Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: All weekend long, Mercury is square Saturn, the planet of blockages and delays. Even though Mercury Retrograde is over, this is square indicates miscommunications, disconnection from others, or loneliness and isolation. Things start looking up soon, though.

On Monday, Venus and Mars (which is still retrograde, btw) enter an opposition, which can heighten tension between you and your partner. If you and your boo are going through a rough patch, it’s easy to catch yourself “window shopping” or sliding into someone’s DMs. If your love life is going well, this tension still exists, but in the form of sexual tension that makes sex with your partner way hotter.

On Tuesday, the Sun harmonizes with Neptune. This creates a romantic vibe, allowing you to connect emotionally with your sweetheart as well as bang them all week long with the Venus/Mars opposition. On the same day, Mercury enters Scorpio, giving you a more sensual, intense, and emotional state of mind—perfect for creating deep, emotional bonds with others, in or out of bed.

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What that means:


Patience ain’t your thing, Aries, but this weekend you need a lot of it. You and your boo are at odds over something. It might be something minor (like forgetting about date night) that you (or your boo) blow up out of proportion into a huge fight. If you’re able to successfully navigate the drama (which might mean just taking a few days for “me time”), the rest of this week’s astrology is pretty sweet for your love life. Monday’s vibe helps you turn up the heat in the bedroom, and Tuesday’s transits help you connect on a deep, significant, and intimate level—it’s perfect for DTR-ing with someone special.


This weekend’s astro weather? Tough. Your love life is escaping unscathed, but life at work is Kicking. Your. Ass. Once the week starts, though, the astro-vibe is pretty great for your relationship. If you’re boo’d up, this is a pleasant, low-key, romantic time, and if you’re single, go ahead and hit up your crush or ask someone out. Scorpio season = cuffing season for your sign, and after Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday, you’re able to focus even more on your love life. Upgrading your relationship—whether that’s DTR, moving in together, or talking about marriage—is a great way to take advantage of these vibes. If you’re single single, you’re starting to notice a lot more cuties sliding into your DMs!


You/your boo/the two of you are really not in the mood this weekend. The vibe is very low-key because you’re just exhausted, but if you use this weekend to take pleeenty of R&R, you can spring into the week ready for action. The beginning of the week has exciting potential, starting with the Venus/Mars opposition on Monday. If you’re taken, this transit boosts your libido, and you can look forward to a mind-blowing time with your boo. For the single Geminis reading this, you can expect a fire fling at the beginning of the week. This transit is very sexual in nature, so if you’re looking for romance or someone to start a LTR with, this week just ain’t for you.


This week, you’re being encouraged to come out of your shell and generate newness and excitement in your love life. If you’re crushing hard on someone, you’re starting to ask yourself what’s holding you back from sliding into their DMs. If you’re taken and want to upgrade your relationship, you’re starting to wonder why you’re so afraid to bring it up. Whatever you want, you need to do something about it. So hit up your crush or start “the talk” with your S.O. The super steamy vibe on Tuesday is boosting both your love and your sex life, and you’re able to form deep, meaningful bonds with others this week. Mercury entering Scorpio on Tuesday marks the start of a three-ish week period where romance is a bigger theme in your life. Take advantage of all this astrological energy and make some serious magic happen!


Life is slowing way down, Leo. This weekend, you’re so busy with your job/routine that you have no time for your love life. You’re a fixed sign, so you can struggle when you have to focus on more than one thing at a time…meaning accidentally leaving your boo on read or unintentionally ghosting your latest Tinder match is a big possibility! A little mindfulness goes a long way this weekend, so make sure to keep in touch with your booif you want to avoid drama—even if it’s just a “Sorry, I’m busy today, I’ll reply tonight!” text. The week’s vibe is pretty emo. It’s great for romance and connecting deeply with your partner. If you left them feeling ignored over the weekend, you can expect them to be a little shady about it, but only because they’re feeling equally emotional!


You’re being urged to be more proactive with your love life this week, Virgo. You’re very, very self-conscious, and pretty terrified of rejection, but if you don’t shoot your shot, nothing will happen. This isn’t a super sexy transit—it’s more supportive of romantic, meaningful connections—but you can make magic happen in your love life if you just take action. Try to remember that you have nothing to lose—if your crush turns you down, you’ll find a new one in no time. And you never know, they might be into you, too!


Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, is in your sign right now, Libra, so you’re basically a babe magnet all week long. You’re looking good (it’s the perfect time for a makeover, BTW), feeling gorgeous, and your love life is running smoothly. Mercury is in your sign, too, and with the planet of communication’s help, you’re able to get your flirt on, link up with someone sexy, and have a ton of fun. From now ‘til Tuesday, your love life can undergo a major glow-up. You gotta put in a little work (like sending a “wyd? 🍆💦” text instead of waiting for one), but if you do, you can have tons of fun. Make your move now, because when Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday, your focus is all on your job (gross!).


You feel like you’re in limbo this weekend. You might get ghosted or left on read, or maybe you feel like your partner is acting distant. Regardless of circumstances, this weird feeling is temporary, and it passes before the week starts. You’re really getting the best of the best astro-weather this week. The Sun and Neptune harmonize on Tuesday, the same day Mercury enters your sign, producing a very romantic vibe. Obvs this is great if you’re in a relationship or thinking about DTR-ing with someone you’ve been dating, and if you’re single, catching feels a your fling is basically guaranteed—but if you’re aiming for a real connection, your next Tinder match might be just what you’re looking for.


There’s a missing piece in your love life that you’re trying to fill this week. Maybe your sex life is feeling dull—this is the perfect time to buy some lingerie and new sex toys. Maybe you’re stuck in a love drought and want some action—go ahead and sext your old FWB. Maybe you want something real—this is a great time to put yourself out there and get your flirt on! This week’s astro-weather is giving you that little push you need to shoot your shot. By nature, you’re very…extra, and this astro-weather can reinforce your over-the-top tendencies. You don’t want to come on too strong and scare your crush away, YKWIM? Play it cool this week, Sagittarius, and you’ll do just fine.


Well, your job is low-key taking over your life this weekend, but Tuesday’s vibe is great for matching with your next fling or getting your flirt on with your crush. And if you’re in a relationship, you might want to try something new with your boo, or (on a more serious note) upgrade your ‘ship by talking about moving in together/marriage. Mercury’s entry into Scorpio is an especially great transit, because it activates your chart’s networking zone for the next few weeks and makes all kinds of new connections (friends, professional colleagues, and potential lovers) find their way to you.


This week’s not the greatest for your love life, especially if you’re single. Communication delays are definitely happening this weekend, and getting ghosted or left on read is a huge possibility—and it drives you crazy. You might want to keep reaching out to them, but you’re not gonna get anywhere doing that, bb. On the bright side, this is actually a great week for letting go of old connections and inviting more variety into your love/sex life. Don’t be afraid to cast a wide net, either—there’s nothing wrong with going on a few first dates, YKWIM? This way, you can better understand who/what you really want in your love life, and you might even discover that one of these new matches becomes your potential next boo!


The concept of “rejection” is big in this weekend’s astro-weather, especially for you, Pisces. You’re not the one being rejected though—rather, you’re the one doing the rejecting. They’re into it, you’re not, and they can’t deal with it. Be straight up about how you feel so you can avoid drama. If they won’t stop bugging you, hit “block.” You’re being encouraged to spice up your life, and now’s the best time to think about what new things (or people) you want to try out. Once you push past this weekend’s potential drama, the vibe gets much nicer, especially on Tuesday when Mercury enters Scorpio. You’re more confident, ready for action, and eager, so your life is becoming way more exciting!

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