Most Romantic and Least Romantic Bars

If you’re just now getting on your Valentine’s Day night reservations (two weeks out ain’t bad!), here’s some good news: Yelp recently announced their list of the top 100 most “romantic” places for V-Day and their top 100 dive bars for an anti–Valentine’s Day night out, if that’s the way you’re celebrating. Wins for everyone!

To determine “most romantic” and “least romantic,” Yelp looked for restaurants with a large number of reviews mentioning buzzwords like “romantic,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “date night.” To find anti-V-Day joints, the team looked for bars that included karaoke, pool tables, jukeboxes, arcade games, and more. Basically, if it has enough activities and novelty drinks on hand to keep your mind distracted and free of any sappy Valentine’s Day ~moments~, it’s a safe space.

To help you narrow down some of the winners worth visiting, please enjoy a sampling of these most (and least) romantic bars, coupled with a taste of each venue’s most bonkers review. It’s a tasting menu of recommendations, if you will!

The Most Romantic Bars:

“The Pink Door is straight fire.” Translation: It’s LIT.

“Really like the big fluffy pillows inside” = Everything I need to know, TBH.

I loved the ambiance and decor—rustic yet modern. It felt like we were dining in someone’s home with castle vibes.” I’m sorry, did you say castle vibes? Because yes.

“Four stars instead of five, because I didn’t love all of the food. Their salad was presented very elegantly, but it was salty. I never want to eat a salty salad—it just takes away from the health benefits. Plus, it doesn’t even taste good.” Legit shook by salty salads…girl, I’m with you.

“We ordered three starters that were meh

The slab of bacon was okay

Beet salad so so

Caprese was so so

What we did love was the complimentary mushroom ravioli

Absolutely obsessed with this haiku review. I want all reviews in haiku format—easier to skim in a rush!

The Least Romantic Bars:

“Kind of warm, but not unlike many other open bars in Hawaii.” My guy, if you think I’m getting on a 12-hour flight to not feel the warmth comin’ in from outside, you’re outta YOUR MIND.

“Maybe 10 minutes later, I heard the siren call of deliciousness.

[Speaker overheard]: ‘Bill Gates, your order is ready!’” CLOUT.

3. The Whig in Columbia, SC

“The environment is dark, interesting, and WEIRD. There’s a very interesting [decor] and an old vault room :)” The smiley after “vault room” is both intriguing and spooky to me!

“They even have a man-bun trade special…check this place out!” Weird, every night I dream of being able to move out of this exact neighborhood.

“Buy a lamp thong or GTFO.” Pls, tell me more! What’s a lamp thong?

To read the full list, head to Yelp’s blog post here for the most romantic and here for the least romantic.


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