wellness routines and keep your place tidied up. Is it a lot of work? Yes. But you’ll see that your work isn’t for nothing, because by the end of Leo season, your work life and your general health will have improved a ton!

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