Venus in Virgo October 2020 Horoscope & Meaning by Zodiac Sign

Venus in Leo really gave your love life the ol’ razzle dazzle over the past few weeks! Fun, I know, but now it’s time for your love life to become slower and more practical because Venus is moving into Virgo on October 2, where it will remain until October 27. Earth signs Taurus, Capricorn, and especially Virgo are benefiting the most from this transit, while mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces are facing a challenging few weeks.

Venus leaving over-the-top Leo and entering pragmatic Virgo makes for a major shift in the vibe. But even though Venus in Virgo has more of a low-key energy, that does not mean it’s a boring month ahead! Virgo, being an earth sign, is naturally very sensual, so sex just feels even better. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so making new connections is easier, whether you’re looking for your next boo or a few new friends to add to your squad. Bonus: When you really click with someone, you get close, quick. See? That’s not so bad, is it?

During this transit, you might find yourself falling for someone unexpected. Virgo is such a brainy sign that you’re less interested in looks and more interested in someone you can connect with on an intellectual level. You might fall hard for someone who’s not your usual type after having a complicated, deep convo. You want to be fascinated by your partner.

Since Virgo is one of the hardest-working signs, now is the time to actively work on your love life. Instead of wanting a big, public moment, you’re becoming closer to your S.O. in smaller, more practical ways, like by offering to do the dishes or surprising them with a new pair of slippers. BTW: Virgo, being a materialistic earth sign, appreciates gifts a ton—practical gifts they’ll actually use, that is, like a planner. As the “fixer-upper” of the zodiac, Virgo loves a project.

And heeeeeeere’s where we run into a couple of issues. First, Venus is at its least powerful while in Virgo. Venus wants love and unity, but Virgo is critical and sometimes judgmental, so it’s a weird blend of energy! You might get too focused on having the “perfect” relationship, but perfection is simply unachievable. Let it go and appreciate what you have

The bright side: You’re able to really take control of your love life, especially true because despite the wild astro-weather of the past year, Venus in Virgo is making almost exclusively positive, harmonizing connections with the other planets! Woo! If someone/something is making you unhappy, you’re able to deal with it in a reasonable manner (which could mean breaking up, TBH). And making practical improvements to your love life, you’ll achieve constructive, long-lasting results. It’s not the most exciting transit, but by taking things slow and showing affection in tangible ways, you can seriously secure and stabilize your love life!

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Venus in Virgo is all about self-love/self-care for you, Aries. Instead of taking Venus in Virgo’s hardworking, detail-oriented qualities to your love life, you’re using them to work on yourself. Reorganize your closet, start a new skincare routine, meditate, journal, stop ordering Postmates every night and make yourself a healthy meal for a change. The healthy habits you set now will make a major impact and last for a very, very long time.


Venus is your ruling planet, so whenever it changes signs, you feel it extra hard. Venus isn’t very happy in Virgo, but it’s lighting up your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun, so you’re having an amazing time. Sex feels even better, romance is more meaningful, and your love life is seriously heating up! Dates are way easier to find if you’re single, while if you’re boo’d up, you’re getting even closer to your partner. Other people are finding you totally irresistible, so take advantage of these vibes while you can!


As chill as Venus in Virgo sounds, your sign is taking those low-key vibes to the next level, Gemini. You’re entering a period of quiet time for your love life—despite Libra season’s vibes being ALL about love and romance—where you’re more sentimental and keen on taking things very slowly. If you read Cosmo’s Sexoscopes, you’ll know that a big theme for the past, like, forever for your sign has been learning the value of commitment, and Venus in Virgo is really pushing that same idea. Casual flings, hookups, or anything else that lacks depth isn’t really doing it for you. If you’re boo’d up, you’re able to take this transit to really lock down your relationship, and if you’re single, you might find yourself falling for someone fast. Side note, this is also a great time to connect with the family, so if it’s been a hot minute since you saw your parents, give them a call.


Like Virgo, you’re pretty picky when it comes to who you date, so Venus in Virgo might make you even more particular. If you can push past the persnickety attitude, however, then Venus in Virgo is one of the best transits to help you make new connections! You’re getting to know the people you’re already friends with (or you’re already dating but not official yet) even better through deep conversations. When it comes to new connections, push yourself to get past your shy sensibilities and shoot your shot! Venus in Virgo makes you desperately want the “perfect” partner, but if you can learn to look for someone who’s great for you, you’re likely to find out that you can still learn to truly love them (and their “flaws” are actually pretty cute).


Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, but you’re experiencing its lesser-known side for the next few months: Money. Yeah, Venus rules cash, too, and for your sign, Venus in Virgo suggests that there’s some extra $$ coming your way! You’re (probably) not going to just find a $100 bill on the ground or suddenly win the lottery, though, because you need to earn this extra coinage. Work hard now, and you can play hard later, Leo! BTW, as Venus nears the end of its journey through Virgo, you’ll be focusing on the “love” part of the planet again—but self-love, this time. Sure, the monetary gains will make you feel great, but it’ll be nothing compared to the boost of self-esteem and pride.


Your sign is very direct, so let me make this as short and sweet as possible—the next month or so is characterized by you looking good, feeling gorgeous, and becoming a total babe magnet (and maybe even a money magnet, since Venus is also the planet of cashola). This is a time where you’re allowed (and encouraged) to be superficial. Treat yourself to a cute outfit, or that new eyeshadow palette you’ve been lusting after! Try a new hairstyle! Get into some full-face glam, even if it’s just for Zoom! Venus is in your sign for only one month out of the year, so now’s the perfect opportunity to focus on improving your life in all areas related to love, pleasure, and beauty.


Venus is your ruling planet, so you really feel Venus’ transits. Since Venus is in its least fave sign of Virgo, the next few weeks might be a bit of a challenge. Like, you might have to hash out beef with an ex or ex-friend. For the single Libras, new love just ain’t happening, sorry. Instead of going on dates, you’re cutting off loose ends, coming to terms with past relationships, and getting rid of any baggage. Unless an ex-flame or ex-friend is really, really worth keeping around, you can move on by either A) starting a real conversation and talking things out, or B) just hitting “block.” You’re digging deep, revisiting the past, and feeling all the feels, Libra, but the big idea is that you’re tidying up your love life. That way, when Venus is in your sign in a month, you can give your love life the glow-up it deserves.


Venus’ relationship-oriented vibes are focusing on your social life for the next few weeks, Scorpio. This is an easygoing transit without too much action, and it’s a good time to meet new people. You, like Virgo, are perceptive and very particular, so although you’re making loads of new connections, 99% of them will just be buddies—and that’s just fine! Let go of the idea of finding the “perfect” person and you can add a ton of people to your friends list, even if they aren’t BFF material. And when you do find someone that you click with, starting a friendship practically guarantees that they’ll be your bestie for a long, long, long time!


Venus may be the planet of love, but it’s also known the planet of money, and that’s what you’re focusing on right now. Relationships at work, especially with your boss, are running smoothly (maybe you’re even crushing on a coworker?) and as a result, your productivity and performance are reaching a high point. This is a critical moment for your professional life, Sagittarius, so do your best to get along with everyone at work. Every task turned in, project completed, or job well done can earn you serious brownie points, and the potential for a raise, bonus, or promotion is very high!


This is somewhat contradictory, but despite Venus in Virgo’s picky, particular vibes, you’re thinking about variety, exploration, and adventure in your love life. If you’re single, someone that’s actually not your type might slide into your DMs—give ‘em a chance! BTW, this is an excellent time for all Caps to experiment in bed with new toys, kinks, or even people (virtually or after getting negative COVID tests, pls!). You’ve gotta push past the picky Virgoan vibes (and your own stiff, rigid sensibilities) and accept newness. You’re almost destined to discover that one of these new, exciting, sexy activities turns you on in all the best ways.


Venus in Virgo is highlighting your closest connections, Aquarius. The theme right now is “intimacy.” Casual hookups? Forget ‘em. You want substance and depth, and anything superficial ain’t cutting it. Flings are almost certainly to result in you catching major feelings, but if you’re happily boo’d up, this is a tremendous opportunity to get even closer to your partner. You’re able to connect with your lover and feel a true sense of entanglement. This is an intense, emotional time, but not in a bad way—you’re just becoming more aware of your feelings (which ain’t easy given your sign’s rep for being robotic) and focus on the people who you care about most.


Virgo season (which feels like it was 5ever ago!) was basically your sign’s version of cuffing season, but if you’re still single and ready to mingle, Venus in Virgo’s got you covered. This is the time to focus on your love life and work on improving it, whether you’re single or not. You can repair and renew boring relationships, and you can confidently establish strong, exciting, new ones, too. This obvs translates to your love life, but it also has influence over your social life, so if romance just ain’t a priority for you right now, you can use these vibes with your crew!

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