Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Planning date night? Swiping right (or, ugh, left)? Ignoring your ex’s DMs? Whatever is going down in your love life this week, we gotchu. Check out your sexoscope for the week of January 3rd to January 9th, below!


What’s happening: Tonight, Mars enters Sagittarius and the Moon is in your sign!

What that means for you: You’re living it up this weekend, Aries! This weekend’s astro forecast is perfect for helping you start off 2020 with your best foot forward and a (potential) new bae by your side. Tonight, you’re feeling lively and upbeat, and Mars in Sag (which lasts for six weeks, btw) is encouraging you to try new things—and people—in bed. Expect someone who’s totally not your type to catch your eye…you’ll feel like you have to bring them home with you. Have fun, bb!


What’s happening: Mars enters Sagittarius tonight, and tomorrow, the Moon enters your sign, where it remains all weekend.

What that means for you: Your sex life is heating waaay up, Taurus. Mars in Sagittarius is setting your chart’s zone of intimacy ablaze for six whole weeks, so your bedroom is seeing lots more action than it has in 5ever, whether you’re single or not. FYI, if you’re just hookin’ up, Mars in Sag is a red flag that you’re going to catch major feels for your fling! Tonight’s dull, TBH, but once the Moon is in your sign starting Saturday, you feel like yourself again and can go out and find someone sexy to mack on.


What’s happening: There’s an Aries Moon tonight, and Mars enters Sagittarius tonight too.

What that means for you: The Aries Moon tonight is making you feel even more social than usual (crazy, I know), so going out with the squad (and flirting with all the cuties you meet) is def your top priority. Mars in Sagittarius lasts for six weeks and it’s bringing tons of action to your relationships. This could be great and manifest as hotter-than-hot sex and spending tons of quality time with your boo, or it could manifest as huge arguments and verbal firefights. Fun! SO how is your relationship going rn? If things are running smoothly now, don’t worry, bb. If not…honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.


What’s happening: Your weekend starts Saturday, when the Moon enters Taurus. On Tuesday, the Sun and dreamy Neptune link up, and on Wednesday, Mercury connects with Neptune too.

What that means for you: Work is probs holding you late tonight, but even if it’s not, you’re still feeling antisocial as hell. Tomorrow’s astro weather is much nicer, though, and you’re encouraged to go out and make new connections. You’re more social and outgoing, so finding your next crush is a total breeze! Tuesday and Wednesday bring some major relationship astro your way. If you’re single, you’re making a deep connection with someone who’s totally not your usual type. If you’re boo’d up, this is a great time to explore new ways to have fun in the bedroom as well as talk about the future of your relationship—big things are coming your way.


What’s happening: Tonight, there’s an Aries Moon, and Mars enters Sagittarius. Tomorrow, the Moon enters Taurus, and on Monday, it enters Gemini.

What that means for you: Ooh, this is a great weekend for you, Leo. You’re feeling extra, extra outgoing and more energized than ever, thanks to the Aries Moon. That, and Mars in Sagittarius helping your chart’s zone of romance/sex/fun glow up for the next six weeks. Your libido is pumped TF up, your personality is shining bright, and you’re feeling frisky as hell—basically, the first cutie to catch your eye this weekend is moving to the top of your to-do list and getting lucky is basically a guarantee.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries tonight. Tomorrow, the Moon enters Taurus for the rest of the weekend, and on Tuesday, dreamy Neptune connects with the Sun. On Wednesday, Mercury also links up with Neptune.

What that means for you: Tonight, you’re pretty deep in your feels—but you’re also feeling fired up and horny as hell! If you’re boo’d up, you can have a seriously hot time in the bedroom, but if you’re single, hook up with caution, because if you end up going home with someone from the clurb, you’re catching feelings for sure. The rest of the weekend is less emo and more ~light and airy~ so you’re not super concerned with romance or gettin’ it on and you can have a fun time with your crew. Tuesday and Wednesday’s astro weather is highlighting your love/sex life. Connecting with your boo/crush/FWB promises to lead to deep, intimate conversations, so it’s a perfect time to tell someone you love ’em (or just like like them a lot).


What’s happening: There’s an Aries Moon, and Mars enters Sagittarius tonight. The Moon enters Taurus tomorrow.

