Watch Misty Violet’s ‘Cosmo Queens’ Makeup Transformation

Hi! Hello! Misty Violet can you teach me your ways? Please? Can you also accompany me to Sephora so I can buy literally every product ever that you recommend? Your girl needs help.

Honestly, the first thing that brought me (and you, dear reader) in was Misty’s brows. But before she goes in, she slicks down her natural brows and then conceals them so that she can draw on an entirely new shape. She also makes sure to prime her skin, which is another thing I need to start doing before applying face makeup, thanks for the reminder! It clearly works, because her complexion is suddenly just flawless? Like magic? Before foundation, she also color corrects her face with a light pink hue, which is a genius secret to combat dull-looking skin—take notes ladies and gents!

I’m not going to lie, I was thrilled to see Misty using a beauty blender because I, too, use a Beauty Blender. I know a gazillion other humans in the world *also* use a Beauty Blender, but, like, we all love a little validation! As a treat! But then she pulled out that oval foundation brush that was basically some kind of magical airbrush machine and I’m questioning everything. Oh, and adding it to the shopping list. She even uses it to highlight and contour her face so it looks sculpted as all heck.

Remember the brows? Yeah, let’s talk about them again. I can barely even do my own brows and she draws those babies on like it was nothing. Flawless! Queen! Moving on to her eyes she starts with a shimmery nude base before she gets crazy with it. And then here comes the color: hot pink, on the outer sides of her upper eyelids, neon green directly under her eyes, and white on the inner lids. Oh, and she definitely doesn’t forget a shimmery highlight on the cheekbones as a little sparkle on top. 😉

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