Mercury Retrograde October 2020 Exes Meaning

Things have been going seeming well with your job, personal life, and new boo. Then all of a sudden—BAM!—your ex sends you a “U up?” text at 2AM. Here’s the DL: The stars are to blame for this. Specifically, Mercury Retrograde. From October 13-November 3, Mercury is moonwalking in deep, moody Scorpio and relationship-oriented Libra (making the switch between signs on October 23). During this time, everyone (including you) is reassessing and rethinking the past. And yep, that means both you and your ex are over-analyzing the demise of old relationships…or just dwelling on the best parts.

If your ex hits you up, they probs want a second chance with you. But be careful—don’t let Mercury Retrograde nostalgia get to you. See if they can deliver what they promise before you make a move.

Read your v specific Mercury Retrograde ex horoscope:


Odds are that you moved the F on ages ago, but your ex is still in their feelings about your breakup. Now that you’re sooo over them, they want to come back and get closure. But you don’t want to give it to them—and that’s fine.


You’re notoriously stubborn, Taurus, and you have a hard time seeing others’ POV. But that’s exactly what your ex wants you to do. They’ve popped back into your life to try to make you see their side of your past relationship issues and keep the argument going. Warning: Do not engage.

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Now that you’re not blowing up your ex’s phone (you’re a proud quadruple-texter), they’re missing those buzzes…even if your mismatch in communication styles was one of the reasons for the breakup. Yes, they’re missing your memes. But you should only send them to people who deserve them!


The moment you and your new boo make it IG official, your ex will immediately arrive in your DMs to try to get the whole story on your relationship/situationship. You were the one crying when you broke up, but you’re also the one who moved on faster. You win!


The reason for them reaching out is because they miss the high stakes drama that you brought to their lives — which made them feel less boring and basic. They need to hear a little bit of your theatrics for entertainment. Maybe they’ll be the ones bringing it this time.


Your ex is watching your tweets v closely, and as soon as you like your mutual friend’s pic (probably someone you met through them), your ex will text you. Ignore them; they just feel left out and jealous about your budding friendship with their buds.


TBH, you’ll only care what your old flame is up to if you’re single. And the likelihood of that is slim to none—you’re always crushing on or dating someone! But if they reach out first, you’ll be kind and catch up for a little while.


Prepare yourself for in-depth convos with your ex. They’re still getting over the abrupt breakup and want to understand your feelings. Spoiler alert: They won’t be able to because you guard your heart and emotions like no other.


You always have to have the last word, and when you broke up with your ex, that final stinging word lingered in their heart for months/years. Now, they want to get in one last zinger in to show you how it feels.


The moment you post about your fabulous new promotion or job, your ex will reach out to you—but only to try to mooch off your success. Beware of your DMs.


You’re usually on good terms with your exes, so catching up with them isn’t unusually. But during Mercury’s moonwalk, the convo can get extra flirty real fast. Warning: They’re looking for a low-key hookup, so don’t expect to get back together.


Chances are, you’re the one who ghosted your ex because you hate confrontation. But now you’re second-guessing your instinct to break up with them…which is why you’ll be the one social media stalking them on IG.

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