Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: The Moon enters Libra tonight. On Monday, a transit that’s been building up for weeks called “Jupiter sextile Neptune” goes exact, allowing you to visualize your dreams and work towards them. It also creates an empathetic, compassionate vibe, perfect for (ahem) ~romance~. At the same time, Venus squares off with Neptune, creating a supes emotional atmosphere, and Mercury squares off with Mars, making for a rash, hasty vibe. Finally, Mercury opposes Jupiter and harmonizes with Neptune on Thursday.

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What that means:


This weekend is perf for snuggling up with your special someone. If you’re in a relationship, expect more romance and way hotter sex. If you’re single, or in a weird situationship, you might be able to DTR with someone you’ve been seeing for a while—or you might decide to find someone new. There’s some drama happening at the beginning of the week, thanks to the emotional vibe. If your relationship is thriving, you shouldn’t worry—you might even be feeling the romance—but if you and bae aren’t doing so hot, big fights can easily break out in this tumultuous astro-weather. If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re feeling bold, so approaching your crush and asking them out isn’t hard at all. Just don’t be pushy! If they’re interested in you, they’ll let you know—and if they’re not, leave ‘em alone.


Sorry, b, but this weekend is all about…wait for it…working your ass off. You hate to see it, but as long as you can power through the weekend, there’s some pretty cool stuff going down in your love life this week! Monday is a big, big day—basically, the stars are begging and pleading that you leave your comfort zone and make a change happen. If you’re single, you’re feeling confident, so ask out your crush or get on your fav dating apps and start swiping! This astro-vibe is intense and might even be a little reckless, so just make sure you choose your words carefully before you deliver your fav pickup lines. These same sentiments apply to what’s going down on Thursday—you’re quicker to speak up and might stumble over a few faux pas, but a little mindfulness goes a long way. A big theme for the end of the week is romance, too. Obvs, this is a lovely time for you if you’re boo’d up, but if you’re single, this might be a bit challenging. A casual fling can be a ton of fun, but JSYK, someone’s defs catching feelings, and it looks like it might be you—so choose carefully!

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The Moon is in Libra all weekend long, which is a big transit for you, Gemini! Basically, whenever the Moon is in Libra (which happens for two or three days every month), there’s a ton of love in the air. Sharing affection is easier, both in a romantic sense and in a sexy sense, so expect lots of lovey-dovey momes with your boo and tons of action in the bedroom. This week is a bit of a stressful one (you might run into some dramz with a friend), but your love life is totally in the clear. If you do start beefing with your buddies, DW, because your boo’s got your back. It’s a great opportunity to focus on your closest relationships, and the vibe is quite intimate (especially on Thursday), so make a date with your S.O. Do something cute and romantic, or just have a blast in bed! If you’re single, this astro-weather isn’t doing a whole lot for your love life, but if you’ve been seeing someone and you’re ready to DTR, your wish might come true by the end of the week!


For the past two-ish years, the stars have really thrown your love life for a loop, Cancer. The “ups” were phenomenal, but the “downs” felt like rock bottom, and you’ve been longing for a change for what feels like forever. What needs to improve in your love life? How can you actively make these changes happen? Right now, you’re being empowered to take action, start conversations, and do something to transform your love life for the better. This can be an extremely productive week for relationship-building if you prioritize spending time with your boo, and these lovely vibes are influencing life in the bedroom, too. Instead of spending fifteen minutes having mediocre sex in missionary position, you’re being encouraged to spice things up. Wear lingerie, buy some toys, do whatever you can to shake up your regular sex routine, and you can’t go wrong this week, Cancer. Having more fun in bed will help you have a better time out of bed, too, and all of those changes to your love life you’ve been wanting can start manifesting this week.


The Libra Moon is helping you meet new people all weekend, Leo, so if you’re single and ready to mingle, open up your fav dating apps and start swiping! There are tons of hotties that want to slide into your DMs, and they’re just a right-swipe away. This astro-weather is amazing for sexting, sending risqué snaps, throwing in some extra dirty talk in bed, and just spicing up your love life in general, so have fun with it! If you’re in a relationship, this week’s astro-weather is amazing for romance and turning sex into a more emotional, raw, and sensual experience. If you’re single, this week might be the one where you meet someone that you totally fall head-over-heels for or have a hot sexting sesh, but you run the risk of catching major feelings for your fling that might not be reciprocated. Venus and Neptune square off on Monday, creating this super-emo, super-sexy vibe, but it’s also troublesome because, it’s sooooo emotional. You want to feel entangled with your partner. You want to dissolve all boundaries with them—which includes physical boundaries, so please, please make sure to use protection and practicing social distancing!


All of the planetary action in the stars for the past, uh, couple of years has been making you feel challenged by a sense of restriction and limitation in your love life. But this week you’re able to break free and make some magic happen—on a romantic level, in the bedroom, or even both! You’re able to share your love with others (both sexually and emotionally) and receive love more easily, too. You’re feeling bolder and more confident in the bedroom, and you’re better able to take control and make sure you and your partner have an amazing time together—whether you’re with the LOYL or a FWB! There are a few potential stormclouds in this week’s astro-forecast, though. You’re feeling way more emotional, which can be great, or it might make it easy for you and your S.O. to pop off and fight over something (even if it’s a minor issue) because your emotions are running so high. Overall, it looks like you’re able to weather the storm and come out on the other side in good shape, because on Thursday, Mercury (your ruling planet) and Neptune create a lovely, harmonizing connection with each other. These easygoing vibes are being streamlined directly to your relationship, too, so you can expect your love life to experience some nice changes by the end of the week!


