Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope, by Zodiac Sign

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, this ~romantic holiday~ coincides with an astrological event called the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. Mercury, the planet of communication (which is retrograde right now, BTW), and Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance, will align in the sign of Aquarius on February 14.

Sound complicated? It’s a good thing promise! The energy of this day will help us better communicate with all our loved ones—romantically, yes, but also with our friends and family. With physical distancing going on right now, we really need communication to find our way back to each other. And that’s exactly what this Valentine’s Day wants to give us!

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Read your Valentine’s Day horoscope, by zodiac sign:


Talk about about how you can make your friendships more romantic and your romances more friendly. Blur the boundaries between them and combine the best of both!


Your professional success depends on your relationships, Taurus! Reflect on how you can improve your communication skills at work to deepen the dynamics. Not the most romantic, I know, but you always need a coworker you can trust!


Discovery is a new vision, not always a new place, Gemini! Use your language skills and storytelling to take help your loved ones expand their thinking and horizons.


Own your wanting, Cancer! On Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to share your desires and fantasies without permission or apology. Let other people hear your inner world!

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Chemistry comes from your similarities, Leo! Try to think, speak, and listen differently so you can better understand people who are different from you. Then, you’ll understand sparks, desire, and longing.


Watch your self-talk, Virgo! Be skeptical of the stories you tell yourself and the way you speak to yourself, and deliberately choose compassionate self-talk. You deserve some self-love!


Confidence isn’t genetic, Libra! It’s a result of self-disclosure. Share your desires, hopes, fears, and creative dreams with others. Regardless of their reception, you’ll gain faith in yourself.


Vulnerability is your superpower, Scorpio! Talk about your feelings, especially when it comes to home, family, and intimate relationships. It’s time to be honest about your feels for maximum integrity.


Lead with curiosity, Sag! Review how often you speak vs. how much you ask open-ended questions. Whoever you’re speaking to, you want to feel like you’re doing both in harmony!


Pursue pleasure, Cap! Prioritize embodiment, sensuality, indulgence, and joy. It’s not ignoring reality. You need pleasure to replenish your resilience, ambition, and calm!


You’re the star, Aquarius! What part of your identity, dreams, and goals needs to be shared? Tell your loved ones and the world all about the new person you’re becoming!


Closure is a gift you give to yourself, Pisces. You need to initiate uncomfortable but necessary talks to complete a chapter that need to be closed. It’s hard, but it’ll be worth it.

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