Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening rn: Tonight, lovely Venus falls into a harsh square with Pluto, the planet of destruction, transformation, and rebirth, and Mercury forms a supportive sextile with Uranus, planet of surprises. Flash forward to Tuesday, and Venus forms another square with Saturn, which governs restrictions and challenges. On Wednesday, Mercury (which is still retrograde!) slides backwards into Aquarius, then immediately forms a supportive sextile with Venus. Right after that, Venus enters one of the signs it rules, Taurus.

So, what’s that all mean for you?


It feels like there’s some sort of power imbalance going on in your romantic relationship, and you’re not too thrilled about it. Where is this struggle coming from?! If your relationship is legit unhealthy, this weekend allows you to free yourself the restrictions your partner’s imposing on you. This might come in the form of a big fight or a much-needed breakup. On the other hand, you might be subconsciously projecting a need to be in control onto your partner, causing issues. Regardless, finding balance in your relationship is a major obstacle. This weekend allows you to A) get rid of a toxic partner or B) let go of your own need to be in control, transforming your relationship for the better.


Subconscious habits that harm you and your relationship are becoming more apparent, and NGL, you’re having a hard time with it. Does your need to always be right interfere with your ability to be honest with your partner? Does your fear of not being 100 percent in control stop you from connecting with new people, because they might not like you back? You’re not afraid of commitment by any means, but you might discover you’re unintentionally sabotaging a situationship because you aren’t in charge of how/when a fling gets serious. JSYK, you aren’t the ultimate authority on everything, and your relationships are always going to be influenced by the other person, too. Accepting this isn’t fun or easy, but this week is asking you to do just that. The good news is that after you struggle through these challenges, Venus, planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, enters your sign. So your love/sex life will definitely improve a ton, soon.


There’s a power struggle happening in your love life: Your fear of commitment is at odds with your desire to be with someone you like a lot. Or maybe that fear is at odds with your desire to talk about marriage/moving in together/starting a family. This weekend’s astro-weather is urging you to think about your hopes and wishes your love life and then get serious about them. Take a long, hard look and figure out exactly why you don’t allow yourself to be more involved with your boo. If you legitimately have no desire to be in a relationship and just want to have fun with someone, tonight’s your night to have a 🔥🔥🔥 fling that you’ll never forget. Take advantage of it, because once Venus enters Taurus, the single Geminis out there will have a way harder time getting lucky.


You’re more than willing to allow your partner to take the reins or wait for your crush to make the first move. But this weekend’s astro-weather is encouraging you to come out of your shell and tell your boo what you want out of your relationship, or confess your feelings to your crush. Arguments suck and rejection hurts, but your love life isn’t going to just magically become better without any hard work! Come Wednesday, when Venus enters Taurus, your love life stops feeling so intense and serious and starts to feel more romantic and fun again. But first, this weekend is your opportunity to put yourself out there and make the changes you need to make.


You’ve been all about trying new things (or people) in the bedroom lately, and it’s probs been a ton of fun. This kinky, exciting vibe in your love life is coming to a close this week, so if there are any more far-out, maybe-a-little-weird things you want to try, go for it! Once Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, your love life takes on a more serious tone. You’re more focused on taking your commitment to the next level and stabilizing your love life instead of spicing things up in bed. Mercury also enters Aquarius on Wednesday, which makes communicating with your boo a little wonky. You’ll be concentrating on avoiding misunderstandings and arguments over having fun—plus, an ex or two might send you a “U up?” text (Ignore!).


Just a heads up, you need to keep an eye out for an ex-flame sliding into your DMs this weekend. It might be that one ex who really broke your heart ages ago, or it might just be someone you had a fling with a while back and never heard from again. Whether you still have feelings or not, try to remember that it’s Mercury Retrograde—these people are coming back into your life so you can tie up loose ends and find closure, not so you can jump into a relationship. That’s not to say you need to hit the block button as soon as they hit you up (unless they really screwed you over). Instead, allow them to say their piece. Maybe they just want to hook up—if you’re DTF, too, let yourself have some fun! If they come up with some story to explain why they ghosted you, apologize for hurting you, and say they want to reconnect, consider letting them. Don’t just take their word for it, though—you’re allowed to make them wait until they prove themselves worthy of your time, energy, and affection. If they’re serious about getting together again, they’ll stick around for a while. Once Mercury Retrograde is over in a couple of weeks, you can make a decision.


