Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Power dynamics, anyone? This week’s sex horoscope is bookended by two transits that help us understand our sexual connection to negotiation, claiming, releasing, and submitting to power. Up first, Mars (currently retrograde in Aries) forms a square to Pluto (freshly direct and moving slowly!) in Capricorn on Friday, when we’ll feel the energy in our bodies. Next, the Sun (in Libra) squares Pluto on Wednesday, and we’ll be called to take inspired movement on the weekend.

Here’s what this means for your sex/love life:


Are you the pursuer or the pursued, Aries? The Mars-Pluto square on Friday wants you to find pleasure in making the first move, and/or taking a step back to let your partner do the same. Then on Wednesday, you’ll want to give and receive power, pleasure, and passion. It’s all about the beautiful balance, so apply whatever you could use more of!


What if giving up power is the ultimate pleasure, Taurus? A Mars-Pluto square on Friday wants you to play with power dynamics, with an emphasis on releasing control. Go ahead, break out the handcuffs. Then, Wednesday’s Sun-Pluto square helps you put your passions into words. Send a sexy text, indulge in dirty talk, or write some erotica.

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Lighten up, Gemini! A Mars-Pluto square on Friday helps you not take yourself so seriously. This helps your sex/love life because play and passion should be fun! An intimate Sun-Pluto square on Wednesday inspires you to open up. Tell your partner that fantasy you’ve been longing to try!


Authority is a turn-on, Cancer! The Mars-Pluto square on Friday helps you think about why power, a sense of authority, and discipline drives you wild. Embody your own power—yeah, you’ve got it!—before look for it in others. Wednesday’s Sun-Pluto square helps you feel the feel the right feels and maximize your physical arousal and pleasure. AKA: Sex and masturbation are going to feel even better.


Feel yourself, Leo! Friday’s Mars-Pluto square inspires you to be in your body and enjoy pleasure and play. You’ll connect with others (wink, wink) on the same frequency. A square between the Sun and Pluto on Wednesday helps you find the details to get in tune with your senses and find a newer/better turn-on.


Confidence is the best aphrodisiac, Virgo! A square between Mars and Pluto on Friday helps you claim greater worth, self-esteem, and glamour. And yeah, others are noticing! A sensual, aesthetic square between the Sun and Pluto on Wednesday helps ground you in the sight, scent, touch, and taste dimensions. Meaning: Sex, and even just making out, feels better than ever. Enjoy!


Forever foreplay, Libra! A square between Mars and Pluto on Friday wants you to enjoy the longing and anticipation before the action starts. Clear your schedule to spend hours in bed with your boo or sexting with your latest right-swipe. Next Wednesday’s square between the Sun and Pluto wants you to check in with your emotions before you let go of something/someone that’s no longer working, whether that’s your situationship or that vibrator that’s buzzed its last buzz.


Zoom in, Scorpio! The Mars-Pluto square on Friday wants you to Sherlock the sh*t out of the subtexts, little details, and body language to figure out exactly what’s going on. Yeah, permission granted to do an IG deep dive. Next Wednesday’s Sun-Pluto square helps you communicate the giving and receiving of “power” in sex, intimacy, and commitment. Pick a safe word and have fun!


Who grounds you so you can shine, Sag? A Mars-Pluto square wants you to notice who holds it down so you can be the thrill-seeking, dirty-talking, life of the party you’re born to be! A Sun-Pluto square on Wednesday could turn turn a friend into a FWB, or you might suddenly see a spark with someone you hadn’t really noticed before… until suddenly the chemistry is thermonuclear!


What feelings do you want, Cap? Friday’s Mars-Pluto square wants you to speak your desires first so you can find the right partner—someone who wants what you want, too. A Sun-Pluto square on Wednesday helps you explore authority and power in new ways; go ahead and take charge in the bedroom, see how you like it!


Lean into fantasy and imagination, Aquarius! The square between Mars-Pluto on Friday helps you explore your inner world for sexuality and pleasure. You may want to tell partners what you find—or even role play together. Wednesday’s Sun-Pluto square reframes the way your fantasies help your sexual experiences IRL, whether you’re acting them out with your boo or just keeping them in the back of your mind for an extra turn-on.


Need safety before play, Pisces? Friday’s Mars-Pluto square helps you feel safe first, so you can then go and have fun while you explore your chemistry with someone. You got this! A Sun-Pluto square on Wednesday helps you notice someone who combines the best of lover, friend, and confidante. They really are the best of all worlds!

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