Sex with Clothes On – Clothed Sex Positions


There’s a reason strippers don’t just stride out on stage buck naked then just stand there eating a banana or something. Clothes, (and/or other sexy accessories we’re wearing at the time), and how we remove them, make sex hotter. It’s part of the tease and the build-up that can make sex really memorable instead of just another toss. Each new body part revealed seems like a revelation, a prize somehow.

The difference between just taking off your bra and “yup, there are your boobs again” vs. stroking yourself over the cups, toying with your partner until they really really want to see what’s inside that bra—even though they may have seen ’em a billion times—is huge. When you unlatch the front clasp (just go with it, you’re wearing a front clasp bra in this scenario) and finally reveal your feminine bounty or whatever you call it at your house, it’s a moment.

Other reasons to keep your clothes—at least some of them—on during sex: Remember how hot it was when you first met someone and you were making out forever, fully clothed and just sort of desperately pressing and rubbing against each other? That. Also you can use clothes for tactile play, dragging a silky slip across their chest or if you’re feeling like a bad-ass, pressing your panties to their face. And having just enough clothes off to get body parts to where they want to be makes sex feel spontaneous, like, we must do this NOW.

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The High School Musical

Recreate the lust of “we can do everything but…” early make out sessions. Grind against each other with just underwear on until you’re both throbbing. When you’re beyond wet and swollen, give in and reach into each other’s underwear for a mutual stroke off.


Under Oral

Give some epic oral while keeping their underwear on (or sorta on) the entire time. Start by kissing up their thighs, across their belly, around their underwear. Tug on the elastic with your teeth, mouth them through the fabric and put your mouth close against their shaft/vulva/whatever they’ve got and exhale your warm breath onto them. When you finally, finally slide their underwear to the side to get your wet mouth on them, there will be nothing they want more.


The Upskirt

The olden trick of telling your partner you aren’t wearing panties under your skirt ~still~ works, so be retro and give it a try. After they’ve had plenty of time to think about this information, walk up to them and put their hand under your skirt. Lead them to the bedroom, or if you can’t wait, the floor, unzip their pants and ride them right there, don’t even take anything else off.


The Counter Service

The finest quickie ever in three steps. 1. Proceed to the nearest table, dresser, etc…. 2. Pull down your pants. 3. Bend over. (Optional 4. slide in a butt plug)

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The Character Arc

Wearing something that makes you feel super sexy gets you straight to your hottest self. And it’s magic for making you focusing on the sexing instead of what’s on Netflix, that leftover cake in the fridge, etc.. The thing is, it’s gotta be what makes YOU feel hot, not what you think you’re supposed to like ’cause that will backfire. If you’re a corset chick, by all means, get your ideal one. If a plain white tank top makes you feel powerful, then that. Straddle your partner’s lap in your fabulous costume, arch your back and eff them exactly like you want.

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