It’s Leo season, which is a month where making new connections is easy-peasy for you, Libra. These social vibes are extra strong this weekend thanks to the Moon hanging out in your sign! If you’re single, you’re likely to find a few extra cuties sliding into your DMs, and if you’re boo’d up, it’s a good time to just ~vibe~ with your partner, and have fun both in and out of the bedroom. This week’s astro-weather is unfortunately pulling a lot of your focus to your work life, but there is, however, one important transit happening on Monday that promises to influence your love life—and it can be really good or really bad, depending on how you handle this energy. On Monday, Mercury and Mars square off. Mercury rules communication, and squares are urgent and rash. Mars rules libido (sexy!), but it also rules action and aggression (uh-oh), so this can play out in one of two ways. You can either use this productive energy to strengthen your relationship—or you can have big arguments over something petty (or bottled-up resentments you haven’t spoken up about). Be calm and tactful this week and you can have a ton of fun, Libra—otherwise, the trouble in your love life might give you the headache of the century!


This is not your weekend, Scorpio. Sorry, bb, but the Libra Moon has you in a mood, and you’re really only interested in being by yourself. The mood lightens up a ton come Monday, however, when an astrological event that’s been building up for weeks known as “Jupiter sextile Neptune” goes exact and is at its strongest. This is a great transit for generating more excitement and newness in your love life, so if you’re single, your next potential lover might just be a right-swipe away! If you’re already boo’d up, then this is great for connecting (more on a romantic level rather than sexual) with your partner and upgrading your relationship in some way—think moving in together, getting engaged, or adopting a pup. For all Scorpios, single or not, there’s a very erotic feeling in the astro-atmosphere, too. Intimacy is a big deal to you already, but you’re able to experience a sensual, super deep connection with someone this week. Catching feels for someone you’re just having a fling with is almost a guarantee right now, so as long as you’re fine with that, you can have a seriously sexy, unforgettable week, Scorpio.


This is an exciting weekend for you, Sagittarius, especially if you’re single. The Libra Moon provides a lovey-dovey vibe and also makes it easier than ever to connect with others, so open your fav dating app, start swiping, and the minute you match with someone sexy, slide into their DMs! You’re usually so not the type to get super attached to someone (you hate to feel “clingy”), but emotions are running high this week. If you get your flirt on with someone cute, you’re likely to catch feelings fast! You’re very open and honest about what you’re thinking/feeling (some might call you blunt!), and this week’s astro-weather makes it even easier to speak your mind unapologetically. There’s nothing wrong with telling your crush that you’re into them, or telling someone you’ve been casually dating that you want to take your ‘ship more seriously, but if you experience any pushback, do your best to not keep badgering them about it. Respect their boundaries and chill out, otherwise you might scare the object of your affection away! Even though your sign is known to bounce back from these things pretty quickly, you’re still likely to feel pretty sore if your crush exits stage left, so be careful with your words this week, bb!


It’s a busy week for you, Capricorn, and by that I mean you’re probs getting busy with someone a lot, wink wink! This week’s astro-weather is best for those of you who are boo’d up (there’s a ton of romantic potential in the stars rn), but even the single Capricorns out can benefit from this week’s planetary action. First of all, Monday’s influence is urging you to open up to others. Let your walls down, let your boo/crush in, and show the rest of the world that yes, you have feelings! You’re not the stone cold, emotionless person that your sign is stereotyped to be, so tell your partner how you feel and ask for what you want in your relationship, on an emotional and sexual level. On a sexier level, this transit makes it easy for you to get more vocal in bed, start sexting with your boo, or do more dirty talking. You’re feeling more hot-and-bothered at the beginning of the week, but as you get closer and closer to Thursday, the vibe shifts and becomes way more lovey-dovey and romantic. You can have some seriously cute moments, so open up! You definitely won’t regret it.


You’re feeling good this weekend, Aquarius, and your boost in confidence is helping you to get your flirt on, try new things in bed, and just have a good time in general! Enjoy it while it lasts, because this week might be a toughie. Monday’s astro-weather has great potential for romance and intimacy, but it’s also really GD emotional. Whether you’re single or happily with someone, this vibe urges you to really think about your wants vs. your needs in relationships. Maybe you’re crushing super hard on someone, or you’re really into someone you’ve been dating and you just can’t stop thinking about them. Think: Do you really need them? Or do you just want them really, really, really bad? If you find yourself refreshing your DMs and checking to see if your crush has read your texts every five minutes, then guess what? That’s not a good thing, Aquarius. Enjoy any action you get (and expect it to be hot, hot, hot!), but don’t make that your only priority, and you can navigate this week just fine!


The theme of this weekend is “intimacy.” The Libra Moon is a pretty lovely, romantic transit for every sign, but you’re going way deeper than superficial romance, Pisces. You don’t want to just flirt or sext—you want to feel entangled. This can be an amazing relationship-building opportunity if you’re boo’d up, but if you’re single, watch out! You’re already prone to catching feels for, well, anyone and everyone (you are a water sign, after all), but this weekend that’s even more likely because of these deep, sensual vibes you’re getting. Once the week starts, things might get a little more messy. You’re focusing a ton on your “dream” love life and thinking about the future you want for your relationship. Are things going well with you and your boo? If so, you can make major moves and level up your relationship. If things aren’t going so well, however, you might want to prepare for a big fight. Your views on the relationship don’t seem to be matching up, and it could get pretty upsetting. If you’re single and crushing hard on someone, or have been casually seeing someone, you might face rejection—or you might feel ready to DTR, but your almost-boo isn’t matching your energy. Try to remember that it’s not the end of the world, please. Mercury and Neptune harmonize on Thursday, which is a big signal that everything will be just fine, Pisces. I promise!

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