Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: On Saturday, Mars, planet of action and libido, enters Aries, one of its fave signs. Expect to feel more hot-and-bothered than you have in a loooong time, y’all! Then, on Sunday, Mars forms a supportive sextile with Saturn, planet of structure. On Tuesday, a transit that’s been building up for weeks called Jupiter conjunct Pluto goes exact, bringing high energy and tons of passion. There’s a cazimi Mercury on Tuesday, too, which means that we are OFFICIALLY halfway through this Mercury Retrograde! At the same time, the Sun and Mercury both form a supportive sextile to Uranus, planet of surprises.

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Mars is in your sign now, Aries! You’re feeling horny, energized, and ready for action , so any kind of hookin’ up you do this weekend is sure to be amazing. You can last longer in bed, you feel more dominant, and you’re friskier than ever, so have fun! In the realm of romance, if you’ve been struggling to DTR, or if you’ve been thinking about upgrading a relationship, this is the weekend for you, Aries. Your confidence levels are high, you know exactly what you want, and you’re feeling determined to get it!


This weekend, Mars enters Aries, which is gonna be a bit of a toughie for you, Taurus. As far as your love life goes, don’t be too shocked if/when you find out you have an ex (or multiple exes) talking sh*t about you. Oh, and BTW, Mars will be in Aries until next January—yikes. Don’t stress though, because the rest of your horoscope is poppin’ this week! The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction has been building up for a couple of weeks now, and it goes exact on Tuesday. All week long, you’re feeling more adventurous. Switch up your usual routine in the bedroom, trying something (or someone) new, or simply buy a new toy/some cute lingerie. Just try to spice up your sex life somehow. It’ll be fun, satisfying, sensual, and a total blast!


If you’ve been crushing on someone in your crew, then I have some good news for you, Gemini! Mars, the planet of libido, is entering your chart’s friend zone, meaning—ironically—that turning your friend into a FWB is a total breeze. But JSYK, Mars goes retrograde in a couple of months, and things might get weird between you and your new FWB, so tread with caution! All week long, the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is stirring up some seriously sexy energy in your chart’s intimacy zone, so if you’re getting laid (whether it’s casual or with the LOYL), expect sex to be erotic, passionate, and very romantic. If you’re boo’d up, this can be an amazing week for your sex life. If you’re single, it can still be a great week, but you just need to watch out for catching maaaaaajor feelings!


If you’ve been wanting to DTR, now’s your chance, Cancer! Saturn, planet of structure, is in your chart’s zone of intimacy, and it’s receiving supportive energy from Mars, planet of libido and action, all week. If you want to turn your situationship into a relationship, or just level-up an already existing romance, now’s your chance! This is especially true because the once-every-dozen-years Jupiter/Pluto conjunction happening all week is suggesting major transformations and growth—if you’re single, this might be the week your relationship status changes!


There are two exciting transits happening this weekend, Leo. The first is on Saturday, when Mars enters Aries, and the second is on Sunday, when Mars gently connects with Saturn. Mars in Aries is making you feel invigorated, and you’re ready for action 24/7! You’re also feeling inspired to try new things, in or out of the bedroom, so spicing up your love life with a new toy/lingerie/whatever is especially satisfying! Mars’ gentle connection with Saturn is great for romance, but not so good for your sex life. Saturn (the c*ckblock of the zodiac) rules obstacles and challenges, and for the past couple of months, it’s been in your chart’s relationships zone—so if your love life has been trash, blame Saturn. When Saturn receives Mars’ ~good vibes~ on Sunday, however, it’s able to provide structure and support for your relationship. If you’re looking to turn a situationship into something serious, or upgrade an already existing relationship, take advantage of this astro-weather!


Prepare to go deep, Virgo. Mars enters fiery Aries on Saturday, where it will remain until January of next year, heating up your chart’s zone of intimacy and transformation. If it sounds hot, that’s because it is! Sex is way more passionate and erotic with Mars in Aries, and your sex drive is way stronger. If you’re boo’d up, prepare for your sex life to erupt, but if you’re single, be careful, because a fling is practically guaranteed to result in you catching major feelings. This energy also makes you a much more intense person, and you might even start to creepily obsess over your hookup because you feel so strongly for them. The influence of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction can be felt all week, and will be strongest on Tuesday, which is great news for your love life. This conjunction happens every dozen-ish years, and marks profound transformation and growth. In your birth chart, this giant planetary glow-up is happening in the fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun! Virgo, you have had it rough in regards to your love life for a long time now, but prepare for things to get much, much better. DM your latest Tinder match, text your crush, or ask out that one person you’ve been casually seeing now, because this is a great week for you to give your love life an extreme makeover!


