Sex and Love Horoscope, February 12, 2021

What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in dreamy Pisces, creating the perf vibe for romance. Just don’t expect any “happily ever after” moments, because on Saturday, Venus and Mercury (which is still retrograde) bump into each other. Mars, the planet of libido and passion, hooks up with Neptune at the same time.

This Venus action is signaling that an ex (maybe more than one!) is hitting you up—whether their intentions or good or bad is TBD. On the bright side, this Martian astro-weather makes sex way, way nicer. On Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Mercury bumps into Jupiter, boosting your confidence and energy level. Whether you’re spending all day with bae or having a Zoom happy hour with the squad, expect a fun end to the weekend! Finally, on Thursday, the Sun enters Pisces, starting off Pisces season 2021!!

BTW—We are still in a pandemic, so if you don’t live with your partner, sexting and FaceTime dates are your friends, people!!!

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What that means:


If you’re happily boo’d up, you’re a little in your feels tonight, but V-Day looks promising. But if you’re single, tread with caution. There’s a ton of potential for confusion surrounding any sitautionships/flirtationships. Miscommunications, ghosting, or secrets could come up, and your ex might make a surprise reappearance, too. Luckily, Valentine’s Day’s vibes are supes helpful for solving any potential drama. You’re feeling good, and if anything goes wrong, your squad is 100% there for you !


The astro-weather is on your side if you’re looking to level-up your ‘ship, buuuuuuuut since Mercury Retrograde is still stirring up trouble, try to avoid any major steps this weekend (aka keep that engagement ring in the box or that spare key on your own keychain). Instead, talk to your boo about the future of your relationship now, so you can give your love life a glow up after the retrograde ends. This weekend’s not all romance, though, because the Mars/Neptune connection is cranking up your libido, giving you loads of confidence, and making life in the bedroom way more erotic—the perfect vibe for Valentine’s Day. Even better, Pisces season starts on Thursday, so you can expect tons of extra romance!


People often think Valentine’s Day is just a day for lovers, and if you’re single, you just have to sit there and be sad. That’s not the case for you! The big idea right now is to introduce more variety into your love life. If you’re taken, this can mean getting a little (or a lotta) more kinky in bed, but if you’re single, you can still celebrate by putting yourself out there, getting your flirt on, and shooting your shot! You might not find Mx. Right, but you can still have a blast with Mx. Right Now!


All of the Aquarian cosmic action is setting your chart’s zone of intimacy on fire, Cancer! On one hand, this is giving you a major opportunity to make deep, meaningful connections with your special someone (and if you’re single, you’re more likely to catch feelings for a fling). But on the other hand, Mercury Retrograde’s influence is making drama with your ex an issue! And this ex isn’t just someone that ghosted you on Tinder, they’re someone that you had something serious with. Don’t let them ruin your V-Day! Enjoy fooling around with bae or flirting it up with your crush, and use Sunday’s Mercury/Jupiter conjunction to confidently, quickly squash the beef with your ex.

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There’s a lot of action coming your way this weekend! The Aquarius stellium (astrologers’ fancy way of saying “there’s a-f*cking-lot of action in Aquarius”) is lighting up your chart’s zone of relationships, so you’re 110% focused on your ‘ship right now. Not your partner, your relationship. It’s easy enough to have a fun, romantic V-Day with bae, or enjoy a sexting sesh with someone sexy, but you’re being pushed to ask yourself if your relationship is right for you. If your love life is in good shape, this should be a p fun time! If you’re not-so-happy with your relationship (or singleness), you might be tempted to do something drastic, like dump your boo because of one tiny issue or go official with your latest right-swipe after one Zoom date. Be patient! Don’t let romantic FOMO spoil your weekend! Aquarius season = cuffing season for your sign, Leo, and you still have plenty of time to get it right.


Despite the royal ass-kicking you’re getting from work (thanks, Mercury Retrograde!), there’s still some astro-weather to take advantage of this V-Day weekend! The Pisces Moon = the perf astro-vibe for connecting with your special someone, in or out of bed. Saturday’s dreamy vibe is out of this world! You feel more confident and adventurous when it comes to your sex life, and your horny ass’s number-one focus is getting lucky, even if it’s just with yourself. Try something (or someone!) new, and you won’t regret it. PS: Pisces szn is cuffing szn for your sign, and it’s starting on Thursday!


As is always the case during Mercury Retrograde, you can expect your ex to try and rain on your parade this weekend, but don’t let them! Mercury bumping into lovely Venus and lucky Jupiter this weekend activates your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone, so even if your ex is bugging you, there’s still puh-lenty of time to get lucky with your current boo or flilrt it up with your crush. There’s a lot of beautiful astro-weather making you flirtier, more confident, and come off as waaay more attractive. You gotta take advantage of it now, because Pisces season starts on Thursday, which makes your job your number one priority.


It’s the perfect weekend for romance, Scorpio, not just because it’s V-Day, but also because this astro-weather is lighting up your chart’s love/sex zone! The Pisces Moon makes you feel frisky and fun, and the Mars/Neptune connection encourages hot, steamy, erotic sex, so you can probs write this Valentine’s Day off as a win. Even better, Pisces season starting Thursday takes this lovey, fun vibe and makes it last a whole entire month!


There’s a problem, Sagittarius. This weekend’s astro-vibe is perf for connecting with others, but you’re feeling sooo uncharacteristically introverted that the last thing you want to do is have a fancy date with your boo. For all you single Sagittarians, this won’t be a very action-packed weekend, but it’s great for matching with your next crush. And for all Sagittarians, getting lucky doesn’t seem to be in the stars rn—unless it’s in the form of a Netflix and chill sesh.


Don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously this year, Cap bb. You have a rep for having a stick up your ass and taking everything waaaay too seriously, but this weekend’s astro-weather is all about you feeling lighthearted and just having fun! Don’t kill yourself stressing over looking perfect, etc. etc. etc., just show up and have a good time! Even if you don’t like the way your makeup looks on the Zoom screen, or your Seamless order for your date night in doesn’t come in time, just blame it all on Mercury Retrograde—I’m sure boo will understand!


All eyes are on you this weekend, Aquarius! Mercury hooks up with the two loveliest planets, Venus and Jupiter, in your sign, so you’re looking good, feeling gorgeous, and attracting aaaaall the hotties! Mercury Retrograde? You don’t know her—not this weekend, at least! Honestly, you’re being served a pretty delicious slice of astro-weather this week. Pisces season begins on Thursday, so make sure you take advantage of these transits and finish out Aquarius season 2021 with a real bang!


Welp. It’s been a lonely Aquarius season, hasn’t it? Thankfully, the moody, gloomy astro-weather is finally lifting away this week for two reasons. Number one, Pisces season begins on Thursday (HBD queen!!!), and number two, Neptune in your sign is being activated by action-packed Mars, generating a ton of excitement in your life. This isn’t the best time for hooking up, TBH. This transit magnifies your already super emotional nature, so catching feelings for your fling is basically a guarantee this weekend. Bright side: with all of the ~feels~ comes the potential for dreamy, magically romantic experiences!

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