Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: Tonight, Venus, the planet of love, enters earthy, sensual Virgo, and the Sun forms an awkward quincunx aspect to Uranus, planet of disruption. Translation: This weekend will be full of surprises (hopefully the good kind)! On Saturday, the Moon enters chatty Gemini, creating a social, upbeat vibe until Tuesday, when it enters moody, introverted Cancer. Finally, on Wednesday, Mercury is opposite Uranus, promising another day full of (hopefully good!) surprises.

What that means for you:


Unfortunately, your love life is slowing down. Venus’ entry into Virgo makes self-love and self-care much bigger themes in your life, so fun flings are less likely. There’s potential for excitement in your love life tonight, though. This weekend’s astro-weather is a lil wild, NGL, and it makes you feel restless. You want to shake things up! If your relationship’s on thin ice, the temptation to cheat or spontaneously break up will defs be stronger. You’re not doomed, though—in fact, you can use this something’s-gotta-change energy for good by trying something new in bed with your boo, or if you’re single, by asking out your crush! This weekend, your love life is going to change, so make sure the changes are good ones!


Venus’ movement into Virgo tonight is major for your sign, Taurus. Venus is your ruling planet, so you always feel Venus transits more than other signs—and in Virgo, the love planet is activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun! This is a long-term, overarching vibe that really helps relieve all of the work-related stress you’re getting from Libra season, so enjoy. Wednesday’s astro-weather can make your love life blow up—either through a major argument with your boo, or an exciting connection with someone sexy. TBH, this astro-weather is much nicer for single Tauruses—matching with a total dreamboat on Tinder is a huuuuuuge possibility! If you’re boo’d up, you can avoid unnecessary drama by actively generating newness in your relationship: Surprise your S.O. with their fav meal for dinner or shake up your sex life by adding a sex toy. You might find that you really, really love whatever spur-of-the-moment new activities or positions you find yourself in with your boo.

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Watch out, Gemini—rumor has it your ex is lurking! A ton of this weekend’s astro-weather points to impending drama with an ex-flame, whether you’re single or boo’d up. If they’re coming back around to rekindle your old relationship, don’t even bother—trust me. If they’re seeking closure or want to genuinely try being “just friends,” you can give it a shot—if you think they’re worth the time. Venus in Virgo’s vibe lasts for a little less than a month, and it’s helping you secure your closest relationships and (like a lot of this year’s astro-weather) learn the value of commitment. This isn’t a particular sexy time for you, Gemini, but if you want something real, now’s your chance to start looking for the perfect partner.


The next few weeks are splendid for all the single Cancers, thanks to Venus in Virgo’s vibe helping you make new connections (wink, wink). If you’re boo’d up, you’ll have a much easier time communicating with your S.O. Warning: The astrology happening on Wednesday could bring some, uh, not-so-great action. The once-a-year Mercury/Uranus opposition brings surprising encounters and major convos between you and your boo/crush/date/FWB, and if you’re not flexible, you might fight or break up. (Though you can avoid this by taking some time to cool off before talking it out and finding a compromise.) If you’re single, you might get straight-up rejected or ghosted (sry!)—but this transit could also introduce you to a new cutie. Don’t expect them to be the LOYL, Cancer, but if you’re looking for a fun fling, go right ahead!


Your job is a huuuge focus for you rn Leo, but you still have time to focus on your love life, too. This weekend, you could have a bit of a freak-out moment. You and your date/FWB aren’t on the same page with your relationship status, and it’ll require a ton of compromise on your end if you want your situationship to last. This applies to LTRs, too—but if only if they’re already on thin ice. The middle of the week, Tuesday til Thursday, is a pretty lucky stretch of time for you, Leo, and you can squash any leftover drama from the weekend and move on. This is a good time to just have fun with your boo, in or out of the bedroom, and grow closer with each other, too. If you’re single, making new connections is waaaay easier, so it’s likely that you’ll run into your next crush or FWB soon!


There’s a lot of challenging astro-weather this week, Virgo, but you’re being given a huuuuuuge helping hand when Venus enters your sign. For the next month-ish, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty in Virgo, making you look good, feel gorgeous, and find tons of luck in your love life! On a slightly less lovely note, there’s a lot of potential for arguments breaking out between you and your boo this week. If your relationship isn’t “official” or if it’s skating on thin ice, things might just fall apart. This does not mean that you have to be in a serious relationship in order to survive this rough astro-weather. If you’re just casually seeing someone and you really, really like them, you might get into a tiff, but you can work to find a compromise. Other than that, this week is a relatively smooth one, so take advantage of Venus’ kickass vibes in your sign and get a makeover, go on a date, or enjoy some amaze sex. You deserve it!


