Watch Miz Crackers’ Best Makeup Transformations

Still in search for that *one* dramatic eye lewk that doesn’t require hours upon hours of blending? Well, no need to stress scroll through Pinterest anymore, because we—and the magnificent Miz Cracker—gotchu. And if you’re also into purple and pink hues, even better! Stay tuned to see some of Miz Cracker’s best work on this very special episode of Cosmo Queens.

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The key to all of Miz Cracker’s beautiful makeup transformations begins with putting on a bald cap and securing it with duct tape. Security is important! Next, she goes in with her ~face fundamentals~ which includes: color corrector, applying glue to her brows, foundation, contour, powder, and concealer. And now, the eyes…

For her lavender smokey eye, Miz Cracker first goes in with two different shades of the purple that she brushes onto the crease of her eyes. As for the lid, all she does is tap in some white shadow using her finger. She also uses those same colors at the bottom of her eye too. To make it even more va va voom, she adds a thick black winged liner. But of course, she couldn’t bring the look to life without her brows, falsies, bronzer, blush, bold pink lip, and that voluminous blonde wig!

We were blessed enough to get another gorge beat from Miz Cracker and it’s equally just as fab! As per usual, she commences le lewk with bald cap, duct tape, and her face makeup. But this time, before her eyes, she draws in her sharp faux brows on top of her glued down real ones. Once all that was on and ready, she dove into her eyes—prepare thyself for some glitter! But you’re gonna have to keep watching for more, mwahaha.

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