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If your love life, self-esteem, bank account, or all of the above have been struggling big time lately, you can blame Venus Retrograde. Back in April, Venus entered its pre-retroshade zone, and the drama began brewing. On May 19, Venus Retrograde officially began, and it’s finally over on June 25! But wait: Venus will be in its post-retroshade zone until July 29, so don’t expect your relationship/financial probs to disappear into thin air just yet—but these issues will definitely start improving now!

Venus Retrograde was a six-week period designated to push you to look closely at your relationships, self-worth, and finances. It was a chance to figure out the problems, find solutions, and improve yourself—but it was a damn rough time, too. Since this retrograde was in Gemini, there was a big emphasis on communication, so you’ve probs been having misunderstandings with your friends/partner, missing important messages, and accidentally leaving loved ones on read. As long as you tried to be flexible while navigating these problems, you’re likely to be in the clear now. If you were stubborn, or simply didn’t acknowledge the issues, then you can expect additional challenges throughout Venus’ post-retroshade phase.

But although the retrograde is officially over, there’s still a period of time called the post-retroshade, in which Venus retraces its footsteps in Gemini That means that until July 29, you’re still getting rid of any lingering issues. You can get through this honestly communicating and remaining flexible. In a time where social distancing is the norm, it’s easy to misread the tone of a text or tweet, but the post-retroshade period is a great time to learn how to connect while still being safe. But even though there’s a few weeks til we’re truly in the clear, Venus Retrograde is finally over, and that means a huge amount of stressful astro-weather is finally coming to an end!

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Make sure to read your sign’s post-Venus Retrograde horoscope below:


Over the past few weeks, you were called out for how you communicate with others, and by now, you’re (hopefully) more self-aware. Are you thinking before you open your mouth? Are you listening to others? Are you being patient and trying to avoid going off on people? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then great, you did it—you got through Venus Retrograde and learned the lessons the astro-weather was pushing you to learn! If you’re still finding yourself giving into your short temper. you still have time to cut out the sh*tty behavior and start better communication habits. If someone’s pushing your buttons, pause for five seconds, think about what they said and how you want to respond, and then calmly say it. It could have just been a misunderstanding, after all. Little things like this can make the retroshade period much easier.


Venus Retrograde brought tons of drama regarding your financial situation, Taurus, and by now you’ve (hopefully) learned better money management skills. Hopefully you built up some savings over the past weeks, because this post-retroshade phase might bring some surprise expenses. To navigate this last month-ish of Venus Retrograde tomfoolery, save when you can, avoid treat yourself days, and work hard so you can earn some extra coin. The condition of your bank account (and self-esteem) will be more than worth the effort you put in, once the retrograde ends!


Since Venus was in your sign for the whole retrograde, you got hit the hardest, Gemini! Your sign has been struggling with all forms of love—platonic, sexual, romantic, and self-love—but now the drama is finally lifting away. If there are any remaining issues in your relationships, emphasize your eagerness to communicate openly, and you can get through any lingering obstacles without breaking a sweat. As far as self-love goes, this retrograde encouraged you to try new ways to express yourself. Mix things up with your appearance, like by buying an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear, experimenting with your makeup, or styling your hair in a different way. Don’t throw out your entire wardrobe or get that tattoo/piercing/crazy haircut quite yet, though. Wait until the post-retroshade is over to make any set-in-stone decisions.


So, this Venus Retrograde probably brought out your exes. Ex-friends, ex-lovers, whatever kind of exes you have popped up in your life in some way over the past several weeks. Now, you can expect any lingering drama to finally start fading away. You’re the most sentimental of all twelve signs (even your fellow emotional water signs), so reconnecting with people from your past has been draining. But just keep swimming, Cancer! This last month-ish of the post-retroshade period is helping you to find closure, tie off loose ends, decide who you want out of your life for good, and figure out if you want to keep any of these blasts from the past in your life.


Your squad was this retrograde’s big focus, Leo, so if you’re neck-deep in drama, you can blame Venus! Luckily, the craziness is finally starting to die down. Your friend group has been going through a six-week-long game of musical chairs, and now you’re finally able to sort out the people you want to keep around and the people you want to start emotionally distancing yourself from. If you’re struggling to figure out if someone is really worth having in your life, ask yourself a few questions. First, do you and this friend support each other equally? Do you both give and take the same? Do you respect each other’s boundaries? Meditate on these questions, be honest with yourself when deciding the answer, and you’ll easily navigate Venus Retrograde’s home stretch.