You’re feeling restless, Libra. If you’re boo’d up, you might be feeling a lack of chemistry or failure to libido, and if you’re single, you’re having a hard time connecting with anyone. This issue lasts a couple of days, then briefly reemerges on Wednesday, so after this week you’ll be feeling way better. Warning: Sometime this weekend (or over the next couple of weeks) an ex might roll back around to cause trouble—that, or they’re looking for closure. Deal with your ex when/if they come around, because if you don’t, they’ll only get more persistent! The Taurus Moon from Saturday ‘til Tuesday is splendid for your sex life, however, especially if you’re getting it on with someone you’re seriously—like, seriously—committed to. Sex is more erotic, romance is more meaningful, and you’re able to grow much, much closer to your partner. If you’re single, watch out, because catching feels for a fling is basically a given!


There’s a ton of cosmic action happening this week, and pretty much all of it is centralized around your love life, Scorpio. First of all, relationships (of any kind) are starting to run much, much more smoothly now, thanks to Venus in Virgo. If you’re single, making new connections has literally never been easier. There’s a little bit of stress tonight, most likely coming from an ex of yours, but you can handle it. Most of the week is much nicer. The Taurus Moon until Tuesday makes it much easier to connect with others, either in or out of the bedroom, and the Gemini Moon from late Tuesday ‘til the end of the week helps make your sex life even better. There’s one fina transit happening this week on Wednesday, when Mercury and Uranus are opposite each other. This troublesome transit is super brief, but it can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful. Basically, you and your crush/FWB/boo/whoever could get into a major argument that leads to a breakup and heartbreak. So be patient. Chill out. It’s not the end of the world if your partner accidentally leaves you on read, so don’t flip! You can enjoy this week’s sexy vibes and romantic potential, as long as you’re able to calmly navigate Wednesday’s drama.


First thing’s first: This week’s vibe is just about as far away from “sexy” or “fun” as possible. In fact, you’re working 25/8, and all the stress can easily lead you to accidentally lash out on your crush/boo. Honestly, you and your boo would both be better off if you decide to spend time alone this weekend. Come Tuesday, however, the Moon enters Gemini and things change a lot! This lunar transit represents a two-day period of time where all things re: relationships tend to be a bigger focus in your life, and they’re running more smoothly, too. Maybe you did get into a big fight this weekend—the Gemini Moon makes it easy to kiss and make up. And if you and your boo/crush are doing just fine, then you can anticipate a great end of the week. Whether you’re spending time together in or out of bed, you’ll have a total blast!


Are you and your boo on the same page? This weekend’s astro-weather is major for your love life, Capricorn, and the awkward connection between the Sun and Uranus tonight suggests that the weekend is full of changes. This will likely start out as a conversation (hopefully not a fight) that reveals that you and your partner simply don’t agree on your relationship. If you’re boo’d up, this could be as simple as bringing up issues in the relationship that your partner didn’t know existed (or vice versa), and if you’re casually seeing someone, you might find out that you’re only interested in a fling, but the other person wants to make it Insta-offish (or, again, vice versa)! Similar disagreements can pop up on Wednesday, too. Basically, you’re feeling very on edge. You know something has to change, but what? You’re likely to make a sudden decisions, leading to breakups or even infidelity, so be proactive and bring exciting, pleasant changes to your love life instead. This can be anything from buying a cute, romantic gift for your boo to knocking their socks off with something new in bed. The stars are saying there’s a ton of action in your relationship, and it’s up to you to make sure that it’s fun, exciting, sexy kind.


As Venus slides into Virgo tonight, your focus is shifting to your most intimate relationships for the next few weeks. If you’re boo’d up, this is obvs a great time to enjoy hotter sex and more meaningful romance, but if you’re single, catching feelings for a fling is pretty likely. It’s kind of a heavy vibe, NGL, and it’s making you feel way more emotional—great for romance, but not for keeping it casual. Single or not, the Gemini Moon mid-week is a splendid time for your love life. Finding someone sexy to hook up with (virtually or after you both get negative COVID tests) is easier, romance is easier to find, and sharing/receiving affection feels more significant. Not a super eventful week, but it should be a good one, so enjoy it, Aquarius!


The stars are urging you to work on your communication skills this weekend, Pisces. Venus’ entry into Virgo makes your love life a top priority for the next few weeks, and the Sun/Uranus connection tonight is pushing you to share your thoughts and feelings re: your relationship. If there’s an issue, speak up, and you can work it out. You just have to make sure you’re not bottling up your emotions, otherwise you might unintentionally blow up and cause a ton of damage! This weekend’s also a splendid time to heat up your love life with new positions, toys, or kinks. You’re beginning to understand that variety is really the spice of life. If you’re single, making new connections is easier, too. Basically, Venus is helping you become a total babe magnet this week, Pisces, so take advantage of these lovey-dovey vibes!

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