Get ready, Libra—this weekend is stirring up some drama in your love life, and you’re likely to have a pretty emotional time with it. A past paramour (like someone from way back in the day) might just make a surprise reappearance, compelling you to take a trip down memory lane and unpack some emotional baggage. If you’re boo’d up, your lover might bring up some old beef that wasn’t ever resolved, which, again, might force some old feelings to reemerge. Now’s the time to let yourself feel those emotions, acknowledge the positive lessons you learned, let go of the pain of the past, and move on.


Tonight’s your night, Scorpio! New and exciting connections (or maybe an unexpected re-connection with a cutie) are happening. Make sure to check all the apps to see if anyone sexy is swiping right on you. Tonight’s astro-weather is excellent for having a fun little fling, but don’t expect to meet the LOYL or anything! NGL, the rest of your week is pretty dull, but that turns around fast come Wednesday, when Venus enters Taurus. This is the start of a month that’s all about improving your love life—incredible sex, romance, and spending tons of time with your boo are your top priorities.


Watch out for dramz tonight, Sagittarius. Your boo might say or do something that goes against what you believe to be right, and it’s not fun when their actions are at odds with your values. Calmly talking it out is much easier said than done (especially since it’s Mercury Retrograde), but try your hardest to not fly off the handle—it’ll only result in harming your relationship or, worse, cause a breakup. Wednesday’s astro-weather helps you center yourself and bring up the issue without causing a scene. For the single Sagittarians out there, this weekend’s astrology may indicate a situation where your boundaries aren’t respected. If there’s a f*ckboy who isn’t leaving you alone, block ‘em. After Tuesday, the rest of the week’s astro-weather is influencing romance in a positive way, bringing you more matches on your dating apps, hookups who aren’t assholes, and the opportunity to reorganize and stabilize your love life.


Tonight has exciting potential, Capricorn! Mercury Retrograde might bring an ex-flame back into the picture. At best, this could be an opportunity to reconnect and rekindle what you had in the past. Or, you can just say “f*ck it” and have a cute little quickie with them! Regardless of how you handle that situation, when Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, you can expect your love life to start picking up the pace. Venus is in Taurus once a year, and when it is, it activates your chart’s 5th house, which governs love, sex, and fun. Basically, your confidence and love/sex life are both getting a major upgrade soon.


They say honesty is the best policy, and that phrase rings true more than ever this weekend, Aquarius. You’ve been crushing hard on someone (or feeling waaaay more lovey-dovey with your boo), and your feelings are getting to be a little too much to handle. You’re not too touchy-feely, but you can take advantage of this weekend’s stressful astro-weather by connecting with someone, in or out of the bedroom. If you don’t take the initiative to share your feelings, you might find yourself blurting out your feelings the next time you see your crush. Try to open up before Wednesday, because that’s when Mercury Retrograde enters your sign, making it harder than ever to speak your mind without feeling misunderstood.


Tonight’s a pretty weird one, NGL. The bad news is that beef with your BFFs might seriously rain on your parade (and during your birthday month, too). But the good news is that there’s tons of potential for finding someone sexy in your DMs. With Mercury Retrograde wreaking havoc in your sign, it’s obvs not the best time to start any kind of relationship. But if you just want a fun fling or a casual first date, you’re in the clear. This week also has good and bad news. Mercury slides back into Aquarius on Wednesday, making it very difficult for you to speak your mind—but luckily, it’ll re-enter your sign in the beginning of March. On the other hand, Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, so you can expect even more new and exciting connections entering your love life.

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