The relationship you have with your boss (or another authority figure) has felt strained lately. You’re now starting to feel more confident as you adjust your approach to how you interact in the professional space. Keep working hard, because it’s all eyes on you, Virgo—do well, and you’ll be rewarded. Outside the workplace, you’ve been struggling with the idea of your “relationship status.” Perhaps you want to have the “What are we?” talk with someone you’ve been dating. Maybe you feel ready to level-up your already existing relationship. You may have even felt like you need to break off a relationship. And you single Virgos may have been struggling with your idea of the type of relationship you want—if you want one at all! There’s no easy fix to help you get through this post-retroshade period, Virgo. It’s simply a matter of continuing to think these things over until you figure it out. Just try to avoid having “the talk” until the post-retroshade is over.


You’ve been tasked with expanding your perspective in regards to relationships/sex/love, Libra. Hopefully you’ve been able to try something (or someone) new in bed or, if you’re single, asked your crush out or made connections with your right-swipes. If so, you’ve almost definitely learned something new about yourself and who/what turns you on, but if not, there’s still time to rejuvenate your love life! Even though Venus’ post-retroshade period lasts until July 29, this is not a difficult time for you, Libra. If you feel satisfied with your love life, then just keep doing you! But if you feel like your relationship is missing a spark, try something new with your S.O. and you’ll get even closer—and have tons of fun in the process.


For the past several weeks, Venus Retrograde has been blasting you with challenges. First, you’ve been urged to open up and trust others more. Second, you’ve been pushed to not obsess over the object of your affection (which is hard for you, Scorpio, I know!). Basically, the big idea was for you to work on setting, enforcing, and maintaining healthy boundaries. This Venus Retrograde has also been messing with your sex life, so you’ve probably been struggling with performance issues, feeling like you’re not connecting with the other person, or just a low libido. Hopefully, you combatted this by figuring out new ways to show affection. Anticipate having to navigate these problems for the next few weeks, but once the post-retroshade period ends, you’ll find that your sex life is hotter, more intimate, more sensual, and just way more satisfying in general!


All of your “b” relationships (your bestie, your boo, your business partners, or people you’re beefing with) have been the target of this past Venus Retrograde. Over the last six weeks, there have been breakups, makeups, more breakups, friend drama, misunderstandings about business deals… basically, there’s been a metric f*ckton of chaos! You’ve learned a ton about your friends/partners, the types of relationships you tend to form, and yourself. The key to getting through the post-retroshade period is to focus on cooperating, collaborating, and working with other people.


How’s life treating ya, Capricorn? The past six weeks have made you feel tired, sluggish, or just unable to be productive. Venus Retrograde wanted you to focus on your day-to-day life and self-care rituals. Tiny things like making yourself food instead of Door Dashing every meal, drinking plenty of water, keeping your space tidy, or treating yourself to any kind of beauty treatment (even at home) are great ways to improve your daily routine. If you’re feeling sh*tty and have done none of the above, the post-retroshade period is a great time to start implementing better self-care habits. The practices you start including in your daily routine will stick for a long, long time after the retrograde, so now’s the time! Seriously, all it takes is adding a few little things to your daily schedule if you want to feel healthier, happier, and more productive.


Venus Retrograde spent six weeks stirring up your chart’s fifth house. Also called the house of good fortune, it governs all things *nice*—romance, sex, creativity, and fun. It also has a knack for taking anything negative or difficult—like Venus Retrograde—and giving it a positive, productive twist. So even if you feel like you had a rough retrograde, your sign had it the easiest, JSYK! You’re getting back in touch with what sparks joy in your life and re-familiarizing yourself with the things/people you love. If your love life felt stale before, it’s because you were chasing after people you thought you “should” be chasing after, or because you were simply going through the motions. Now that you’re more in tune with who/what you want out of your love life, it’s easier than ever to attract them! Your love life isn’t necessarily going to ~magically~ undergo a massive glow-up, but the next time you’re with bae or going on a first date (even a virtual one), the chemistry you feel will be much stronger. Bonus: you’re more capable of sharing and receiving more affection now, too.


Life at home and with the family (biological or chosen) has been a major struggle thanks to Venus Retrograde, but you’re finally getting sh*t sorted out! If you’ve been feeling out of place in your own space, try redecorating, or even just tidying. It’s obvs going to make your place look nicer, but it’s also an amazing way to cleanse your space’s energy, too, helping you feel more comfortable and relaxed. As far as life with your family goes, you’ve really been struggling to connect recently, but the next several weeks find you successfully navigating miscommunications and misunderstandings. By being more flexible and self-aware, you can better your relationships, reinforce your already-existing bonds, and feel a ton of inner peace.

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