Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: Tonight, Eros, the asteroid of sexual desire, enters earthy, focused Virgo. This makes sex feel more tactile and sensual, and since Virgo is a sign that’s all about helping others, you’re getting off on getting your partner off. On Sunday, the Sun squares off with strict Saturn and Venus opposes Neptune, putting you in a weird, foggy mindset.

This vibe immediately changes on Monday, when Jupiter squares off with Mars and harmonizes with Venus—this is a high-energy transit, and you’re feeling more ready for action than ever! On Monday, Mercury (which is retrograde right now, btw) opposes Uranus, so you’re making surprise reconnections with others (hopefully not your ex) and receiving unexpected news. On Wednesday, Venus harmonizes with Pluto, making you feel more lusty, intense, and passionate in your love life. Finally, on Thursday, Scorpio season begins!

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You’re feeling a little confused about your love life this weekend. Little issues that wouldn’t normally bug you (or your partner) can suddenly feel like giant problems, but if you can be patient, you’ll see that it really isn’t that big of a deal. Scorpio season begins on Thursday, and for the next month, the Sun will be illuminating the zone of your chart that governs ~intimacy~. If you’re boo’d up, expect sex to be more erotic and passionate. If you’re casually dating someone, Scorpio season is a good time to DTR (as long as you wait for Mercury Retrograde to end first). If you’re single, you can have some hot hookups (safely, pls), but you’re 200% going to catch feels.

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For the next month, Eros, the asteroid of sexual desire, will be activating your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun (yep, it’s as good as it sounds). This weekend, you’ll probs bump into someone who’s exactly your type, but just a heads up, they’re up to no good! Maybe they think it’s just a fling, but you’re practically in love with them (or vice versa)—have fun, but don’t expect them to stick around. Later this week, the astro-weather is encouraging you to be more adventurous, so try something new in bed, open up the dating apps and start swiping, or slide into your crush’s DMs. But there’s also a huge potential that an ex is trying to hit you up—don’t fall for it. Starting on Thursday, Scorpio season is pulling your focus towards your relationships, and you’re now being urged to clear out old, expired ‘ships so that you can start new, exciting ones.


This weekend’s astro-weather is not looking great for your love life, Gemini. You’re feeling like your relationship is stuck in place, or you’re bored, or you’re struggling to connect with your boo. It sucks, but it’ll be over by Monday, when your sex drive is through the roof! This is just splendid if you’re boo’d up, but if you’re single, be careful you don’t do anything unsafe, bc you’ll be feeling impulsive. This is a quick, fun transit that’s perfect for finishing out this lovely Libra season, because after Scorpio season begins on Thursday, your life basically becomes 200% dedicated to your job (sry).


As the asteroid of sexual desire, Eros, slides into Virgo tonight, you’re finding that you’re sexually connecting with your boo/FWB better than ever (and it’s also a great time to match with all the hotties on your dating apps). This week has a lot going on in your love life. The love planets, Venus and Mars, are connecting with expansive, lucky Jupiter, raising your libido and making you want to give and receive more affection. The connection between Mercury and Uranus suggests that you’re making a big connection this week. This could be a hot (safe or virtual) hookup, an amazing first date, or maybe your ex makes a sudden reappearance—which is very likely bc it’s Mercury Retrograde. When Scorpio season begins, you’ll be focusing on romance, sex, and having fun, so expect your love life to get a glow-up starting Thursday!


Your love life isn’t really getting much action this weekend, sry, Leo. On top of your job kicking your ass, you’re just not in the mood, and neither is your partner. Take a little cat nap and relax as much as you can, and you can easily survive the weird funk you’re in this weekend. This week’s astro-weather, however, is a totally different story. There’s a big emphasis on being more adventurous in your love life this week—there’s something (or someone) you really want to try in bed, but you’re feeling hesitant to bring it up. Go for it! If you want to try something a little ~kinky~ to spice up your sex life, tell your boo! If they’re down to try it out, you can have an amaaaazing time, and if not, you can ask them if they have any turn-ons they want to experiment with! Just play around this week, Leo. You deserve a little fun.


