Sex and Love Horoscope, June 4, 2021

What’s happening: On Saturday, Mercury (which is still retrograde, btw) squares off with hazy Neptune, making you feel very emotional to the point of forgetting about logic. Mars is also opposite Pluto on Saturday, giving you an extremely strong sense of motivation and confidence—but you risk coming off way too strong and acting very extra.

The Moon slides into calm, sensual Taurus on Sunday, where it remains until Tuesday, when it zooms into upbeat Gemini. Finally, on Thursday, there’s a cazimi Mercury. This is the halfway point of the Mercury Retrograde, giving you a day of calm. But there’s a big solar eclipse on Thursday, too, which is meant to push (or shove) you back onto the correct path so you can you meet your greatest potential—which means things still might be a bit hectic!

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What that means for you:


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Turn your notifications off this weekend, Aries, because your ex is blowing up your spot! This is classic Mercury Retrograde shenanigans, but Neptune’s confusing vibes make it so that you’re more susceptible to getting duped. Try to avoid that ex for now, but if they you have to reply, try to wait at least until the Moon enters Gemini on Tuesday. Thursday’s solar eclipse promises to reveal Gossip Girl-level goss and put you into scenarios that lead to very important convos, so think long and hard before you hit send!


If you have something to say, say it, Taurus! This weekend’s vibe makes you feel very assured of your convictions, which can help you leave your comfort zone and stop being so damn passive! If your love life could use some TLC, now’s the time to figure out exactly how to give your relationship the glow-up it deserves. Just try to be a little tactful—you’re extremely stubborn (as you know) and sometimes a little, well, uncompromising. Try to listen more than you speak.

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There are doors closing in your life right now, but new ones are opening, too. This weekend you’re caught up in thinking (maybe overthinking) about how your romantic wants/ needs aren’t being satisfied. You don’t have much clarity with Mercury Retrograde in your sign, so don’t start any major convos quite yet—take time to really reflect. Once you figure out what you need from your love life, Thursday’s a good day to shoot your shot, try something (or someone) new in bed, or maybe even break up with your shitty partner—whatever it takes to better your love life!


Mars, the planet of libido, is in your sign right now, so you’re feeling horny as hell and ready for action—especially this weekend! Mars is opposite Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, so your sex drive is through the roof. If you’re single, this is an amazing time for unforgettable hookups or dates with amazing chemistry. You need to avoid coming off as extra, though. If your partner’s not interested in something, respect that, and you’ll have a kickass time!

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FWBs and flirtationships can be tons of fun, but if/when someone catches feelings, things can get messy real fast. If you’re boinking your buddy, it’s more important than ever to communicate openly. If you’re feeling like you want something more, open up—they might feel the same way! If you’re only interested in hooking up but think they’re falling for you, try to (nicely) tell them that you’re not in the market for a serious relationship. If things don’t go your way, don’t be afraid to ask them if they still want to be just friends—you can still have a fulfilling, fun relationship with them sans sex!


You really, really want to DTR this weekend—but you could run into a few problems if you’re not careful. You’re sort of a know-it-all, so if you really want something/someone, you can delude yourself into thinking that they must be equally as interested. Here’s the thing, Virgo… they just might not be that into you. But they could be just as interested, too! You’ll never know until you shoot your shot, so what are you waiting for?!

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Here’s the bad news: Work is kicking your ass and your love life is low key being placed on the back burner this weekend. Here’s the good news: You’re having the least problems with all of this week’s eclipse-y, retrograde-y, super funky astro-weather, so while everyone else is dealing with drama, you’re just vibing. If you’re in a relationship, Sunday’s sexy, sensual Taurus Moon is perf for an intimate, erotic evening with your special someone, but if you’re single, be careful—you’re very likely to catch feelings for your fling!


There’s tons of romantic energy in your chart right now, so deep, emotional connections are happening this weekend, Scorpio! Here’s the only issue: When it comes to life in the bedroom, it’s very likely that you or your partner could struggle to, uh, perform. The emotional side of your love life is running smoothly, but the physical aspect isn’t…so why not try something (or someone) new? Pick up some toys or some sexy lingerie, or start swiping through your dating apps! It could be weird at first—fumbling with the fuzzy handcuffs you bought, or feeling like you’re playing a game of sexy Twister on your bed—but you never know! You might find your new favorite position/toy/kink.


Look, babe, you might have history with someone, or you might have really invested a lot of time into your crush/date, but if you two don’t have the same hopes and dreams for the future, then it’s just not gonna work. You might be tempted to argue your way through these issues if/when they come up, but flexibility is key right now. The solar eclipse in your chart’s relationships zone represents new beginnings in your love life—you never know what could happen!

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First of all, try your best to avoid taking your stress out on your partner tonight. Work’s kicking your ass this weekend, and it’s really easy to blow up on someone over it, so try not to! This weekend’s amazing for your sex life, though, especially if you’re into any kind of sexy BDSM activities. If you’re typically more dominant, let your partner take control of things—or vice-versa. The Taurus Moon this week is especially sexy (and super romantic) too, so expect puh-lenty of action to come your way!


This is a v. romantic—dare I say, too romantic—weekend for you, Aquarius. Your love life feels ~dreamy~ and even ~poetic~. All of these gushy, cheesy, lovey-dovey feels can be a ton of fun—if you have a special someone. If you don’t, it’s easy to feel super lonely, but DW about it. This Gemini astro-weather (plus the major solar eclipse this week) is all about making new love connections, so you’ll be able to make some magic soon!


You’re acting rather vague, Pisces. That’s not too out of character for you, TBH, but this weekend it’s especially troublesome. Your dreamy, far-out vibe is one of your most attractive traits, but it’s preventing you from openly communicating—and when other people aren’t picking up on your thoughts and feelings, you get pissed! Guess what, Pisces? Your partner/crush/date isn’t a mind reader. If you like someone, tell them instead of waiting around and pouting because they won’t hit you up! If you want to try something new with your boo, let them know, and ask them if they’re into it—you’ll be blown away at how simple and productive it can be to just start a conversation!

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