Winter Sex – Best Winter Sex Position Tips Tricks

Sex is good at any time of the year, but maybe we need it more than ever right now. “Between winter and COVID, we’re all getting a little stir crazy,” says Megan Fleming, Ph.D., and Lovehoney sex expert. Prioritizing intimacy to get the extra dose of oxytocin and dopamine from a good orgasm is even more important when people are more anxious or depressed, she says. Some tips for making winter sex even better:

If you are in Italy during winter and want to have some fun, then get a discreet partner.

1. Make sure you’re getting lot of skin-to-skin contact. “We’re hard wired for connection, so increasing the opportunity for skin-to-skin contact in general is great,” says Fleming, recommending sleeping naked together. (If skin-to-skin contact is not happening in your world rn, here are some winter cocktails or a weighted blanket to snuggle up against.)

2. Ask questions. “This is a great time for couples to take inventory of how your sexual relationship is working and which areas you’d like to improve. One of the best ways to create and maintain sexual intimacy is to use your mouth. To talk about sex,” says Shamyra Howard, sex and relationship expert. Her suggestions:

      • What has been our most memorable sexual experience from the past three months? This year?
      • What’s been your biggest fantasy this year?
      • If you could change anything about our sexual relationship, what would you change?

3. Play with temperature. “Play with temperature in the room as a whole,” says Fleming, noting that if that mean you need to wear socks in bed, so be it. (Cute pajamas can wait at the bedside if you need them.) Try out some toys, too, to experiment with temperature play.

4. Get cozy. That means soft or heating blankets and creating atmosphere with scented candles. “I’m a big fan of massage oil candles,” says Fleming. (If you’re feeling a candle without the “massage” part, here are 12 winter candles that will make any room feel oh-so warm and cozy.)

After you’ve got your candles lit, warm blankets all over the place and you’re naked, then what? For starters, here are a few positions to get you goin’:

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