Eros, the asteroid of sexual desire, is moving into your sign tonight, Virgo, where it will remain for about a month. This raw, sensual, erotic energy helps you attract all the hotties and have amazing sex, but before you can 100% enjoy Eros’ vibes, you have to deal with a little drama. This weekend, you’re feeling distant from your partner, and you’re also feeling very emotional and sensitive. Something minor like your boo forgetting dinner plans or your crush taking a few hours to text you back can feel like the end of the world if you don’t work on being a little patient. The vibe gets way nicer later this week, with three different transits activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun. While I’m not going to say that it’s guaranteed your sex life is going to have its best week ever, it is going to be pretty amazing.


HBD, Libra! It’s the final week of Libra season, and you can end your birthday month with a real bang (wink, wink) if you play your cards right. This weekend’s a bit of a flop, but Monday’s astro-weather is a maaaaajor turn-on for you. Not only is your sex drive getting amped up, but you’re also feeling way more ~romantic~ and ~emotional~. If you’re boo’d up, you can get even closer with your partner, both sexually and emotionally. If you’re single, sex can still be great, but you’re probably (definitely) going to catch feelings.


Libra season is always a slow, dull time for you, Scorpio, but the bleh vibe you’ve had for the past few weeks is finally going away. Although Scorpio season doesn’t start until the end of the week, most of this week’s astro-weather is mingling with your chart very nicely. Thanks to Eros’ movement into Virgo, all you single Scorpios are about to have an amazing month. If you’re looking for a FWB situation, you can have a ton of success at the beginning of the week. And if you’re looking for something more real, the astro-weather later in the week is great for forming deep, intimate connections with others. Warning: You might be tempted to reach out to your ex, or they might slide into your DMs. Trust your gut (though it’s probs not a good idea to get back together). This week has the potential to be an exciting, fun, and sexy little pre-game for Scorpio season, which begins on Thursday. Happy early bday!


There’s a ton of drama for you this weekend, Sagittarius, but it’s mostly at work. Luckily, Monday’s astro-weather is allowing you to pay attention to your love and sex life. (And if the job stress is getting to you, go ahead and relieve that stress in the bedroom.) The big idea here is that you’re improving your sex life by spicing things up in the bedroom and having more and better sex. Sex with your boo/FWB is out of this world, but if you’re single, you might get rejected by your crush (sry). If this happens, just accept it and look for someone who’s super into you.


Communication issues and misunderstandings are happening for everyone thanks to Mercury Retrograde, but it’s worse for your sign rn. You and your partner simply aren’t on the same page. Maybe you’re starting to catch feelings for your FWB (or vice versa) but refuse to bring it up, or maybe you’re ready to take your already existing relationship to the next level, but you’re afraid to start that convo. Your partner might be trying to open up to you about something, but your stereotypically Capricorn lack of sensitivity (no shade) is making it very tough for them to do so. Pay close attention to your and others’ feelings this week, Capricorn. Just be careful about who you decide to connect with—it’s Mercury Retrograde, so if your ex comes around, think long and hard before you let them back into your life.


The stars are pushing you to get a grip on your love life this weekend, Aquarius. Is your relationship really as great as you want to believe it is, or are you glossing over any problems? Are you and your crush/date actually sharing great chemistry, or is it just wishful thinking? This weekend, it’s time to get real. There might be uncomfortable conversations taking place if your “dream” love life doesn’t match up with what’s actually happening. This is a huge reality check from the stars, and it’s heavy—but luckily, it’s also a very brief transit. The rest of the week is much nicer, and there are a ton of opportunities for romance—but make sure you’re serious about your crush/date/whoever. This astro-weather wants you to form deep, meaningful connections with others. It’s time to find something real.


As Eros, the asteroid of sexual desire, enters Virgo tonight, your sex life starts looking up. You’re having a great time in bed and deeply connecting with your boo/FWB. For most of the week, the stars are helping you spice up your love life. Venus, the planet of love, is in your chart’s relationships zone, and on Monday it connects with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck. These ~good vibes~ make it easier for you to both give and receive affection, and whether you’re getting it on with the LOYL or just sexting with your latest right-swipe, you’re having fun. This same vibe applies on Wednesday, when Venus hooks up with intense, transformative Pluto, but warning: Pluto’s influence makes connecting with others (sexually, romantically, or even platonically) a much more emotional and intense experience. Translation: You’re catching feelings.

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