Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: It’s the first weekend of Scorpio season! Venus, the planet of love, harmonizes with structured Saturn on Saturday, and on Sunday, the Sun meets up with Mercury (which is still retrograde). Finally, Venus leaves Virgo and moves forward into Libra, and Mercury moves backwards out of Scorpio and into Libra, both on Tuesday. It’s not the busiest week by a long shot, but it’s a nice, low-key break from all the other hectic astro-weather of 2020!

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What that means for you:


This weekend is pretty chill, Aries. There’s not much action happening, but if you’re in a LTR or pursuing something ~romantic~ with someone special, this is a great time to just vibe with your boo/crush/FWB/whoever. Watch out: An ex-flame could reemerge this week. It’s the halfway point of Mercury Retrograde, so while drama with your ex isn’t quite finished, you’re being pushed to decide: are they worth keeping in your life, or do you want to say “see ya!” for good? Once you make this critical decision, you can use Venus in Libra’s vibes (starting on Tuesday) to begin new, healthier relationships or strengthen your already-existing ones.


Most of this week’s astro-weather is encouraging you to have fun with your love life! Try something (or someone) new. Speak up and tell your boo about all the exciting kinks/ideas you’ve been aching to try! Your love life has been a big focus lately, for better or for worse—the highs have been phenomenal, but the lows have been abysmal. As Mercury Retrograde and Venus enter Libra on Tuesday, the relationship drama finally starts to slow down—both the good and the bad. Honestly, you kind of need a break!

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Your love life is getting shaken up this week, Gemini. This weekend’s astro-weather is rather slow, but it’s great for getting close with someone special. The vibe is more romantic than sexual, but you can still have an amazing time in bed with your boo. Things pick up the pace starting on Tuesday, when Mercury Retrograde and Venus both zoom into lovely Libra. This brings up a little relationship drama, like your ex coming back around (it is Mercury Retrograde, after all), but Venus is mitigating the Mercury madness by making sure that your romantic/sexual experiences are tons of fun.


If you’ve been seeing someone casually, the time to DTR is right around the corner, Cancer! As lovey Venus mingles with structured, secure Saturn this weekend, you’re able to take your love/sex life more seriously and build, intimate connections with others. If you’re keeping things casual, you’re likely to catch feelings for your fling, because superficiality simply does not cut it right now! Enjoy getting closer to your boo, but don’t make any “official” changes to your relationship status yet until Mercury Retrograde ends on November 3. Until then, use this time to show your partner that you’re serious about being with them.


I’m NGL, Leo, this week really isn’t doing much for your love life. If you’re in a LTR, expect things to run smoothly this weekend, and if you’re single, things will be pretty boring (sorry). Even though the week starts out slow, your love life starts to heat up on Tuesday when Mercury Retrograde and Venus both enter Libra. Mercury Retrograde in Libra makes it so that old connections are defs coming back around, but (luckily) Venus in Libra makes it so these old faces are past friends and former coworkers, not your worst ex. This is also a splendid time to meet a new cutie, so start swiping!


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has been in your sign for the past few weeks, and this is the final weekend you get to enjoy its lovey-dovey vibes! The past few weeks have been great for single Virgos, because it basically turns you into a love magnet—more DM slides, more matches, more first dates, etc. If you’ve been seeing someone casually, this weekend’s astro-weather helps you take your situationship more seriously. Don’t DTR quite yet (it is still Mercury Retrograde, after all), but still try to enjoy the romantic vibe and get closer to your boo.


You’re dealing with an ex this weekend, Libra! Taking them back may be very tempting, but don’t jump into anything—are they really worth the drama? Or is now the time to let them go for good? Try to remember that they’re your ex for a reason, so really take your time with this choice. Another reason to turn them down: When Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, you become a total babe magnet. If you’re still single and ready to mingle after dealing with your ex, Venus is giving you an entire month when finding your next potential boo is easier than ever.


This is a fun weekend for you, Scorpio! If you’re looking for love, finding new connections is a total breeze—especially if you’re looking for something casual. If you’re taken, then this is a great weekend to spend with your boo or your squad. Enjoy this easy, breezy, beautiful vibe while you can, because after Venus and Mercury Retrograde both enter Scorpio on Tuesday, you’re discovering that ex lovers are coming back around more in your life—yikes! As stressful and dramatic as this sounds, remember that just because it’s Mercury Retrograde rn doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world! Try to view this as a time to find closure and finally move on from your past relationships. And don’t worry—it’ll be over soon.


You’re not getting too much action this week, Sagittarius, and anything that does happen likely involve your ex. A major conversation is happening between the two of you—whether they want to get back together, or they’re just looking for closure. And you can actually find a ton of success in getting back with your ex—not as lovers, but as friends. Venus’ entry into Libra on Tuesday wants you to work on building up your network, so tons of new friends (or colleagues) are totally coming your way. If you’re single and ready to mingle, a fun FWB type of situationship could begin. As far as~love connections~ go, you might have a few casual flirtationships, but don’t expect much in the romance department!


The stars are encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone this weekend, Capricorn. You tend to guard your emotions from others because, despite your stoic stereotype, you’re actually pretty damn sensitive! When you’re crushing hard on someone, you almost always wait for them to ask you out. This is because you know all too well how scary (and sometimes painful) rejection is, but if you’re able to push yourself and make the first move, you can generate a ton of excitement in your love life this week! If you’re looking for something serious, Venus entering Libra on Tuesday provides the perfect astrological backdrop for leveling up your relationship.


This weekend’s astro-weather is great for all you boo’d up Aquarians, but it’s even better for the single Aquarians! This weekend has an extremely intimate vibe—romance feels more meaningful, you’re getting even closer to your boo, and sex feels even better than usual. This week, Mercury Retrograde and Venus both enter Libra. Mercury Retrograde’s influence can make it so that you have to deal with an ex (especially if they moved far away, or you had a long-distance relationship with them), but Venus’ influence gives you a whole-ass month where making new love connections is super easy. You’re more attracted to people that aren’t your usual “type,” and you’re waaaay more likely to fall for complex, unique individuals that you find fascinating!


Your social life is bumpin’ this weekend, but your love life? Not so much. That’s okay, though, because once Mercury Retrograde and Venus enter Libra on Tuesday, the vibe is way different. Both planets are now activating the zone of your chart that governs intimacy, so your love/sex life is becoming waaaay more romantic. If you’re already in a relationship, this is a splendid time for really strengthening your bond with your boo. If you’re single and looking for love, this astro-weather makes it easier to connect emotionally with others, both in and out of the bedroom. If you’re trying to keep things casual, expect to catch feelings for your fling, but if you’re looking to take your love life more seriously, Venus in Libra is here to help.

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