The 21 Best Winter 2020 Hair Trends for Haircuts and Color

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If you’re someone who hates winter (sry, can’t relate), you’re probably already conjuring images of sludgy snow and blah days. But cheer up! Not everything about winter is sad and gloomy. If you need something to get you excited about the freezing months ahead, I’ve got a few winter 2020 hair trends that might do the trick—or at least keep you distracted from thinking about how cold you are. From trendy haircuts to popular hair colors, these are the 21 hairstyles that’ll you’ll be seeing everywhere come winter. Whenever you get sad about summer being over, just take a look through this roundup again to remind you that winter’s really, truly, not so bad.


The Bob Haircut Trend for 2020

Hate when your hair gets stuck in your jacket zipper/scarf/pullover sweater/literally anything and everything? Chop it off! Why not! Winter is the best perfect to try a chin-grazing bob haircut, and in 2020, the less maintenance, the better. You’ve got plenty of time to grow it out for a ponytail for summer, but a crop like this would be equally good for hot, sticky summer months.


Slicked-Down Layers for Winter

Face-framing layers have had a major comeback, and thanks to the versatility of the style, it’s not going anywhere soon. Pull some pieces out and wear your tendrils down and around your face, style them as baby braids, or slick ’em down and tuck ’em behind your ear for this sleek look that’s perfect for winter.


Scrunchies for Winter 2020

You didn’t really think scrunches were over, did you? The party’s just getting started! There’s really no better way to quickly and easily improve a basic ponytail than with a scrunchie, so keep one on your wrist for whenever you need it. You’ll be glad to have one handy with the winter winds pick up, trust.


Headband Styles for Winter

If barrettes and clips were the unofficial mascots of 2019, consider scrunchies and headbands their successors for 2020. While both scrunchies and headbands are nothing new, their popularity is bigger than ever, and the trend is even better when worn together.


Natural Hair Color Trends for Winter

With quarantine came lots of hair experimentation, but this winter 2020 is the time to return to your roots. If you had a botched at-home hair dyeing experience, you might have spent all of summer and fall correcting it, so this winter it’s all about low-maintenance hair color that’s close to your natural shade and grows out nicely.


A Half-Up Hairstyle for Winter

The classic half-up hairstyle is always a good choice, but especially during winter. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face, but it’s also clutch for keeping your neck and shoulders warm when you need it. This year’s trend features face-framing pieces and a super-high ponytail that falls on both sides of your face rather than straight down the back.


Claw-Clip Updo Trend

’90s babies, where you at?! Giant claw clips are almost as popular now as they were back in the day, only these days the look isn’t as perfectly twisted and is more thrown together like a messy bun. It’s the perfect look for when you need to throw on some sweats and get out the door.


Slicked Back With a Headband

If you want a style that’s not only trendy but also practical for wintertime, try this sleek headband look. With a tightly secured stretchy band like this, you won’t have to worry about how your hair looks, no matter how many times you take off and put on your earmuffs.


Sleek and Down

If you wanted to go the sleek route during the humid, sweaty summer months, you likely opted for a wet hairstyle version to make it work. Winter, on the other hand, is the perfect opportunity to try for a sleek, straight hairstyle sans super-thick styling gels and heavy pomades.


Scarfs and Bandanas for Winter

If you typically switch out your light summer scarves with thick, woven wool ones, consider keeping the silky scarves around for winter this year. Fun fact: silk fabric helps your hair retain moisture and can help reduce friction and tangles, which is very much needed during the dry winter months.


The Silk Bow Trend for 2020

Speaking of silk! While spring, summer, and fall were all good times to experiment with different textiles and lighter fabrics, winter is the time to revisit the classic satin or silk hair bow for all the same reasons mentioned above (hope you were paying attention).


Lots of Layers for Winter

Now that sweaty foreheads are a thing of the past, it’s time to get bangs if you’ve been thinking about them. Face-framing layers and light bangs are easy ways to try out the look without going full-fledge heavy fringe—not to mention the layered look is super trendy rn.


Big, Bouncy Curls Trend

This year is all about bringing back the biggest styles from 20 years ago, and this look perfectly captures ’90s supermodel hair. To copy this hairstyle, grab that Revlon drying brush the internet convinced you to buy and give yourself your own big, bouncy blowout. Oh, and don’t forget the headband.


Scarf Accessories Trend for Winter

If you couldn’t tell, scarves are big this year. Once the summer months are over, and you’re done wearing yours like a top, switch to wearing your scarf in your hair. Tie it around the base of your ponytail, wrap it like a headband, use it to accessorize your braided hairstyle—the options are endless, just like your scarf collection.


The One Tendril Trend

If you want to experiment with your hair part a bit this winter, try one that’s a little off-center. Instead of two tendrils around your face, make it a big one on one side to really emphasize that side part.


Lot of Accessories for Winter


A Low Ponytail for Winter 2020

Somethings you just can’t avoid, and hair static from beanies and winter hats are high on that list. Enter: the tight low ponytail. This easy hairstyle is impossible to mess up, despite how hard to winter elements might try. To make it feel modern, add a few accessorizes at the base, like pearl twist pins.


Two-Tone Hair Color for 2020

Two-tone hair was one of the biggest hair color trends for summer 2020, and if you’ve still got lighter pieces in the front, experiment with a fun color tint to change it up for this winter trend.


An Asymmetrical Cut for Winter

If you’re bored with your short haircut but don’t want to grow it out just yet for winter, switch up the cut with an asymmetrical haircut to keep things interesting without any drastic changes (let’s be honest, there have been enough changes this year already).


Loose Waves for Winter 2020

You might associate beach waves with summertime, but don’t be afraid to wear a version of the look year-round. The winter version is less salty and crunchy and more silky and soft. You can achieve the look with a flat iron or sleep with your hair in braids for a heatless hack.


Lots of Volume for Winter

If you need a glam look for a holiday party or New Years, look no further. From the front, the slicked look keeps the focus on your holiday makeup look and jewelry, but from the back, but the look is made even dreamier with voluminous, brushed-out curls in the back.

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