Prepare for your love life to heat up, Libra! Mars enters fiery Aries on Saturday, activating your chart’s zone of relationships, and things are getting hot between you and your boo! This (hopefully) means that you’re feeling friskier around each other, and having great—and frequent—sex, but this transit might manifest more as heated arguments and fights between the two of you, too. If your relationship is sailing along just fine, you’re probs in the clear, but if your ‘ship is treading on thin ice, well, watch out! This can also be a great time for having fun flings and getting your flirt on, if you’re living the single life. Sunday’s Mars/Saturn sextile is a great relationship-building transit for you, Libra, so make use of it if you’re dating or coupled up. It’s not the sexiest transit, but it’s helping you to focus on bonding with your partner (in or out of the bedroom) and strengthening the connection you share.


This weekend is a bust, Scorpio—you’re way too busy getting your ass kicked by work and other obligations to even think about getting it on, unfortunately. This week, however, has some exciting astro-weather that can potentially help you glow-up your love life. There’s a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on Tuesday, which helps you feel empowered and confident, so sliding into your crush’s DMs or popping ~the question~ (like, “Do you want to get a dog?”) to your boo feels easy. This transit also suggests that there are major connections being made this week, so keep an eye on all your dating apps! Also on Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury link up with Uranus, planet of surprise—which is in your chart’s relationships zone, bringing you even more new connections. This week’s astro-weather is encouraging you to try new things in your relationship, too, whether that’s a fun toy or a new kink.


Prepare to feel energized and horny as hell for the next few months, Sagittarius, because Mars entering Aries (where it remains until January) this weekend is the most hot-and-bothered, riled-up transit in astrology, period! Whether you’re boning your boo or flirting with strangers, things are extra exciting now, because Mars, which rules action and energy, is now activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun. If you’re in a rush to find someone to have a fling with, don’t expect much luck til the week begins, but if you’re seeing someone, this weekend can b great for relationship-building and starting important convos re: your relationship. The sexiest day of the week for you is Tuesday, when there’s a cazimi Mercury. This transit is helping you to make deep, real connections with others, and the energy it carries is sexy as hell, too. If you’re boo’d up, prepare for hot, erotic, romantic moments with your partner, but if you’re single, be careful—catching feelings is practically a guarantee!


So, this weekend’s astro weather is pretty trash for your love life, NGL, but there’s some cool stuff happening during the week. On Tuesday, there’s a cazimi Mercury in your chart’s relationships zone, so it’s a great day to connect with your boo—physically, emotionally, however you want. On top of that, the Sun and Mercury both connect with Uranus, planet of surprises, on Tuesday, too. This signifies sudden changes in your love life—nothing major and definitely no breakups, though, because these sudden changes are fun and exciting! These little surprises can come in the form of a new crush, a first date/hangout sesh with someone sexy, or just trying out new ways to turn your boo on. Basically, this week has exciting potential, so go out and do something (or someone!) fun with it!


Hopefully you’re ready to get your flirt on, Aquarius, because this weekend’s astro-weather suggests that you’re making a ton of connections—that means you better make sure to check your dating apps for any cuties trying to hit you up! If your DMs are dry, then try texting your crush or messaging your Tinder match first instead of just waiting around, and you’re likely to get some action. Saturn, the biggest c*ckblock of the zodiac, has been in your sign for a couple of months, making your whole life in general way tougher than it needs to be—and it finally leaves your sign and re-enters Capricorn this Wednesday, too. If you’ve felt like you can’t connect with others, expect things to get much easier now that Saturn is out of your sign. You’re feeling way less strained at work, with your relationship, basically with everything, so loosen up and have some fun this weekend. You deserve it!


Mars has been in your sign for the past six weeks, helping you to feel more energized, but this weekend, it enters Aries. Mars in your sign supercharged your sex drive, so now that it’s out of Pisces, you’re probs going to want to just take it easy and ~vibe~ this weekend. Tuesday has some pretty major astro-weather going on. The Sun and Mercury both connect with Uranus, planet of surprises, activating your chart’s zones of romance/sex/fun and communication, so prepare for some good news about your love life to come your way this week! This might manifest as you shooting your shot and texting your crush, or maybe someone’s crushing on you and they hit you up! There can be important conversations happening between you and your partner, or you may meet a (potential) future lover!

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