What that means for you: If there were ever the perfect astro weather for meeting your next potential S.O., it’s tonight! The Aries Moon has you wanting to link up with someone cute (even more than usual), and Mars in Sagittarius is a six-week period when you’re making new connections every day with unique, one-of-a-kind people. You’re infamously indecisive, but Mars in Sag is also helping up your confidence when it comes to decision making, so it’s a great time to DTR with your almost-boo or upgrade your already existing relationship. Oh, and the rest of the weekend is even more steamy and intimate. *wiping sweat from brow*


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries tonight. Tomorrow, it enters Taurus, and on Monday, it flies into Gemini. On Tuesday, the Sun links up with mysterious Neptune, and on Wednesday, Mercury also connects with Neptune.

What that means for you: Tonight’s not your night, bb. The Aries Moon is acting up in your chart’s zone of work/health, so your job might be keeping you busy or you may feel under the weather. Luckily, the rest of this weekend/week has much nicer astro weather for you! The sensual Taurus Moon is putting you in the mood to get busy with someone sexy, so slide into your latest Tinder match’s DMs or climb your boo like a tree the minute they come home—it’ll be a great time, believe me. The steamy astro vibe continues this week, but the energy of Tuesday/Wednesday is a little more romantic. You’re feeling very lovey-dovey and it’s more easy to open up to others. This is obvs great if you’re boo’d up, but JSYK, if you’re looking for a casual hookup this week…don’t. You’re one thousand percent going to catch feels, but your hookup isn’t likely to stick around long.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries tonight, and on top of that, action-packed Mars enters your sign too. The Moon is in Taurus for the rest of the weekend but moves into Gemini on Monday.

What that means for you: If you’re trying to get flirty and have fun this weekend, tonight’s the night for you, Sag! The Aries Moon is firing up your sex drive and giving you a major confidence boost, and Mars in your sign is quadrupling that energy. With Venus still in Aquarius, this blend of energy is *chef’s kiss* perfect for hooking up or trying out something super kinky with your boo. The rest of the weekend is quite meh (you can thank the Taurus Moon for that), but once the Moon enters Gemini on Monday, the vibe is very easy-breezy beautiful and great for spending time with your boo or besties.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries, and Mars enters Sagittarius tonight. Tomorrow, the Moon is in Taurus, and on Monday, it enters Gemini. On Tuesday, mysterious Neptune connects with the Sun, and on Wednesday, Neptune links up with Mercury. Your week ends with the Moon entering Cancer on Thursday.

What that means for you: It’s an action-packed week for you, Cap! Tonight’s actually pretty dull and you’re definitely in the mood to stay in (a Netflix and chill sesh with a cutie definitely isn’t out of the question), but once the Moon is in Taurus, you’re feeling more active and eager to have fun—in and out of the bedroom. The Gemini Moon for most of the week makes work even more of a priority than usual, but Neptune’s influence on Tuesday and Wednesday puts you in a dreamy mood that’s perfect for romance. Hit up your crush or plan a date with your boo for the end of the week, because when the Moon enters Cancer on Thursday, it activates your chart’s relationships zone and makes being with someone you like feel better than ever.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries, and Mars blasts into over-the-top Sagittarius tonight. The Moon enters Taurus tomorrow, and it enters Gemini on Monday.

What that means for you: Even though Capricorn season is a very low-energy, moody month for you, tonight’s fiery astro weather gives you a much-needed jolt of energy that makes you feel more social and outgoing. It’s especially good for hooking up or turning your friend into a FWB—go all out! The Taurus Moon for the rest of the weekend is the perfect kind of calm, slow energy you need to relax and recharge your batteries before the week begins. The Gemini Moon on Monday puts you back in that excited, upbeat mood, so reconnecting with your weekend hookup for a fun-filled round two is definitely encouraged.


What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in Aries and Mars enters Sagittarius. Tomorrow, the Moon enters Taurus. On Monday, the Moon enters Gemini. On Tuesday, the Sun in Capricorn connects with dreamy Neptune in your sign, and on Wednesday, Mercury links up with Neptune. On Thursday, the Moon enters Cancer.

What that means for you: Sorry, Pisces, but this weekend’s astro weather suggests that your to-do list is too full to go out and have fun. As a matter of fact, Mars being in Sagittarius for the next six weeks makes work your absolute top priority, and you’re sending way less sexy snaps to your boo and probs talking to your boss/coworkers waaay more than usual. No fun, I know, but this week’s astro is a little nicer to your love life! The Neptune transits on Tuesday and Wednesday are great for opening up to your peeps, so if you’ve been crushing on someone in your squad and want to tell them or you want to turn your friend into a FWB or introduce a third person into the bedroom with your boo, you can definitely make it happen rn. The Cancer Moon at the end of the week activates your chart’s love/sex/fun zone, so even though this week is a little blah, next weekend has much better potential.

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