Watch Alexis Michelle’s Best Makeup Transformations

This is a fun episode of Cosmo Queens, y’all. We’ve got the beautiful Alexis Michelle with us and she’ll be showing off two of her most gorge makeup transformations. Both of them are absolutely stunning, but I think the Kris Jenner glam has a special place in my heart. And that’s why we had to kick it off here first.

To get the momager’s look right, Alexis starts off by glueing down her eyebrows. Once that’s done, she goes right in with concealer, foundation, powder, and contour. And right away, she’s onto the eyes—which is actually much easier to accomplish than you’d think. She does a quick smokey eye with brown and black shadows, draws on a cute winged liner, adds some of that product and dark pigments to her lash line. Add the classic pixie-cut wig, and she’s practically Kris’ twin.

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For the next lewk, she started off with the same routine. I know all of you know the drill already! She glued down her brows, put on concealer and foundation, swiped on some cream contour, and blended that all in. But you also know the whole shebang wouldn’t be complete without some sleek, faux brows. Next step she dove into was her eye makeup where she used a soft red color on her creases and a light brown shade all over the lids. Don’t you worry, she drew in that sharp winged liner. From there, she added her last touches which included falsies, blush, a neutral liquid lipstick and gloss, and a sexy red wig. I’m. In. Love.

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