The Fuzzy Pajama Set Trend Will Turn You Into the Chicest Teddy Bear

fuzzy pajamas


Please, I beg of you!!! Step away from the old raggedy T-shirt you stole from your ex-boyfriend. I know it’s really soft, but your pajama game deserves so much more. Trust me on this one. Having a fancy pair of PJs in your closet is the easiest way to live out your best rich-housewife-of-whatever life, no matter how small your studio apartment may be.

Not sure where to start? Grab one of these extremely soft, fuzzy pajamas. They’re having a serious moment rn. It’s almost impossible for me to scroll through my Instagram timeline without seeing someone pretending they “woke up like this” in the blanket-esque jammies.

I mean, I totally get the obsession. Those fuzzy PJs look so lush and expensive, but you’ll find most sets for less than $100, whether you like going to bed in snuggly long pants, a cuddle-worthy top, or a fluffy bralette. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find some in stock below, but hurry, because they are actually selling out so fast.

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If you live for a good crop top

Creamy Loungewear



Imagine spending the weekend binging your favorite Netflix show while wearing this cropped top and long, flowy pants.


If hoodies are your second BFF

Chenille Hoodie



A hoodie-slash-cardigan moment is definitely at the peak of sleepwear chicness. Don’t forget to grab the matching pants.


If you want drawstring shorts

Teddy For Bed Sweater and Shorts Lounge Set

Nasty Gal


As if it wasn’t already hard, it’ll be even tougher to force yourself to put on “real clothes” (whatever that means, these days) once you spend the night wearing this dreamy two-piece set.


If you want a better robe

Aritha Textured Robe

Flora Nikrooz


OK, don’t even bother putting on any clothes. Just wear this comfy wrap. It’s too cute for anyone to make you take it off.


If you like dark colors

Cozy Knit Tank

Not into all of the light shades? These black fuzzy pajamas will help you stay true to your aesthetic. 


If you live in boy shorts

Supersoft Shortie

Victoria’s Secret


Who knew plush panties were thing. These feel just as good as being naked. Trust me.


If you collect bralettes

Eyelash Knit Cami



Show off a lil bit of your arms, legs, and stomach in this high-waisted short and bralette combo.


If you want something graphic

Teddy Fur Pyjama Shorts

Skinnydip London


What’s better than cuddle-y pajamas and snacks? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


If you’re looking for joggers

Plush Hooded PJ Set

This one kinda looks like a cute gym set, but it’s waaaay softer. Maybe you’ll feel motivated to do a few reps with the remote control while wearing it.


If you want to mix and match

Cozy Fuzzy Knit Shorts



For those that want to just test out a pair of fuzzy shorts, grab this pair and wear it with your favorite tee.


If you live for an all-white look

Teddy Short



I’d definitely drip jelly from my morning toast all over this one. But if you’re a bit more responsible, go for it.


If you like pockets

Teddy Pant Set

This one looks like one of those retro tracksuits, except it has roomy pockets and a hoodie with a cool V-neckline.


If you’re into astrology

Snow Angel Shorts

Honeydew Intimates


Skip the solids and test out this fun star-spangled set that’s just as soft as wittle puppy.


If you don’t mind a high cut

Bambi Short

House of CB


This pair of fuzzy shorts is slightly shorter on the sides, so you can show off your gorgeous legs, ~dahling~!

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