Venus in Libra October 2020 Love Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

If your love life’s been feeling a little dull, you can probs blame Venus. The planet of love, pleasure, and beauty has been in Virgo (its absolute least favorite sign) since October 2, giving you a more practical, less romantic POV on relationships. But on October 27, Venus enters one of its fav signs, Libra, helping you to give your love life (and all of your relationships in general, TBH) a major glow-up until November 21. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are having a total breeze during this transit, while cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn can look forward to some drama.

It makes sense that Venus feels so at home in Libra. Venus = the planet of love, and Libra = the sign of relationships, so this is a great time for all your connections, especially the romantic and sexual ones. The astro-vibe is pushing you to strengthen your already-relationships and establish new, exciting bonds with others. Libra season was the zodiac’s official “cuffing season,” but even though it’s Scorpio season now, Venus in Libra is giving you a pleasant little “round two” of romance.

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Of course, there’s a downside to this transit. Libra is so relationship-minded that Venus in Libra is making it so that you feel like you have to be with someone 24/7. This can lead to serial dating, feelings of codependency, or even acting differently around different people (or, in other words, being fake!) in order to have the “best” connection with them. Keep it on 💯 with others and make sure you’re actually interested in anyone you hang out with, and you’ll be fine.

At its best, you can use this transit to strengthen your connection, start strong new relationships, and give your social/love/sex life a major glow-up. Combined with Scorpio season’s intimate, emotional vibes, Venus in Libra makes for a super romantic few weeks. Now’s a great time to DTR with someone you’ve been dating casually, find your next potential boo, or start talking with your S.O. about moving in together. The possibilities really are limitless here, people, so take advantage of these lovely Libran vibes while you can. Have fun, and good luck!

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Venus is activating your chart’s relationships zone, which means this is the best time of the whole year to focus on your love life, Aries. Whether you’re single, taken, or caught up in a situationship, this is your golden opportunity to create the relationship of your dreams! Just one thing: You have to put in some work. If you’re crushing hard on someone, slide into their DMs! If you want to make changes to your relationship, start the conversation! It’s all up to you what you do with this awesome astro-weather!


Venus in Libra is making it so all of your relationships with colleagues, peers, and coworkers run especially smoothly. The more you collaborate at work (which means the more you distance yourself from your stubborn Taurean ways), the more you find success now. You might even start a cute little liaison with someone from the office, too! On a more personal level, this is also a great time for self-care. Healthy habits that you start now—like staying organized, eating healthier, or creating a more productive day-to-day routine—are guaranteed to stick around for a long, long time.


Out of all the signs, you’re honestly benefiting the most from Venus in Libra, Gemini! That’s because your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun, is getting activated, so your love life is heating waaaay up. If you just want something casual, you can find a fire fling easily. If you’re trying to start something more serious, making new love connections is a breeze. If you’re boo’d up, the chemistry between you and your S.O. is way stronger, and you’re having more fun with your special someone both in and out of the bedroom. Enjoy!!!


This is a splendid time to spruce up your space, because Venus is focusing all its good vibes on your home life. It’s way easier to get along with roommates and family members now, and if you’re thinking about moving, start packing now. As far as ~love~ relationships go, things are taking on a waaay more emotional, romantic, deep vibe (especially because it’s also Scorpio season). This is amazing for intimate, meaningful connections, but if you’re trying to stay casual, catching feelings is basically a guarantee. One last thing: you might have to deal with an ex or two from the past (especially because it’s still Mercury Retrograde), so keep your eyes peeled!


All Leos are benefiting from Venus in Libra’s vibes right now—you’re even more charming than usual and you’re connecting with people constantly—but if you’re single, this is an amazing time! New connections are coming in left and right, so make sure you keep an eye on your Tinder matches, DMs, etc. If you’re boo’d up or romance just ain’t your thing right now, you can still take advantage of this transit. Venus in Libra’s social vibes mean you’re also finding plenty of opportunities to make new friends and expand your network!


If you’ve been dating someone new, this is a great time to upgrade your relationship status, Virgo. As far as new connections go, however, don’t expect much. The bad news: This isn’t the most exciting, upbeat time for your love life, because Venus is focusing its energy on your chart’s zone of finances right now. The good news: Since Venus is also the planet of money, so this signifies that there’s a little extra cashola coming your way soon! A surprise gift, bonus, or even a raise might find its way to you, but don’t spend it all at once! While this is a great time for a little “treat yourself” day, it’s important that you avoid buying stuff just to have more stuff. Keeping track of your finances is a must right now.


Venus is in your sign and for the next few weeks, you’re absolutely radiating Venusian energy. You’re looking good, feeling gorgeous, and you’re coming off as waaaaaaaay more attractive to everyone else, too. Basically, you’re glowing, Libra! This is a great time to get a makeover, try a new haircut, or update your wardrobe, because Venus in your sign wants to make you look and feel as beautiful as possible. Your sign in particular has had it rough this year, and you deserve a break from the chaos. Venus is only in your sign once a year, so enjoy this amazing astro-weather while you can!


Venus in Libra (plus Mercury Retrograde’s influence) means that an ex or two is probably coming back around. The next few weeks want you to focus on all your relationships (including that ex) and determine who’s worth keeping around in your life. At the very least, this is a time to find closure and move on from the past, but at its most, this transit can help you to get back with your ex—whether it’s as friends or lovers—and start a new, healthier relationship. This is an emotional time, but an important one. Use the next few weeks to clear out baggage in your love life. That way, when Venus enters your sign next month, you’ll be prepared to ~thrive~.


Your social life is the big focus of this transit, Sagittarius. You’re meeting tons of new faces, adding hella names to your contacts list, and including some new friends in your squad. Networking is way easier (and way more fun), too. For the next few weeks, you’re basically becoming the most popular person around. As far as your ~love life~ goes, don’t expect anything serious to start, but this is a great time for casual dates or beginning a FWB situation with someone in your squad. Have fun!


Your relationship status is your big focus right now. If you’re ready to DTR, now’s the perfect time. If you want to start talking about getting married or moving in with your current boo, this is your golden opportunity. You don’t want to waste time wondering “What are we?” or “Where is this relationship going?” Instead, you want to get to the point, put a label on your ‘ship, and make sure your connection has lasting value. Another, totally different theme of this transit is improving relationships with people at work, especially your boss. This is a good time to work really hard at killing it on the job, because your boss is paying attention to your performance. Since Venus is also the planet of money, if you put in the hard work for the next few weeks, a bonus, raise, or maybe even a promotion can easily come your way.


Your sign gets stereotyped as eccentric, zany, and maybe sometimes even a little weird—and for good reason! You’re totally out-of-this-world, shamelessly unique, and quirky (in a charismatic way!), but you also love to celebrate the traits that make others stand out, too. This transit is sending unique, different people (maybe even from far away, foreign places) into your life more frequently. Whether you just want to be friends or you’re crushing hard on these new people is TBD, but you’re having loads of fun this month with someone who, despite totally not being your usual “type,” you love spending every minute with.


Venus in Libra is spending the next few weeks in your chart’s zone of intimacy, and your sex life is really, really heating up. Sex with your boo feels even better, both on a physical and emotional level, so this transit is perfect if you’re in a serious relationship with someone. If you’re dating more casually, you can expect to catch feels for your fling pretty quickly now—and if you’re interested in starting a LTR, you couldn’t ask for better astro-weather.

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