Yellow Tinted Sunglasses Look Really, Really Good on Everyone

Some—scratch that—most of the recent sunglass trends deserve some serious side eye. You know the skinny Matrix shades and those gigantic styles that look like ski goggles. Outta control! But finally, there is another trend taking off, and I pinky-promise this one looks good on everyone.

Meet my new summer go-to: yellow-tinted shades. They’ll come in especially handy during those moments you wanna little pop of unexpected hell yeah.

I started noticing these extra sunny sunnies when celebs like Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, and Janelle Monaé, and a few others incorporated them into their looks recently.

Street style stars have also made yellow lenses a regular part of their ‘Grammable wardrobes.

And you can bet this trend is all over the runways too.

Of course, not all catwalk fads become household staples. But this one definitely has that about-to-go-viral energy, especially since the buttery color looks good on every skin tone.

The best part: It doesn’t matter if you’re a cat-eye girl or down with aviators. They’re up for grabs in every shape imaginable.

Stock up on the must-have style below to get in on the action before all your friends. 😎

Sunny stunners, right this way!

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