Low Braided Ponytail Tutorial for 2020

Oh, sorry, did you think low ponies were only for those rushed mornings when you barely make it out the door in time? Yeah, think again. This week on The Braid Up, we’re giving you a super ~fancy~ low ponytail that’ll take you from the gym to the pre-game. Meet the low, sleek braided ponytail: It’s made up of braids, gold thread, and curly hair extensions to help you play up your natural texture with extensions for even more impact. Our braid guru, Stasha Harris, gives us all the tips you need to recreate this style.

Ready to try out this style? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Don’t forget the edge control. You’re going to need lots of it to make sure your parts and baby hairs lie flat. Look for one that has coconut or shea oils in the formula—they’ll help condition your edges while locking them in place.

2. You’re going to need long, curly hair extensions. They’ll give you the length and volume you need to rock this ponytail. Work with your stylist to find the perfect length and style for you—wearing too-heavy extensions can lead to damage and breakage. A clip-in ponytail is also another good option to add length to your look.

3. Wrap gold thread around the base of the ponytail. It’s the perfect way to take this pony to the next level. And if you’re not into gold, that’s cool—even though that’s what Stasha uses in the video, you can go with any color that fits your vibe.

4. Layer on a coat of mousse, then wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf. This will help keep frizz and flyaways at bay, making sure your ponytail looks super smooth.


The Braid Up

And that’s it! Peep the video above to get all the deets on how to bring this look to life.

Hair: Magic Fingers Studio; Makeup: Lakeisha Dale; Stylist: Ann Wang; Beauty Assistant: Ama Kwarteng

Senior Director: Jason Ikeler; Producer: Amanda Kabbabe; Videographer: Josh Archer; Editor: Andrew Desgaines; Production Assistant: Jay Aguirre

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