OhMiBod October 2020 50% Off Sale

Between Amazon Prime Day(s) and that wild Babeland 70% off sale last week, it seems like this October has been an abnormally great month for sex toy savings this year and we’re not mad about it. Adding to the list of steep discounts on toys, OhMiBod is running a 50% off sale on their LoveLife Share Couples Vibrator from now until October 31st.

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The LoveLife Share Couples Vibrator is essentially a rechargeable, silicone penis ring with seven vibration patterns and a splash-proof (aka not fully submersible, so not bath-friendly) design. It’s normally $79, but until October 31, it’s a whopping 50% off, at just $39.50. The sale price applies automatically on the site, so there are no coupon codes needed (Like you need a code to memorize rn on top of it being Monday. We wouldn’t do that to you!).

Lovelife Share Couples Vibrator



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s not easy to find a quality, rechargeable sex toy for under $70-$100, so this sale price makes this deal a particularly good find if you’re in the market for a cock ring.

In case you need a refresher on how penis rings work, here’s how. The stretchy silicone goes over your partner’s shaft, sitting at the base of their penis. It’s optional to also tuck their balls into the ring as well, but for beginners, that might be Too Much. The tight fit of the ring restricts blood flow, which can possibly lead to a stronger erection or more sensitized feeling in general for the penis-haver. Cock or penis rings can also be helpful if your partner has difficulty maintaining an erection, as the restricted blood flow helps with that. If your penis ring also vibrates like the OhMiBod one, that’s a bonus for you, as you basically have a ride-on vibrator at your service. Twice as nice for both you and a partner!

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