School Soccer Playoff Predictor

{selected-team}’s Probabilities

If the season performs out precisely as you have chosen, the Allstate Playoff Predictor says that is your postseason outlook.

Sorry, this situation both is not doable or didn’t play out in sufficient of the 200,000 simulations run by the Allstate Playoff Predictor to be analyzed.

Week 4 video games that matter to the CFP race

Texas A&M and Arkansas are each 3-0. So are Michigan and Rutgers. Somebody has to lose.

Modifying by Matt Eisenberg

Produced by ESPN Artistic Studio: Heather Donahue, Jarret Gabel, Alecia Hamm, Lori Higginbotham and Sarah Pezzullo.

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Stats & Info: Matt Morris, Lauren Poe, Mitchell Wesson and Paul Sabin

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