Satisfyer Vibrators Amazon Prime Day

satisfyer vibrators amazon prime day

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Prime Day starts October 13th and runs through October 14th. If you’re not already a Prime member (or if you are but want your own Prime account away from prying eyes), sign up and take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day free Prime trial. There are a ton of surprise deals and savings to be found, if you know where to look—and we’re on the Prime Day beat, so keep checking back throughout the sale for more updates!

Sex toys don’t have to cost a ton to be really good (like, really effing good), and the Satisfyer brand of toys is proof of just that. Their toys are usually on the less expensive side already, and for Prime Day, those prices are slashed even more — as in, starting at $19 for some toys.

Their namesake Satisfyer Pro 2 is 30% off, making it just $38 (down from $50). This toy is considered the best beginner’s suction toy and always has been for the years its been out. The only downside is it’s not as pretty as other suction toys like say, the Lelo Sona, but seriously it’s thirty-eight-effing-dollars so like, it doesn’t have to be 🙂

Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoral Stimulator

The Pro 2 is rechargeable, waterproof, and it’s got 4.2 stars over 16,000+ reviews, so y’know…it’s good-good.

(Update: The Pro 2 is now no longer available, but the Pro 2+ which is normally $55, is now on sale for $45. It’s a $7 difference for an upgraded design, so it’s worth it.)

Pro 2+



Other Satisfyer toys are also on sale for Prime Day(s) including their wearable couples toy, the Partner Classic, which is only $19. This toy is waterproof, rechargeable as well, and has three intensities and seven rhythms.

Partner Couples Vibrator



In the $30 category, you’ve also got two options with the Power Ring (a vibrating penis ring), and the Purple Pleasure (a tongue-shaped clit vibrator that can be used for pinpointed stimulation or broader vibration).

Power Ring



Purple Pleasure



You could literally buy all four items on this list and it would only cost you $118? Which is bonkers? Anyways, we support it. Snatch these up if you’re in the market for some impulse sex toy buys for Prime Day that won’t make you or your wallet feel bad!

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