Sex and Love Horoscope, January 29, 2021

What’s happening: The Moon is in frisky Leo tonight, so take advantage of its fun, flirty energy because on Saturday, the Moon enters busy Virgo. Oh, and Saturday is also when the first Mercury Retrograde of the year begins! On Monday, the Moon enters lovey Libra, Venus enters Aquarius, and the Sun squares off with Mars. Translation: Expect to make new connections and feel a bit reckless. Finally, on Wednesday, the Moon dives into deep, sensual Scorpio.

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What that means for you:


Even though Aquarius season tends to pull your focus towards your squad, this week, you’re focusing more on your love life. Tonight’s Leo Moon is ahhhh-mazing for sliding into your crush’s DMs. On Monday, the Moon enters your chart’s relationships zone, perf for first dates, DTRing, or just a cute night in with your boo. Also on Monday, Venus enters Aquarius, which is perf if you’re looking to start a FWB situationship. When the Moon enters Scorpio on Wednesday, your chart’s intimacy zone gets turned on, so you can focus a little less on romance and a little more on sex!


You’re feeling introverted tonight, and you don’t want to do anything but Netflix and chill…or just Netflix. Once the Moon enters Virgo on Saturday, your weekend picks up a romantic, lighthearted vibe, perfect for spending time with bae in our out of bed. Usually, you’d rather wait for your crush to text you first, but Mars is in your sign right now, and Monday’s astro-weather helps you build up the boldness to shoot your shot! P.S.: Mars is also cranking up your sex drive a ton this weekend. Enjoy!


Sry, Gem, your weekend is pretty blah. But once Monday rolls around, things start to get a lot more fun! Venus entering Aquarius turns your love life into an adventure. Try something (or someone!) new—you won’t regret it. The Moon in Libra is also activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun. Don’t expect any major moves in your relationships this week, but if you’re looking to get flirty or have a fun first (Zoom) date, this week is your time to shine!


This weekend is heavy—aaaalllll the astro-weather in Aquarius is activating your chart’s eighth house, which governs intimacy. Commitment is the theme of this week, especially after Venus enters Aquarius on Monday, so this is a great opportunity for DTRing or upgrading an already-existing relationship. If you’re looking for something more caj, be careful—catching feelings is basically guaranteed!


Aquarius season = cuffing season for you, but you’re getting a mixed bag of astro-weather this week. On one hand, Mercury Retrograde starts on Saturday, practically guaranteeing that there’s drama with your ex coming up. On the other hand, Venus, the planet of love, is in your chart’s relationships zone, trying to give your love life a makeover! Whenever Mercury Retrograde-esque issues pop up—issues with your ex, miscommunications with your boo—realize that they’re coming up for a reason, and fix whatever the issue is. And whenever some Venusian stuff pops up—a new crush, an amazing night with your boo—enjoy it! Just try to take things slowly, because any major moves made during Mercury Retrograde are sure to come undone.


I hate to break it to you, but your love life is basically nonexistent this week. Sorry, bb. There’s a lot (and I mean a lot!) happening at work, so sex and love are pretty low on your list of priorities. Aquarius season is all about staying busy, not getting busy! Still, the Moon entering Scorpio on Wednesday can help you end your week on a much nicer note. Scorpio Moons create the perf atmosphere for ~intimacy~ and activate your chart’s communications zone. If you’re single and ready to mingle, now’s the time to shoot your shot! Just be careful—Scorpio Moons are über emotional, so yes, you will catch feelings.


Mercury Retrograde is lighting up your chart’s fifth house of sex and romance, which make issues with exes a pretty big deal this week. Luckily, Venus entering Aquarius on Monday is helping you deal with the drama. Mercury Retch-rograde is urging you to deal with your love life leftovers, but Venus is saying, “JSYK, you can deal with your exes and still have fun!” If you’re boo’d up, Venus is helping make your relationship much better (especially in bed), and if you’re single, this is spectacular astro-weather for finding new love—just avoiding DTRing until Mercury Retrograde ends.


You’re a water sign, so you’re very in touch with your feelings, but this week’s astro-weather is über emo, even for you! There might be a lot tension with your partner (especially if you live together) right now. What do you want from the relationship? What do they want from the relationship? (Make sure you listen to them, too!) You’re feeling passionate (or perhaps fired-up) about making changes in your love life, but if you can’t work with the other person, you risk pushing them away.


It’s a busy, busy week for you, Sagittarius! Everyone is blowing up your phone, your inbox has 9,000 unread messages, your DMs are fuller than ever… you get the idea. Venus entering Aquarius on Monday is perf for flirting, talking dirty, or sexting—but Mercury Retrograde is making it easier than ever to slip up and make hella faux pas. Think before you speak, re-read your texts before sending, and make sure you’re sexting the right person, and you can have some exciting, important conversations re: your relationship this week. Oh, and if you’re single, this is a great time to kick your ghosting habit.


The Leo Moon in your chart’s intimacy zone tonight makes sex more passionate and ~erotic~, plus your libido is already skyrocketing thanks to Mars in Taurus. Basically, you’re feeling extremely hot-and-bothered all week! Monday is the perf day to release allll that pent-up energy and sexual tension, whether it’s taking a few minutes with your fave toy or spending hours in bed with your boo.


HBD, Aquarius! The Moon in Leo tonight is great for getting a lil ~romantic~, and the Virgo Moon on Saturday provides an intimate, erotic atmosphere. Venus enters your sign on Monday and kicks off almost a month of gorgeous astro-weather, making you look (and feel) hotter than ever. You’re a total babe magnet right now, so own it! This is usually the perf time for a makeover, new haircut, or upgrading your wardrobe—but avoid making any huge changes til Mercury Retrograde (which is in your sign, btw) ends. (Aka wait til late February to get those curtain bangs!)


This weekend’s Virgo Moon helps you to connect with others more easily—both romantically and platonically—but Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius suggests that drama with your ex is a big theme of the week. Try to keep your temper under control! If your ex is causing trouble, try to sort out the beef rather than going off on them. And if you can’t talk it out, just block ‘em. Basically, don’t let the drama drag on any longer than it needs to—unless you want these issues to keep coming up all during Mercury Retrograde!

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