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A weekend getaway on the slopes is about more than just skiing. It’s about the fashion, late-night drinks, hot tubs—aka the most important things in life, you know? And also feeling on top of the world as you ride the ski lift up the mountain. That’s nice, too. But let’s talk about the fashion. You know that saying, “what’s old is new again”? Because I want all the throwback ski fashion ‘fits in these vintage photos from as early as the 1940s. A trip to Aspen was just as cool back then as it is today, and no matter how cold it was, skiers loved taking a break to dress down to sunbathe in the chilling sun. These photos of people (regulars and royals like Princess Diana!), on the slopes will give you all the retro vibes you need to hold you over this winter.

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These young women were for sure the cool clique headed home from a day of skiing, with an aprés in hand.

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The Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran had A+ ski style that would win the fashion game on any slope today.

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Princess Diana was pure royalty seen here looking like a flawless snow princess during a holiday in Switzerland.

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While it was def cold, these skiers were taking a break from the slopes and getting their tan on at Sun Valley ski resort in Idaho.

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It’s the color blocked outfits for us. A group of skiers in Aspen, Colorado had a fondue picnic, which is totally practical. (BTW the helicopter brought the hot food to the top of the mountain. Fancy!)

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Don’t forget the tanning oil! This group of friends showed us that sunbathing was a big mood on the mountain.

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Okay, where can I buy this jacket tho?

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Swooning for these retro and neon looks, Princess Diana rode the ski lift with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry during a holiday in Austria.

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Yes, *ski ballet* is a thing and is seen here at the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup in France.

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BRB putting this whole look/mood/everything on my vision board.

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No stranger to the slopes, Alpine ski champion Max Rieger and Meg O’Neil looked like total bosses on the balcony of their villa. I want a villa!

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Gliding down the slope without a care in the world = me minus the gliding down the slope part.

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Prince Charles in Switzerland really went incognito with his glasses nose and mustache look to poke fun at the press. Jokes!

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This aprés ski party in Colorado is what my dream life looks like, HBU?

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Stowe, Vermont in 1962 really was the place to be. Three waiters were coming down the slope carrying a literal bird, wine and a menu. Talk about VIP!

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Not sure if she was there to model or ski but I’m here for it.

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Skiers really know how to party. This group was seen on top of a peak at a snow bar in Squaw Valley, California.

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Behold: Robert Redford skiing in Utah with shades on. That’s all.

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She really knew how to look pretty in pink. Seen in France in 1963, this look is just as stylish today.

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A turtleneck with a skirt to ski? Love to see the dedication.

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I’m not over how adorable Prince Harry looked in this snow outfit and pink goggles while on holiday with his family in Austria, so here we are.

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How cute was Marilyn Monroe sand skiing in 1943?! Forever a legend.

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This couple—seen in Zermatt, Switzerland—was basically a living postcard.

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In a tank and shorts, this woman was really going for it at Lassen Volcanic National Park and I’m jealous.

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Heels are up for freestyle skier Matt Christensen. But where can I cop the polka dot jacket?!

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