Social Distance Dating Ideas by Zodiac Sign

How do you date someone without seeing them in person? Well, unless you’re quarantined with your S.O. or romancing your roomie, we’re all doing it now (and if you’re not, you should be). While we’re social distancing, we have to find alternative ways to connect besides the ol’ meet-up-at-a-bar classic. Yes, you can text and FaceTime, but why not get a little more creative? We found the best social distancing first date for your zodiac sign:


You’re competitive by nature, and you like to show your date what you’re made of. While you can’t head to the batting cages or the soccer field, you can still embrace your aggressive vibe (hey, it’s how you flirt) by playing a video game together online.


Go full romance. Dress up and make the same dinner as your date, complete with candlelight and a shared playlist of mood music. Place your laptop across the table and gaze into their eyes over Skype while eating a delicious chocolate mousse dessert.


TBH, Gemini, social distancing kinda plays to your strengths. Now, you can talk your date’s ear off and they’ll love it. Grab a cup of coffee and have an old-fashioned phone call to connect with your potential honey.


You can still Netflix and chill in separate apartments. Use the Chrome extension Netflix Party to watch a movie together from the comforts of your own separate homes. Pop your popcorn, curl up on the sofa, and veg out to Tiger King. It’ll give all you cool cats and kittens something to talk about and for weeks to come.


TBH, karaoke is your ultimate first date, because it’s fun, memorable, and gives you a chance to show off your pipes (and your excellent choice in pop songs). Download the karaoke app Smule and sing a few duets with your date to see if your harmonies are in synch. Afterwards, you can post your video on social media and watch the likes roll in.


Keep it simple. Go for a walk together—separately. Head out of your apartments at the same time and talk to each other on the phone as you stroll through your separate neighborhoods. Make sure you stay six feet apart from everyone else! Sidewalks too crowded? Visit each other’s islands in Animal Crossing.


Your typical first date usually starts with you sipping cocktails at a hot new bar. Keep your social butterfly vibes going by downloading the Houseparty app and hit the (virtual) club together for a game of trivia or pictionary. Unlike the club, you’ll be able to hear each other talk.


You play so many mind games that an IRL first date with you can be like navigating an emotional obstacle course. This is all part of your flirtatious banter, because you’re strategic by nature. Why not play an actual (virtual) board game with them? Checkmate!


Keep it casual with pizza, beer, and a video chat. Play with some fun Zoom backgrounds so you look like you’re talking from a Love Is Blind pod or while hanging out with Baby Yoda. Not sexy enough? Add in a drinking game like Never Have I Ever.


Kick it in style by having a “formal” happy hour with your date. You’d normally meet IRL to have a cocktail and a chat after work, so it’s not too different to have a post-work drink on FaceTime, right? Go ahead and show off your wildest WFH lewk, too.


It’s time for you to get your stretch on with your prospective boo. Taking an online yoga class together will bring you close. The couple who zens out together, stays together.


Evoke your artistic vibes by heading online to a virtual museum. You can browse tons of art galleries for free, all over the world. How many people can say they went to the Louvre on their first date?

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