Mars in Aries 2020 Transit, Astrology Effects by Zodiac Sign

After all the nights quarantine kept us isolated and yearning for physical touch, the cosmos is here to unlock a new level of horniness that you didn’t even think you could tap into. Or maybe you’ve been quarantined with bae but you keep finding yourself in meaningless disagreements. Say hello to your new favorite activity: Make-up sex, and lots of it.

Queue “I Invented Sex” by Trey Songz. On June 27, Mars—the planet of lust, action, and aggression—shifts into its home sign of Aries. Sweat-dripping, toe-curling sex is the name of the game. And while Mars in Aries gets your heart racing and blood flowing, Cancer season makes your knees weak and and your heart soft. Mars in Aries wants us to let our bodies do the talking between the sheets, or wherever you choose to adventure (kitchen floor? Go for it). Now’s your chance to make your sexual fantasies a reality. Enjoy.

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So, what’s that mean for you?


It’s okay to be a little selfish, Aries. Put your sexual impulses in your own hands, literally. Instead of giving in to every person who has the hots for you, you owe it to yourself to splurge on a new sex toy. You make yourself orgasm better than anyone else could.


Sexual healing is just what you need, Taurus. Take your bedroom experience up a notch and be intentional about setting the mood. Burning palo santo or placing healing crystals close by can help you relax the tension, especially if you’ve been feeling sexually frustrated.


How’s a (virtual?) threesome sound, Gemini? Nothing and no one is off limits right now. If you’re feeling risqué, try filming a sex tape with you and your partner(s) to masturbate to later on. What a perfect way to maximize your orgasm(s)!


You deserve endless birthday sex. Be vocal about how you want it and where you want it. Rough, deep, slow, or steady, it’s your world and everyone else is just living in it. Ask for it, and it’s yours.


The bedroom is your playground, Leo. There are endless sex positions, so why not try all of them? Enjoy taking your time studying your partner’s body and watch each other’s reactions when you try something new. Try making each other beg for more during foreplay. What’s the rush?


You might be craving sex more than the usual, Virgo. Expect you and your partners(s) to automatically know what you want and how you want it. In fact, you might loose count of how many times you’ve orgasmed lately. How many is too many? Enjoy them all!


Consistent sex with your partner(s) helps you establish deeper connections. While you’ll always have options, it might be best to think about going exclusive. Sex with the same person doesn’t have to be boring if you’re connected emotionally. Are you ready to take it to the next level?


Sex is on your mind right now. Have a quickies or two before you start your work day or as your daily workout. Integrating sex into your daily routine will be a major energy boost.


Get creative, Sagittarius. Light a few candles, queue your favorite sex playlist, and put on a show. Sex with the right person will have you running through every emotion, including laughter. Enjoy the blissful moments that make you feel alive. Anyone would be lucky to have you.


Simply thinking about past sexual experiences while you masturbate will be enough to get you there. Perhaps you’re missing an old fling, and that’s okay. When it comes to having sex at home, make sure you create optimal comfort. If you have roommates, it doesn’t hurt to give them a heads up so they can plug in some headphones.


You’re thoroughly enjoy someone who can stimulate your mind. Try starting the dirty talk before undressing one another. Now is not the time to hold back and keep quiet; let it all out.


Right now, you’d rather indulge in self-love than share with a partner. Go ahead and splurge on some new toys and re-learn the inner workings of your body. Set your own standards when it comes to pleasure. Only you know yourself best.

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