Two Derms Share Their Go-To Tips for Glowing Skin

While some might credit a good skin day (or sheer luck) for their radiant, otherworldly glow, achieving one that lasts can take some work. DW, it isn’t hard work, but incorporating a few powerful products (such as those in Biore’s Brightening Line, a collection that’s all about supporting more radiant skin) and pro-approved practices into your existing routine is key to ensure a long-lasting, luminous complexion.

We asked dermatologists Dr. Jeannette Graf and Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, and cosmetic chemist Ginger King how to achieve lit from within skin—glow forth and conquer each of the tips below.

Keep Your Routine Simple, But Consistent

Despite what you might be seeing on your social feeds, a successful routine needn’t require 9,000 steps. “I can’t emphasize it enough—more isn’t always better,” says Dr. Ciraldo, who says she is a huge advocate for simplifying your lineup. She suggests trying a three-step regimen, and giving the products at least two and up to six weeks to show results. She explains that two weeks is about the latest you’ll notice whether or not the ingredients are causing adverse effects (think: redness or irritation) and when you should adjust your regimen if so.

Use Antioxidant-Rich Products Daily

The TLDR with antioxidants is that they help prevent free-radical damage. So why should you care? Free radicals can cause a lengthy list of skin concerns including inflammation, fine lines, and dullness. Dr. Graf notes that there is one antioxidant that is especially powerful against drab-looking skin: vitamin C. “It helps to counteract UV exposure and oxidative stress,” she says. This means it can help ward off hyperpigmentation. Dr. Graf suggests using it as part of your AM routine.

Incorporate a face wash like Biore’s Brightening Jelly Cleanser, which contains yuzu lemon (a known source of vitamin C), into your routine for some radiance-boosting action. It also contains another potent antioxidant: ginseng. “[Ginseng] may increase microcirculation, which helps to energize skin for a glowier appearance,” says King.

Additionally, Biore’s Brightening Jelly Cleanser is part of the brand’s four-piece Brightening Line—equipped with a technology that can help target and clear pore buildup for brighter-looking skin. “Its active ingredients have the ability to emulsify the clogged oils so that they can be rinsed out,” says King.

Exfoliating Is Key

Exfoliating regularly helps remove the dead skin that can be *seriously* dulling your complexion. Dr. Graf explains that our skin cells replace themselves in a cycle of about 28 days; and while we have natural enzymes that help slough them off when they’re ready to go, exfoliating helps. “Just by removing that layer, you’ll have an instant brilliance and glow to your skin,” she says.

Biore’s Brightening Exfoliator is both powerful and gentle. King says that the yuzu lemon in its formula may help boost the production of ceramides (lipid molecules that retain moisture), which can ultimately lead to a smoother complexion.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Dr. Graf says that sunscreen is a key element in keeping that glow intact. Sun damage causes hyperpigmentation. According to Graf, your AM routine should be as follows: Focus on protection à la an SPF and antioxidant-rich formulas.

Be Wary of Alcohol-Based Products

Dr. Ciraldo recommends avoiding products that list ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol early on your product’s label. “[They] are truly just rubbing alcohol,” she says. “If you want to achieve a radiant glow, alcohol will counteract all the work you’re putting in with hydrating and keeping your skincare routine consistent.”

Indulge in an At-Home Facial Massage

Simply kneading your face for a few minutes after your nightly skincare routine is in place can do wonders to promote radiance. “There was a study done in France on the effects of massaging the skin, and the findings showed that when done regularly, massage helped in the production of elastin fibers and collagen,” Dr. Ciraldo says. “I’m a huge believer in facial massage helping to bring a healthy, youthful glow to your skin.”

She says that the effect is almost instant, as the motion helps to increase blood flow below the skin. Work in an upward motion and consider applying a hydrating cream beforehand to help your fingers or face roller glide across your skin more easily.

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